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Christmas Food and Drink


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The best part of Babylon fu-festivities.

What you lot had so far, what are you looking forward to?

What do u love to eat/drink most in these times?

Any special ethnic/family Christmas traditions u have?


Inspired by costas ginger bread an cream latte  which is delicious. Had the hot chocolate version last week. Also delicious. Riskin a bubbly gut for the taste...

An has anyone noticed the hijabi and the interracial couple on Neros new Christmas cups?



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Can't bring stuff in without "is It halal?"

Xmas at work is usually sick (pudding). Munch is on point and we get a ice rink installed. Will miss it this year as I am leaving this week.

Not doing any hosting this year. Going to travel out like the last.

I am never hungry on Xmas

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44 minutes ago, Lieutenant said:

Working my way through all the varieties of mince pies as usual, started in September. 

Looking for a white Terry’s chocolate orange

might make a carrot juice and bring it round my parents’

U had asdas yet?


Eat has some nice looking ones but one is the price of a supermarket pack and they keep them on top of the counter (uncovered)


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