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Dodgy runnings at Speakers' Corner


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So long story short, Tommy Robinson and a load of alt-right types have been swarming Speakers' Corner, supposedly to combat alleged extremist speakers. However, it seems there is some kind of coordination going on, attempts to provoke violence between Muslim/Christian speakers and other groups. One guy called Tan has been quite successful in drawing out hype, until recently he was strictly going at Muslims.

Check this:

That was last week. There was a faceoff between that Ali Dawah guy and some Sherlock hat wearing pub guy. Lots of verbal, lots of the typical 'your prophet is a paedo', but it was met with a very patient, and non-reactive response. Along comes Jedi with the shutdown, started probing the pub guy on his implied 'anti-government' position before the guy is strangely pulled out of the convo. At this point, Jedi had completely derailed the discussion from a bi-polar British vs Muslim debate.

This week, Tan (apparently he's a famous alt-right troll who EDL etc love) is back - with a manifesto - and this week he's going at Black people, using slyly worded speeches and also using language such as monkey and nigger. Instead of a violent reaction, hundreds of cameras were pulled and the following happened. Watch carefully.

You'll probably need to watch a few of these videos but this one breaks down the key stuff.

This is some of the maddest shit I've seen. I've personally witnessed agent-provocateurs (Black Bloc) disrupt a legitimate protest before and it's frustrating to say the least. I understand having a police presence - it's Speakers' Corner - but this seems like some other stuff.

Check this...

Watch how he gets put on the bus and clock who gets on it with him.

This is the danger of identity politics, and Jedi spoke on it at the end of that video. "Control your labels, or your labels will control you" - possibly the best quote I've heard from anyone in such a long time. 

TL;DR - Agent provocateur(s) trolls Muslims for response at Hyde Park. Jedi jumps in unexpectedly to defend and spanners their plan. The following week, more trolling - this time aimed at blacks. G.A.N.G are drawn out, but did not rise to it. The troll is escorted out of the park by dozens of police and undercovers.

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6 hours ago, Vtec said:

Even better is step out of the labels. Be secure in yourself 1st and foremost walk in your own strength. 

These labels will forever be open to co-opt operations swinging loaded narratives 



It looks like Tan has been banned from Speakers' Corner, but it seems the police knew it would/has set a precedent.

This is fucked. Free speech is under direct attack.

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He was looking to file a ‘malicious communications’ complaint against dinky smh. Don’t need them characters on here.

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