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Coming out of the closet


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We’re living in a new world

me, in the past, I couldn’t imagine myself associating with a homosexual other than to maybe chirps the slags they naturally orbit

now I’m a bit older n I realise that some of them are more geeza than heteros

Fuck a randomer, but what if one of your close boys come out all out the blue, a known face, rowdy kinda geeza now all of a sudden shows his true self behind the mask 

Now all that bravado might start to make sense, do you say bravo or do you say bye bro bro 

If you don’t cut them off are things weird now, do you spud them or fully shake their hand? do you know where it’s been? and do they have access to efficient sanitation so you don’t personally catch something gay? 

Maybe a hug is more appropriate if they’re suddenly a girly gay, maybe charm them if they’re rich and dangle some hope just outta their rich in order to exploit their resources like some metaphorical charismatic colonial power mining for minerals in their land (no homo)

what do you think guiz?

I’d also just like to take this time to congratulate mike glorious and Eric for their bravery in this regard

i wish you 2 all the happiness in the world x

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Id say tweak the drug cocktail because this wasnt exportable content to critical alien forums.

Nevertheless I will answer the topic.

What most roadmen or indeed mafioso types find unsettling in this situation is not the sudden homosexuality in itself, but the fact the perp has been living a successful lie for all this time. This will introduce Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. If so and so is gay then maybe up is down. Its a time of upheaval, as we saw with Vito Spatafore. I mean wasnt his boyfriend the nuttiest guy ever. A volunteer firefighter chef biker with a family, who was mad for obese workshy mafioso types who needed hip surgery. What this tells us is the world is a complex place. But whatever you decide, you owe your codefendants a heads up, otherwise shit could get ugly sooner rather than later. If something as significant as your sexuality is a well concealed lie, well, the whole thing might as well be. Good luck whatever you decide. not necessarily aimed at OP but yes now framed that way for a burn, because the content was not exportable.

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