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  1. Check out yesterday's cover show on playbackuk.com. Old & new uk garage! Enjoy audio: https://www.mixcloud.com/Elski/playbackukcom-uk-garage-house-garage-240721/ Somore ‎– I Refuse (What You Want) (Sunshine Bros. Re-fused Remix) DAN T feat. Jadey Leigh - Tidal Wave (Dub Mix) Chunky Ft Caz - Some Kind Of Fool (Vocal Mix) DAN T - Crazy Thoughts Jeremy Sylvester & Club Asylum - Give Me Delvint & James O'Hea - Deep End Jeremy Sylvester & Club Asylum - Find A Friend Dj Elski & 8th Note - What Can I Say (In My Heart) 4x4 Dub Ghost - The Club Dm Slid
  2. Check out my debut show on The Garagehouse Radio audio & playlist. audio: https://www.mixcloud.com/Elski/garage-house-radio-house-garage-ukg-170721/ Shenka - All This Sleepless Summer Nights (Original Mix) Todd Edwards - Face My Heaven Skins - 24 Hour Dub (Highrise Back Up North Mix) Dee Cypher - Hold Out 8th Note - Over You Laura Alice - Hold Me GS feat DJ Statix - Alone (Diy Recon Mix) Dj Elski & 8th Note - What Can I Say (In My Heart) 4x4 Dub Andy Gilbert
  3. Check out this week's end of the month oldskool 90's house & garage set on Playbackuk Live. Enjoy! audio: https://www.mixcloud.com/Elski/playbackukcom-90s-old-skool-house-garage-290521/ Mariah Carey - Dreamlover - David Morales Def Club Mix 1993 MK ft. Alana - Reality 1993 Ghost - Bodyguard - You Can Call Me Al - Booker T Lick Remix 1998 Camille Douglas - Don't Leave Me Hangin - Booker T Hanging Dub 1997 Damage - Love Lady - Dubaholics Dub 1997 Deeper Cut - For Yourself 1998 Kalani Bob & Remegel - Deep Breath 1995 DSK - What Would We Do - Industry Standard Mix 1997 Donna Dee - Dubland
  4. Check out this week's audio & playlist. Old & New #ukgarage in the mix. Enjoy! audio: https://www.mixcloud.com/Elski/playbackukcom-uk-garage-old-n-nu-220521/ Andy Gilbert - Walking Around (MJ Cole Remix) Alone (Diy Recon Mix) Angela Bofill - Lost Inside of You 8th Note - Wasn't It The 4x4 Remix Antonio - Hyperfunk Vocal Mix Duncan Powell - Right Now (I Need You) Second Protocol - Basslick - VIP Remix EL-B - Under Ground Girls Big Shot - Licence To Stomp VIP Jaikea - Informa James Brown - Funk on Ah Roll - Bump & Flex Remix Kastle - 4 Real Kells -
  5. Check out this week's audio & playlist from playbackuk.com show. Old & New #ukgarage in the mix. Enjoy! audio: https://www.mixcloud.com/Elski/playbackukcom-uk-garage-old-nu-080521/ Dj Elski - Intro Full Circle - Lost For Days Colours - What U Do - Stephen Emmanuel Remix Phonetix - 'Blue Step' (ft. Brendan Mills) [Alternate Take] Para - All My Heart Full Circle - Nothing Else Matters EL-B feat Juiceman & Simba - Show a Little Love Keri Hilson - Energy - Bee & Unique Snazzy Trax - Not That Kinda Girl Hi Grade - The Jug Brom - I'm Here Lenny Fo
  6. Check out this week's show with special guest MC KANE on Playbackuk.com. Old & New #ukgarage in the mix. Enjoy! audio: https://www.mixcloud.com/Elski/playbackukcom-with-mc-kane-uk-garage-old-nu-010521/ Fat Joe Sunshine The Light feat. DJ Khaled Amorphous Control-S Remix 2021 Full Circle Feat. Ed James - Go Slow Casanova (Angel Farringdon UK Garage Remix) Rudimental feat. Anne-Marie & Tion Wayne - Come Over 2020 Cathy Hobi - Dance in the Rain 2021 Craig David - When The Bassline Drops - Solution Remix Duncan Powell - Highly Affected 2007 Finally Remix - Uk Garag
  7. Check out Saturday's end of the month oldskool uk garage set: https://www.mixcloud.com/Elski/playbackukcom-old-skool-uk-garage-240421/ Catch me every Saturday 10am-12pm playbackuk.com
  8. Check out this week's audio & playlist from playbackuk.com. Old & New #ukgarage in the mix. Enjoy! audio: https://www.mixcloud.com/Elski/playbackukcom-uk-garage-old-nu-170421/ DJ Para ft Robbie Craig - Tell Me - KronikMusic Mutiny - The Virus Ft. Niara Scarlett - EL-B Vocal Mix 2001 MADD TUFF Project feat. Leanne Louise - Para Remix Pink - You Mkae Me Sick - EL-B Remix 2000 Fat Joe-Sunshine The Light feat. DJ Khaled Amorphous - Control S Remix 2001 Sumeet - You Belong To Me - Mj Cole Remix Fu
  9. Check out this week's audio & playlist from my Playbackuk.com Sat10am-12pm show. Old & new uk garage in the mix! Enjoy. audio: https://www.mixcloud.com/Elski/playbackukcom-uk-garage-old-nu-200321/ Ariana & The Rose - Love Me, Hate Me - Sunship Remix Rat Pack vs Wideboys - Hands Of Time Mc Ultra - Hot to Handle - Mask Remix Mike Delinquent Proj ft Kcat and Mikill Pane - Mama Said 8th Note - Recognise Bluey Robinson - Showgirl - Sticky & Scott Garcia Remix Elisabeth Troy - Past Love - Ed Case Remix 2007 Gyptian - 'Nah Let Go' (Mik
  10. Check out this weeks audio & playlist from Playbackuk Live. Old & New #ukgarage. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! audio: https://www.mixcloud.com/Elski/playbackukcom-uk-garage-old-nu-130321/ Colour Girl - Tears - Dreem Team Remix1997 Atomic - Light It Up (Main Mix) Basement Jaxx - Red Alert - Steve Gurley Remix Fat Joe, DJ Khaled, Amorphous - Sunshine (Fabian Dubz Remix) Dan Black - Alone (MJ Cole Vocal Mix) GreenDeep - Wild Fire (Extended Mix) EL-B - Express Solution - Being Without You Fedde Le Grand - Put Your Hands Up For Detroit - Duncan Powell Remix W
  11. Check out this weeks audio & playlist from Playbackuk.com. Lots of new #ukgarage and some oldie goldies in the mix. Enjoy! audio: https://www.mixcloud.com/Elski/playbackukcom-uk-garage-old-nu-060321/ Ed James - Full Circle Go Slow Amir - I'm On Fire (Wideboys UK Garage) Atomic - Light It Up (Main Mix) Rudimental - Come Over (feat. Anne-Marie & Tion Wayne) Bassboy Feat. Rhianna Keane - Been Around Me Concinnity - All Over Town Riddim Shroud Records Deadly Habitz - Stay True Fat Joe, DJ Khaled, Amorphous - Sunshine (Fabian Dubz Remix) Joel Corry vs NGC - Sorry
  12. Check out this week's show on Playbackuk.com. End of month oldskool house & garage set. Biggup everyone who locked in! Enjoy! audio: https://www.mixcloud.com/Elski/playbackukcom-old-skool-uk-garage-hng-270221/ Artful Dodger & Robbie Craig Feat Craig David ‎- Woman Trouble - Sunship Remix 2000 Antonio - Hyperfunk Vocal Mix 1997 Alyssa Reid Ft - Jump Smokers - Alone Ahain - Sunship Remix 2011 Damage - Still Be Loving You - Jam & Face Remix 2001 Christian Falk - Make It Right - True Faith Remix 2000 Dynamite - Dynamite (Dancehall Queen) 2000 DJ Francis James &
  13. Check out this week's audio & playlist from Playbackuk.com old & new uk garage in the mix! Enjoy & have a good rest of your weekend! audio: https://www.mixcloud.com/Elski/playbackukcom-sat-10am-to-12pm-uk-garage-old-new-200220/ Maverick Sabre - 'Let Me Go' (Mike Delinquent Remix) Sentinels - Love Rhythm Aleks Zen Feat Aaron Henley - Let You Know - 8th-Ski Remix Ed James - Full Circle - Go Slow Clepto-Maniacs Ft.Bryan Chambers - All I Do - Bump & Flex Remix Lickrish Music - Over With You (Original 2Step Mix) Rudimental Ft. Anne-Marie & Tion Wayne - Com
  14. Check out this mornings audio & playlist old & new house & garage on Playbackuk Live. New show every Saturday 10am-12pm. audio: https://www.mixcloud.com/Elski/playbackukcom-house-garage-bass-birthday-set-130221/ Danny J Lewis ft Dannielle De Andrea - Spend The Night (Dannys 2020 Refix Extended Mix) Paloma Faith - Cry Baby (Todd Edwards Dub) George IV - Gettin Your Love 8th Note - Over You Amir - I'm On Fire (Wideboys UK Garage Radio Mix) Rudimental - Come Over Bassboy - Badboy - Instrumental Dee Cypher - Been Lovin Code Blue feat Memzee - Addicted - Po
  15. Check out this mornings audio & playlist on Playbackuk Live old & new uk garage. Enjoy! Next week's show end of month oldskool house & garage special. audio: https://www.mixcloud.com/Elski/playbackukcom-uk-garage-old-new-180121/ Ladies First - I Can't Wait - Jim Skreech Radio Mix Jessie J - Who U R - Exemen Remix Artful Dodger - Outrageous Allstars - Walk On By - Undertone Deep Dub Bump & Flex - Long Time Coming Deep Down Inside - GS ft Troy Brown Dub David Howard Feat Jhay Palmer ‎- U & I Jill Scott - Love Rain - Signal To One Remix Alicia Key
  16. Check out this mornings Playbackuk.com show. Old & new uk garage! Enjoy audio: https://www.mixcloud.com/Elski/playbackukcom-uk-garage-old-new-110121/ Dj Elski - Intro 1 Breach - Jack - CJ Reign Step 2 Jack Mix Brown & Cole Ft. Jay-L - All For You All Saints - Black Coffee - The Wideboys Espresso Mix Baby.D - Let Me Be Your Fantasy - Karl Tuff Enuff Brown Remix Antonio - Hyperfunk Vocal Mix Craig David - When The Bassline Drops - Solution Remix Apparently Nothing - Artful Dodger Main Mix DJ Para - Tell Me Architechs - Show Me The Money - K Warren Dub 200
  17. Check out my last 2 show's on www.PlayBackUK.com: 2010 ukg set https://www.mixcloud.com/Elski/back-to-2010-uk-garage/ this morning's oldskool 90's h&g set: https://www.mixcloud.com/Elski/old-skool-90s-house-garage/ enjoy! catch me every Monday 10am-12pm playbackuk.com @djelski
  18. Check out my latest mix: https://www.mixcloud.com/Elski/fresh-kutz-vol-1/ 1.Wiley - My One feat Tory Lanez, Kranium Dappy - Todd Edwards Remix 2.GS Feat Elski - No I Cant - 2tuf4u Records 3.Kerri Chandler - Get It Off - Snazzy Trax Remix 4.Silverland & Ben Rainey - The Enemy - Club Mix -DeeVu Records] 5.Code Blue - Blockchain - Exit Node Mix - Pointblank Records 6.Ferdee feat Memzee - Different-Strokes - DAN T Remix - Pointblank Records 7.Kindred Soul X MIDI Logic - Butterfly - One Dark Martian Remix - Highly Swung Records 8.Hybrid Theory - Teen Cheer 9.B Hnst - M
  19. Supppp, Recently joined DJ Impact's UK Garage Show on Flex FM for a mix. Lots of new music with some oldie goldies: https://www.mixcloud.com/impactukg/the-uk-garage-show-with-impact-elski-27-jul-2019/ @djelski
  20. Hello hi, Brand new mix. I’ve been playing house & garage for over 20 years and never done a full on Todd Edwards mix. So here it is, enjoy! https://www.mixcloud.com/Elski/best-of-todd-edwards-mixed-by-dj-elski-mix003/listeners/ @djelski
  21. Hello hi, check out my two latest mixes: DJ Elski - Garage & Bass Mix001: https://www.mixcloud.com/Elski/garage-bass-mix001/ DJ Elski - Best Of Solution Mix002: https://www.mixcloud.com/Elski/best-of-solution-mixed-by-dj-elski-mix002/ follow on twitter & insta: @djelski Enjoy!
  22. Please check out my latest Nu House & Garage mix >> https://www.mixcloud.com/Elski/nu-house-garage/ enjoy! @djelski
  23. Yo peeps, please check out my latest 90's house & garage mix: https://www.mixcloud.com/Elski/90s-house-garage/ featuring: #kerrichandler #baffled #mousset #mk #cassius #filthyrich #bookert #grantnelson #tuffjam #toddedwards #smokinbeats #dreemteem #dubsyndicate #stonebridge #t.jcases #tyholden #industrystandard #cloud9 #dem2 #stevegurley #goldie #groovechronicles #armandvanhelden #donnadee #bananarepublic enjoy! @djelski
  24. DJ Elski - House & Garage + Bass mix: https://www.mixcloud.com/Elski/house-garage-bass-mix-vol1/ 1.Jillionaire Fuse ODG & Fatman Scoop - Sunrise - Just Us Remix 2017 2.Richard Anthony Davis - The Weekend - Trini Houston Remix 2017 3.Becky Hill - Rude Love - Weiss Dub 2017 4.Le Smoove - Deeper Than Before 2017 5.Meat Beat Manifesto - Radio Babylon - G 'Baffled' Smoove & Rare Nephew Remix 2017 6.Silverland Ft. Rochelle Frost - Feel The Love - Danny Foster Chris Bass & Rogue Dub Mix 2017 7.The Cartel Ft. Carol Leeming - Message of Love 1998 8.Danny Foster &
  25. Brand new mix...DJ Elski house n garage bass mix! https://www.mixcloud.com/Elski/house-n-garage-bass-mix/ 1.Charlotte Devaney ft Lady Leshurr , Fatman Scoop - Bass Dunk - Tigermonkey Edit 2017 2.B1G PR0J3CT - Falling - Ayrton Hood Remix 2017 3.ID - Burnin Up - Original Mix 2017 4.Trevor T - On Me - Wonder K Remix 2017 5.SWERVE - Another Dimension - Original Mix 2017 6.Woman Like The Ocean - Danny Foster and Chris Bass UK Garage Dub Mix 2017 7.Fretha Aranklin - Deeper Love - Darren Campbell Mix 2017 8.S
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