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  3. I hate the conservative party with so much passion they bring nothing but hurt to the poor folk of this country
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  5. Ceasefire now free the oppressed Palestinian people
  6. I started looking for some of the most popular vr adult sites on https://allbestpornsites.com/best-virtual-porn-sites/ and tried watching some short videos. Indeed, after a while the sense of nausea overcomes the sense of excitement and the desire to continue watching disappears and for now I have returned to old-fashioned adult videos.
  7. New single “Fine Line” just released by Brooklyn rapper Justo the MC & Scottish hip hop producer Brelstaff. From the album ‘Urban Testimony’ recently featured on Bandcamp’s front page New & Notable spotlight section. The instrumental version of this was broadcast by BBC Radio 1's Focus Beats programme in the summer, the beats only album having dropped in April. Streaming on SPOTIFY There's also visuals on YOUTUBE
  8. This site is air unfortunately
  9. Old skool members need to comeback and make this forum banging again
  10. Just out yesterday, new single Lazy Eye by New York rapper Anthony Kannon & producer Frost Gamble, taken from the album “Cautionary Tales” released last month. Includes an additional remix featuring recent Griselda signing Brother Tom SOS On SPOTIFY Official Videos on Youtube ORIGINAL MIX REMIX ft BROTHER TOM SOS
  11. @Seymour Cake just re joined to see whats up, how you doing? is the site stil active
  12. USA chick loving besthdsexsites.com the top full hd sex site collection. I like high definition and quality on porn.
  13. Tories out Tories out Tories out Kier starmer out kier starmer out Kier starmer out JC4PM forever in our hearts
  14. Free free Palestine free free Palestine Ceasefire now End the oppression
  15. Just came out in the past 24 hours, "Urban Testimony" by Brooklyn rapper Justo the MC and Edinburgh producer Brelstaff. The beats are a mix of lofi hip hop & chilled ambient electronica, with several of the instrumentals having already been broadcast on BBC Radio 1 & Radio 6's Focus Beats programme over the summer. It's on SPOTIFY & APPLE There's also a full video playlist for every track on YOUTUBE
  16. New album just released. “Cautionary Tales” by upstate New York rapper Anthony Kannon and producer Frost Gamble also features Brooklyn’s Justo the MC and Binghamton’s Tone Chop. FULL TRACKLIST 1 Pitfalls 2 Lazy Eye 3 Make It Rain 4 Take It Easy ft Shea & Justo the MC [co:produced by Serge Paul] 5 Long Ride 6 Never Was Cool 7 Cold Start 8 Miss Daisy 9 Conye 10 Second Floor 11 Echo Echo ft Tone Chop 12 Thousand People On SPOTIFY & APPLE There’s also a full video playlist for every track up on Youtube
  17. New visuals for “Sunday” just released by Brooklyn rapper Justo the MC and UK producer Brelstaff, the third single from their album “Urban Testimony” out on November 3rd. Several of the instrumental versions of the album tracks have been used recently by BBC Radio 1's Focus Beats programme that airs through the night The official video is on YOUTUBE & you can also stream and download it from the usual platforms including SPOTIFY
  18. EDIT: Rah, so just gonna triple on me like that.
  19. all, Please check out my latest uk garage old & new mix: https://m.mixcloud.com/Elski/garage-mix-old-new/ no hosting. Enjoy, MJ Cole feat Shea - Never Say Never - Box Clever Piano Dubb Hot Pepper - Garage Cafe Fabian VS Nelly Furtado - Say It Right Todd Edwards - Face My Heaven DJ True - Night - Riddler Records Dusky - Another Place Grant Nelson Feat. Jean McClain - Step 2 Me - Bump & Flex Steppers Dub Duncan Powell - Let It Bump Elski - When I Keep Dub T.B.C Damage - Love Lady - Dubaholics Dub Star.One - Keep It On The Low - Bullet Tooth Remix Todd Edwards - Never Far From You - 2003 Compound Remix Qualifide - See The Light - $ki's 10 Year Itch Mix Pepe - The Bomb M8riarchy - Guessing - Sunship Dub Mix Polo Lilli - Nosebleed 135 Mystical Dubz - Runaway - Solution Remix NK - 1Sr - Riddler Records Awolnation Run - 8th Note Remix - UNRELEASED NATHASSIA - My House - Deep Status Remix Unknown David - CODE NUMBER - Fallin - Nuvole Music MPH - Show Me Riton feat. Blasian Baddie - Run Up Maximono - Weak WTS - Lift Me Up - Charles Jay Remix Roska Ft. Kristie Killick - Boogie With Me Hutcher - Whine Up DJ Sean T & Kele Le Roc - Circles Arcane 1 - Above and Beyond Doller ft MC Neat and Zara W - Call Me Aleks Zen Feat Aaron Henley - Let You Know - 8th-Ski Remix NK & KYLE - Drivers Seat - Riddler Records Suté Iwar & Orranya - Earth Angel - Midnight Manoeuvres Remix Statix - Dubplate Z Matt Brockman & Talyse - Take It All - 3am Mix - Nuvole Music Jamie Hai ettu - With Your Love - Nuvole Music DJ Luck & Shy Cookie - I Need Your Lovin EL-B Feat. Juiceman - Digital Industry Standard Productions – Taken All My Time - DJ Deller's Floor Filling 2 Stepper
  20. Is someone still paying for the hosting here?
  21. New single “Cold Start” just released by NY State rapper Anthony Kannon and producer Frost Gamble, the fourth from their album ‘Cautionary Tales’ out on October 20th. They have two upcoming album release events, at The Osborne Taphouse Winnipeg on October 26th, then on November 18th at Deep Dive in Ithaca On SPOTIFY, APPLE/iTUNES and the official visuals are up on YOUTUBE
  22. Hi all, check out Saturday’s audio and playlist from The Garage House Radio show. All styles of uk garage old & new. Enjoy! Audio: https://m.mixcloud.com/Elski/the-garage-house-radio-garage-old-new-160923/ Kevin Mark Trail - D Thames - MJ Cole Vocal Mix Groove Chronicles - Know Me - Vox Dubb DJ True - Night - Riddler Records Todd Edwards - Javid Khan Para & Tuff Trax - Telling Me Mediman - 4 A Minute PJ Statham - I'm Urs Tina Moore - Nobody Better - Dem 2's Luv Unlimted Remix Hutcher - Whine Up - Hutcher V.I.P Extended Remix - October Records Jameson - Complete 4x4 Remix Dj Elski - When I Keep Dub T.B.C Groove Connektion 2 - Club Lonely - Dem 2 Lonely Vocal Mix Deefo - You Got Me - Original Mix - Holy Molé Music Artifact - Won't Cry - From Russia With Dubz ReSketch - Ghosts M4A4 - Vision Leaks Location - Oxide Remix Lonyo - Comme Ci Comme Ca ‎- Summer Of Love - Ci DIY Dub Groove Chronicles - In My System 4x4 Mix Hannah Laing & RoRo - Good Love - Atomic Remix Effy - Yours Aye Todd Edwards - I Love Liverpool - AKA I Remember Liverpool In4mous Goose - Hit Da Fuse - Riddler Records James Lavonz - Vibration Original Mix Goldie - Believe - Groove Chronicles Remix Gerideau - Masquerade - MJ Cole Dub Ada Morghe - The Story - Booker T Remix Hosiannah - Indepanties day - Another Rhythm Marvel Riot & MOYA – Want My Lovin - Wankelmut Extended Remix Indo - R U Sleeping - Grant's Vocal Mix Mincy & Killjoy Ft. Radar Stanna - Style So Sick Riton & Blasian Baddie - Run Up Qualified - Look Shook - 8th Note Remix - UNRELEASED Pepe - The Bomb M8riarchy - Guessing - Sunship Dub Mix MJ Cole ft. Piri & Tommy Villiers - Feel It - 8th Note & Elski Dub Remix - UNRELEASED Rogerseventytwo - You Take Me Higher - Sunship Remix Merz - Lovely Daughter - MJ Cole Remix PJ Statham - Promised Land 4x4 I Need Your Lovin - MR Pud Remix Digital Koala Ft. Miss Baas - Rise N Shine - Nuvolve Music Hosiannah - Sir, you cannot bring that pet turtle on the train - Another Rhythm Statix - Dubplate Z Sunship Feat. Warrior Queen - Quits - Sunship 2-Step Mix Raven - Is It Real P-Rallel - I Know - Notion Remix Dizzee Rascal feat. iLL BLU - Sugar and pice Calypso Jet - Coffee On The Moon Dreem Teem - The Theme Ronnie Herel & Kenny Thomas - Sun Will Rise Again - Cafe 432 Remix Maximono - Someday - This Ain't Bristol Love Remain - LDN GRLS Hosiannah - Bibbedi bobbedi no fucking way - Another Rhythm Hutcher - Whine Up - October Records Israelite - I & I - 2 Step Mix DukeofLDN - Talibans Remix Porky Paul Feat MC Neat - Dress2
  23. Can anyone else hear a little bit of Flava by Peter Andre
  24. Brooke Williams


    Hey there! I'm relatively new to martial arts, but I've recently started training in Thai boxing. I've been learning a lot from thaiboxingpros.com, which has some really insightful articles and tutorials. How about you? Have you trained in any martial arts?
  25. New AA side single just released by Brooklyn rapper Justo the MC & UK producer Brelstaff. “Falling / Satan’s Grip” is the second taken from their album Urban Testimony out in November. Streaming on Spotify There's also two separate videos released on Youtube FALLING OFFICIAL VIDEO SATAN'S GRIP OFFICIAL VIDEO
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