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Winter has arrived 18/19


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4 hours ago, The Infamous said:

I’m baffled why they ramming the vehicle with trolleys 


isn’t that vandalism 

I want to say say whypeepo . They even turn on themselves lol ?. I’m guessing he clipped a car and some super hero decided to call him out. He was over limit or couldn’t give a shit so decided to make of. Either way let’s all rejoice in the blessing that they ain’t blaming a black, immigrant , brownie or person with an accent .like a bunch of wild pink baboons . 

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Prob just arrested everyone in the pub 

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3 hours ago, TheOneGameBaller said:

True, but if it makes them think twice before associating with foolish people, then at least there’s a silver lining there.

Yes I agree we should be arresting more people for being in the same place as foolish people 

Deffo where an overstretched police force should be directing resources in order to make the streets safer


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Camberwell stabbing: Mother Charlotte Huggins ‘with heart of gold’ knifed to death at childhood home


Smh, So sad.


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