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Oldschool Supermarkets


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11 minutes ago, youcleanwepaint said:

I know it not a old school shop/supermarket but me and my boy was talking about when McDonald’s had the meals for £2.88 and when they did the apple pie and ice cream in the tray thing...

heath had the play ting which I think is still there... and remember them stiff seats which turned to the side and the drink came in the white with the 3 m’s around it 


Who here had Macdonald's bday parties?

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Tottenham hale retail park went through a lot of changes. I remember it had comet to the right of lidil and another electronic store with a green sort of logo to the right. 


Use to go in there and play the ps2/Dreamcast games on display while my mum shopped in lidil lol then she would come grab me.

Also not supermarkets but Sega park in wood green which used to be opposite sainsburys them days which got turned to matalan. Mum used to give me spare change and she would shop in sainsburys while I played marvel v campcom 2, them motorbike games and house of dead.


Also trocadero.


And NYC in wood green. Is it still there? Lol. Bought evisu jeans from there one time 

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