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GRM Daily Rated Awards LIVE 2018


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14 minutes ago, dayomesaydayo said:

Mashtown and northstar both in the same venue was always gonna end like this.

They will never squash it.

before the rated awards i heard spray violated some south london guy who's close to giggs/one of his ppl's so i don't think it was a mashtown v northstar beef

still dumb to put them in the same place tho

either way it's sad for all concerned


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7 minutes ago, Funkyskanker said:


Unclear what she's sad about, Young Spray being stabbed or Channel 4 pulling out:lol:

@Restrictive It's 3 stabbings in 9 years, 33.3% likelihood. It's affiliated brands, Julie and Apple, Mo and C4. Not a good look and the pressure is on.  If he dies I almost guarantee it, not wishing any ill on the guy at all, but I'd say it's serious enough.

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1 hour ago, Funkyskanker said:





That’s peak. But he doesn’t look as bad as I expected from the reports. So what was the reason for this madness? Surely one of the resident Street Reporters on VIP2 knows? @Restrictive etc.

It’s interesting how the usual bait instagram blogs are quiet on this one. 

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1 hour ago, Elementalism said:

That's fucked. Now THAT is voyeurism. Why not put a spoiler or something, NSFW or something.

not voyeurism in the slightest dont let these vip2 scholars tell you othewise

unless pleasure is gained from watching that (which i dont think it is ) noone here is a vyeur for this madness 




on the spray ting 

i want to say black people can never enjoy shit 

but beef is beef and in this case it was on sight 

shouldve had better security to prevent shit from happening 

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