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General Election - 12th Dec 2019

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Trump will make the NHS great again 

How do you feel about the tories giving jobs to unelected peers @Gambino

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I wonder if I should be surprised. I don't feel it. But at the same time I think I'm hungover.

Well done to Jezza for what he did coming in. He inspired loads. But it was kinda clear to see he wasn't supposed to be the leader of the country. 

We need proportional representation in our country. This tactical voting shit is ridiculous.

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I think if they had done it this time, marketed correctly, they would have smashed it.

Something like: vote for us and we'll switch up the electoral system and X months later you can vote for the parties who you really believe in an election where your vote really matters. Where you can vote for Labour or Conservative or Lib Dems or Green or UKIP or Brexit or for an independent candidate if you want. Where tactical voting means voting for the person who you think is best for you, your family, the country, not just the lesser of two evils of parties you don't trust anyway.

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