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Hot summer 2019


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Wtf 🤣

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kolasanic odt (stupidly)

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Happen in north west still

caught kolasinac outside his yard when ozil went to pick him up

then chased them 15mins to golders green 

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How you defending against a gun bro?


They are saying it was Irish dons who did it

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4 hours ago, Restrictive said:

Imagine trying to shoot someone but you end up killing yourself. For the guy you tried to kill to turn back and record you lying in your own blood 🥶🤮



Too many p*ssy holes playing the game wrong. The roads is just full of punks now. Big grown as man cant let the ting off on opp with sense. Goes and shoots himself.

Cant blame the geezer for filming and laughing I will do the same. Some joke ting.

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A grime artist who signed a record deal with one of the world's biggest labels has been jailed for drug dealing.

Asco, real name Asfa Allen, 32, made up to £1,500 a day as the head of a gang distributing heroin and crack cocaine from London to Colchester, Essex.

Last year Allen signed a deal with Warner Bros that could have been worth up to £1m.

On Friday, he was jailed for 12-and-a-half years after being found guilty of conspiracy to supply class A drugs.

Wood Green Crown Court heard Allen was involved in a plot to sell drugs via "county lines" drug routes from Hackney, east London, to Cambridge and Colchester.

Allen was the head of the "Bobby line", the court heard, but prosecutor Roger Smart said that after he signed the deal with Warner Bros his physical involvement "waned" but he retained a financial interest.

"Whilst Mr Allen clearly enjoyed an increasing income from his career as a grime artist, it is submitted that he was clearly living beyond his means," said Mr Smart.

The court heard the rapper bought £19,500 worth of jewellery between July and December 2018 and complained of losing £50,000 worth of jewellery during a trip to Dubai.

Police seized designer clothing and shoes from his home in Reading and found almost £12,000 in cash at his girlfriend's home.

Judge Gregory Perrins told Allen: "You are, in my judgment, a man with a talent for music, who was beginning to make a break from criminality.

"It may well be your career has ended before you had a chance to see how far it would take you.

"However, that is no-one's fault but your own."

Five other men were convicted of conspiracy to supply Class A drugs in connection to Allen's case.

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