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Xmas Gift roll call


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Haven't exchanged anything yet but I've got for others:

  • 3x M&S vouchers
  • Zara voucher
  • Some vouchers for natural cosmetics / oils
  • Plush dog toy
  • Dinosaur toy
  • A woolen cardigan 
  • A lounge hoodie
  • 4x loose leaf teas
  • Any winter boots/shoes my mum wants

Across 9 people I think? Still have to wrap everything. 


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On 12/27/2018 at 12:51 AM, VENOM said:

how old are you lot, its now about buying gifts not receiving... 

That is true but you can’t stop your parents if they want to buy you some random body wash gift set or socks. 

But giving is definitely more enjoyable I get more excited buying than receiving 

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Oh and I got socks and aftershave EXCLUSIVELY. But I gifted Echos, Beats Headphones, Playstation accessories, Booze, Cast Iron Pan, etc to the value of £1700 (including the cost of drinks and christmas dinner etc)


Christmas is expensive. I know I ask for nothing every year but if someone could spoil me just once with like a car or new Xbox that would be sweet.


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