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Amateur/Semi-Pro Ballers Thread


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I play footyaddicts at least 1-2 times a week. 

Can be hit or miss though. Sometimes u get dogshit players sometimes good. I find certain venues bring a better quality. (Westway, haggerston park)

I was meant to join one team this season but I got lazy and didn't go pre season so my fitness is shot and the fee they was saying was  a bit mad. Two of my boys are in diff teams in the league as well so would of been decent. 



Work got an 11 aside team and it's good enough for me for now (especially as the company pay for it) and decent level.


I'll pm those in the know for the ttkk business going on here


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14 hours ago, SLEAZE BALL said:



In answer to your question no more 11 a side for me my dr retired me unfortunately

Do a bit of 7s and 5's now and again for di enjoyment

Anyone looking for a casual game and ain't got a team check out https://footyaddicts.com/ piss easy to get a game short notice and local no stress

That's my regular way of playing football. Play every Saturday at westway from 12:30 to 2:30pm. The Wednesday 8:30pm session there is also really good. After carnival I'm back on it.

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