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Raheem Sterling Racist Media Campaign


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On 12/12/2018 at 4:00 PM, O Fenomeno said:

Why would you discuss racism towards black people with white people? It makes no sense they might try and understand but they will never live that experience it so why have the discussion?

Why would still feel you have to educate grown white people about racism?

It’s not their battle or struggle so how will they begin to relate?

As I said dialogue about race with white people who don't feel they exhibit racist behaviour can be progressive because it can be thought provoking. Thoughts have a strange and exciting way of becoming things. Discussions like that MNF clip are the proof in the pudding and are an example of why the argument you're trying to make is absolute nonsense.

Why do you need them to relate to the struggle or feel like they've lived the experience for a discussion to be of any merit?

Just sounds like having a pity party and getting validation from them is more important to you than taking practical steps towards the pursuit of progression.


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