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Revive the forum and create revenue

Frank White

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i literally thought of this as i getting ready to go gym this morning. I'll try to keep this as brief as possible. this is not a pitch but more of some free game as i am off work for a week and i also believe collaboration is more beneficial than competition


first of all, let me start by telling you about my experience. i run a well known instagram account with just over 300k followers. 300k followers is not a lot compared to other popular instagram accounts tbh (especially the american ones) but it has allowed to me to make a decent amount of income in addition to my 9 to 5.

now i dont say this to brag. simply to show you that i have learned some things about monetizing social media accounts but i am definitely still learning

i once loved this forum as im sure many of you do/did aswell. the layout is great and the discussion was often interesting but the only problem now is there is nobody to discuss anything with

this forum was once buzzing with users and interesting topics and now it seems like a ghost town

but i have a vision

i feel like the people that run this website missed a big opportunity to drive so much more traffic (and ofcourse increase ad revenue) to vip2

the twitter account was a good start but you stopped there and failed to expand your online presence. instagram would have been the next step but it is never too late

this forum could and should be what RWD forum once was (im sure this was supposed to be the RWD replacement)

a few benefits of this instragram/forum combination


ad revenue is a huge thing on social media. product placement and "shout outs" are just a few of the ways to do this. vip2 is unique in that you also have a website where footfall can mean an increase in "ad clicks" (tbh im not sure how it works on this website but im sure increased traffic can only mean good things for you in terms of ad revenue).


people love to express their opinions especially controversial ones and lets be honest, the idea of being able to express your controversial opinions without it being linked back to you is something instagram lacks.

i'm sure many of you wouldn't say the mad things you say if people you knew were able to see it. online anonymity was one of the driving forces that made forums of the past so popular in my opinion

im not saying we all enjoy this anonymous aspect of forums. there are many of us who get frustrated by the sheer amount of trolls this often produces but for every troll there is also a valid person expressing real opinions. it is up to you to be able to sift through the nonsense and valid stuff

topic categories

where else online can you find somewhere to discuss a wide range of topics in such a concice manner. if you are only interested in football. you essentially have a mini forum just for football discussion. if you only care for gaming, you have a dedicated forum for that. 


now this is one i havent really explored (i cant imagine ever wearing the vip2 logo on a tshirt). i just thought of it while typing this post but imagine if when this forum gets really popular again. there are people out there that actually love that kind of thing

other ventures

im sure we all have our own business ventures and talents that we wish to get out there. this could be just another way to get those ideas and projects out to a wider audience

how would it work?

now this where i open up discussion to you. i have some ideas and will reveal them as the topic grows but would love to see what the forum thinks first


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1 hour ago, Drift said:

People like their Echo chambers these days which is why Reddit and Twitter are so popular. There's too many contrasting views on this forum. Imagine some yout born in 2001 reads Ice's posts on De Gea?

Nah there’s a whole section of football twitter with the same views. 

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