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Ww3 has begun


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Think there was a big topic on this in 2014 when Russia initially invaded Ukraine.


WW3 is highly unlikely even if Russia hit an EU or NATO nation can’t see Asian countries getting involved at all will just be Russia and CSTO vs NATO and Russia would get steam rolled unless they are stupid enough to fire nukes.

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It's not going to be over for a very long time. I really hope it isn't ww3 time, which would be a lose/lose for every person on the planet. 


Putin is losing, no matter if he wins the Ukraine war as all the Western countries are now splashing cash on their defense, so anti ICBM tech, conventional weaponary/equipment and lots of spy aircraft/satellites/IT equipment.


Financially, can't see Russia keeping up.


LoL at flying on a Russian operated aircraft now, will be full of fake parts and shit maintenance. Defo a crash waiting to happen. Hearing that they may just steal the planes they are leasing, leasing companies will claim on insurance as even if Russia gove them back, they can't trust the planes maintenance records now. Pissed!!!

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