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NFL Player Marries White Woman


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[email protected] asking why people dug up her tweets, like they posted old pics of her primary school when she had buckteeth,

its stupid to even think about why her old tweets are necessary. its about marriage here.


she is going to do the becky cry, the same one she will do when she leaves him and goes on tv to say how she suffered.... that cry, and he'll say he doest care about the tweets and still marry her. any big oaf racoon George 


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I don't condone the use of the term, have never defended it either, but you have to ask U.S Blacks how they feel about the use of the term and white, phillipino, mexican etc people using it because it seems to be alot free'er of there than over here. White girls be saying nigga like crazy in America but doesn't look like people kick off about it.

The only people I hear using the term Nigga over here are my little brothers and the homies. My white donnies from the streets wouldn't dream of it. It's weird

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