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Slept on Classic Cars


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There's very few cars that grab my attention like some of these...

Image result for corrado vr6

The Corrado was a beauty.

Image result for lancia delta

Lancia Delta Integrale

Image result for Mercedes sec 560 Koenig Specials

Image result for Mercedes-Benz Koenig

Image result for 1985 Koenig-Specials 635CSi

W126 560 SEC Widebody 



Image result for saab 900 aero kit

Saab 900 Carlsson

Image result for audi quattro

Audi Quattro

Image result for rover 220 tomcat edition

Rover 220 Turbo Tomcat

Image result for sierra cosworth

Sierra Cosworth RS500


Skyline GTR R32


One day I'll own a proper marque, want to get a restoration done once I get my head around cars a bit more.



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Mk4 golf 25th anniversary edition 


Went fast as fuck 

One time was speeding down the motorway goingthat fast missed my turning I must have thought I was in fast n furious tried turninh launched the car over the road signs and landed on all fours but sump was fucked oil everywhere then I sold it 

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Had a 1.8T, drove it to Serbia and back and all over the country. Copped it in 2007 and was nicked 5 years later.

Pushed it all around the M25, M40, M1, all kinds of sweet road sections. The 0-40 in first gear was a silliness for me after driving some shitty Pug 306 for my first car. Driving home from collecting the Golf was one of the best moments of my life, such a fun car.





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