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Heroin addicted drug dealer avoids immediate jail sentence so they can have the opportunity to turn their life around...

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On 9/5/2019 at 5:33 AM, dub said:

^ this

I can't speak for the reality, but I feel like such articles (regardless of the person) do more to gather responses of "they should have been thrown in jail" than "oh its nice they were given a second chance" 


they know exactly what they’re doing and exactly the demographic that will be wound up by blondies fat boat and their air quoted promising schoolgirl

and they’ll keep doin it cos google analytics or whatever other evil genius software will be analysosng the views n click throughs and mentions of this article n their sources ie you nonces

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steffidge says you are nonces for noticing wild institutional racism and you people take it lying down. thats not the vip i signed up to all those years ago

we should do better. Shut down the judge that is reminded of his daughter and uniquely humanises that suspect. shut down ratboy steffidge that wants to enforce racism by infiltration as a means to sustaining a self perceived notion of hipness -' theres no such thing as racism'. 

i always said letting john doe and his ladyboy fucking split personalities run the roost was a mistake. You current Mendy Niggers are just yes men to very low grade whites like steffidge and gambino now, this might as well be a stormfront sub forum now. shut this shit down and reassemble in conclaves that are geared not towards hate as the whites do, but to achieving social justice. This place is not even a museum, its becoming a tool for fascism- sending Niggers to sleep! 

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