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Intellectual Discussion n dat

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oi you man obvs mans tryna get this forum ting gwarning again so boom quick idea y dont us man have intellectual debates n dat like proper smart stuff 2 chat about. one topic that has always proper wrapped mans head is why tings aint on beating first date. like oi its mad uno cah when you go on the internet like insta n dat most the girls r movin maaaaaad bere titty out batty out every ting. but when mans with them its all naah uno maybe next time or suttin or anuva 1 dey like 2 say is ohhh nah i cant be seen as a hoe, its like rahtid if you met a brudda in a rave more time youd go and get wok out by him fukin ediat uno dem ones. but boom lets hash it out and debate dis ting. how do you man see dem gyal who do alla dat?

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