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Uefa Nations League / Euro 2020 Qualifying


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So much wrong with the team


1. Kane playing regardless of his fitness. (fair he didnt start man)

2. Not starting TAA over Walker.

3. The CBs are dog shit. Proper overrated. Maguire only good at headering and stones is chaos on the ball. Would of rather Joe Gomez play.

4. Central midfield is a mess. Most of the players (Hendo, Dier, Rice, Delph??) dont move forward with the ball and are shit are creating. Maddison is much better and he wasnt even picked.

5. Pickford is arrogant and you can see it in the way he plays. 


There was so many times that England got boxed in because they didn't play the ball forward and unlike their club sides...they donthave players at the back who are good with the ball at their feet like that and panic under pressure. Stones could of easily knocked it back to pickford for the second goal. TAA offers so much more then walker in terms of affectiveness... Walker should now be 2nd choice. So much panic play and not looking who they're passing to at the back.


On the other hand netherlands going forward looked pretty good. Depay was on stuff. De Jong too. De Ligt looks iffy at the back in possession but there is a player there and when you got Van Dijk next to you there is only room to improve ...cillissen is also better than pickford (needs to move from barca..deserves to be playing first team football)


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This England team is so poor

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Sterling >>

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10 hours ago, Drift said:

England midfield is shocking 

 A 3 of hendo, Barkley and Rice 😭

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