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  2. Just look at what's going on Gaza and the media have been not holding the politicians to account as the alternative media have been doing Ceasefire now end the suffering of the oppressed palestian people
  3. Rest in power brother a true inspiration to everyone
  4. New single “Sun Rays” just released by New Jersey rapper Tru Trilla. Produced by LG Roc and featuring Reks & Lakim Shabazz, it’s the first taken from his album ‘XVI : Return of the Gods’ out in May On Apple & Spotify There's also an official video playing on YOUTUBE
  5. Views are probably bots. You could use AI to scan every user and the way they type and what they type about. Then create an AI VIP2 on discord
  6. Fuck the views pointless with no replies
  7. Happy birthday rappy rob
  8. 4k views and still not a single reply an absolute waste of time
  9. 2.5k views not one single reply from ant member wow just fucking wow this forum is beyond repair
  10. Happy new year Comrades have a great start to the year and many filled memories of joy and happiness Free Palestine end the genocide
  11. Hi all, Please check out my best of 2023 UK Garage Mix: https://m.mixcloud.com/Elski/uk-garage-best-of-2023/ . Mostly Speed 4x4 UKG with a sprinkle of bass music. Enjoy and happy new year! Phoenix & DJ Hazee - Hazee Vibes - Riddler Records WZA - Only You DJ True - Night - Riddler Records Ed Case - Loving You DJ Q, Lily McKenzie, Star.One - Love Me - Like - Flava D Remix DJ Fen & Tamra - Hold On - DJ Fen & Lee Switch Strong Dub Mix BVNQUET - Dub The Sky Decoded Flows - Caramel Adam Kronik Ft. Roxiie Reese - Tell Me Dub Dj Oxide - Bass Whistler Anywhere - Lee Viner Remix Buttermere - Speaker Nymphs What You Want- DJ True Full Vocal Remix Dusky - Another Place Dj Elski - Lost At Sea Dub - 42TF Recordings Ed Case - Let That Beat Go Sharda - Have You Here Oppidan - You & I Archipelago Soundsystem - Nyabo'z organ'z - Gary Esson Remix m8riarchy - Guessing - Sunship Dub Mix Vital Techniques - Like This - Nuvole Music Zero & Flava D - On My Line - Funfair Records Statix - It's Over - Bump Funk Mix Danny J Lewis - Release - Just Underground Steinsdotter & Todd Edwards - Nightshift - Todd Edwards Dub MPH - Bad Day Club Connoisseur - Love Drug CHIMPIZM - G-G-Garage Hutcher - Whine Up - Hutcher V.I.P Remix Seb Zito - Horns Of 23 WZA - All Day Baltra - Luv-N-Me - DJ Q Remix Audio Smack Boy Ft. Shanaz Dorsett - Little Man - Instrumental Mix Borai Denham - Make Me Big - Ang Rave To The Grave Mix Mincy x Killjoy feat Radar Stanna - Style So Sick Jamie Unknown - Stone Street Ed Case Feat. Fola - Let Love Pass Me By - 4x4 Extended Mix Dj Elski - Garrage Dub - 42TF Recordings Conducta - Stratus ABSOLUTE - Papi's Pumping Piano Soul Mass Transit System - Real Love - Mercy Mix Seb Zito - Ocean Ghost Dani Deahl & Alex Amaro - Thinking Bout You - After The Beat Drops Deefo - You Got Me - Holy Molé Music Behani - Real Man - Fabian on The Todd Mix DJ Fen & Tamara - Hold On - BKT 5-Pin Dub Gemi - So Tru Dj Statix - Shuffled Groove Skeptic Whine Up Oppidan - Circles Bootleg MPH & Royal T - Compass LYRA - Give It Up 2 Me - Limoux Remix WZA - Day & Night Becky Hill - Disconnect - Star.One Bootleg DJ Q & Wolfie - I Couldn't See - Soul Mass Transit System Remix Zefer & Smasher - Before It Gets Too Late Danny Phillips - In My Heart MAW - To Be In Love - Lee Viner Fallin Remix MADVILLA - FM Trippin Groove Chronicles - Know Me - 4x4 Vox Dubb Mix In4mous Goose - Hit Da Fuse - Riddler Records Jamie Hai & ettu - With Your Love WTS - Next To Me - Blakk Habit Remix Ed James feat Britt Lari - Dancing By Your Side - Lush Records Jayda G - Meant To Be - Todd Edwards Remix p-rallel - Superstylin Murder He Wrote - Love Makes Me Matt Jam Lamont & Echelon Ft Sarah Etheridge - Keep Me Comin' Back Star.One - Keep It On The Low - Bullet Tooth Remix The Phat Controlla - Spill The Stella - That's My Vibe - Organ Mix Oppidan - Hoover Dub MJ Cole ft. Piri & Tommy Villiers - Feel It - 8th Note & Elski Dub Remix Mediman - 4 A Minute PJ Statham - BIG WARPA Shy Cookie feat Soraya - No more DJ Cuddles - But You Baby No More - Statix Tough n Bumpy Dub Chanteuse - If You Want Me - Lee Viner Remix NATHASSIA - My House - Deep Status Extended Remix Nitework - Ell Murphy & Medlar - Lose Control Groove Chronicles - The Force 4x4 Mix Dusky - Springz BBlayZ - Zombie King - Shy Cookie Remix Dj Q - It's You - Octo Octa's Slammin' With U Mix PJ Statham - Fake ID Remix VIP NK - Henry Groover - Riddler Records Kolly Borda - Wishes - Nuvolve Music Fafito - You Don't Know - Shy Cookie Remix Dj Elski - Bump Intro Nicky G & Mark Krupp Feat Jamie Arin - Just Noise - Dub mix Dj Elski - Thank You Dub - 42TF Recordings Lojay & Sarz - MONALISA - Mike Delinquent Remix Huxley & Wouter S - Strictly Dan DJ Q & Hans Glader - Thief In The Night Salute Remix IndiAlman - Can't Stand It Conducta Feat. Novelist - Get Busy With It feat Statix - Moving On DJ Q - Close Your Eyes - Stan Rave Remix Angus Green - Rhythm Back - Nuvole Music PJ Statham - I'm Urs Baker - My Time - Riddler Records p-rallel - Walk Away Star.One & SOULSTATE - Eyes On You PJ Statham - Loving You Shy Cookie & Shelley Nelson - Breathe Me In NK - 1Sr - Riddler Records MPH - Promise Zefer & Liam Bailey - Rain Mar One - Telescope MPH - Show Me TQD - Too Sweet Jamie Hai & Ettu - Oh Hai Ettu - Nuvole Music Baker - Unsure Digital Koala & Miss Baas - Rise'n'Shine - Nuvole Music Zefer, Kadeem Tyrell, Chiedu Oraka & Deezkid - Navigate Dynascope Digital Koala - Touch the Sky - Nuvole Music Sammy Virji - Find My Way Home Follow djelski on all the socials
  12. Have a blessed joyful day and never forget how nasty the Tory party is never
  13. New Jersey’s Tru Trilla has just announced his new album “XVI : Return of the Gods” is set for release in May 2024 along with the tracklist. Includes production by Tone Spliff, Jamal Nueve, LG Roc, Frost Gamble & the UK's Ramson Badbonez and Four Limbs. Guest featured artists include Skyzoo, Reks, Lakim Shabazz, Guilty Simpson, Recognize Ali, N.B.S., Ruste Juxx, Julius of Shoe Gang, Justo the MC & NapsNdreds among others. There’s a video trailer for it just released on YOUTUBE
  14. Never trust a friend or family member because they like yourself only care about themselves and that's a true story
  15. This genocide makes me teary as it feels likes it's not going to end Bring justice to the Palestinians and bring pain to Israeli terrorist government
  16. I hate the conservative party with so much passion they bring nothing but hurt to the poor folk of this country
  17. Ceasefire now free the oppressed Palestinian people
  18. I started looking for some of the most popular vr adult sites on https://allbestpornsites.com/best-virtual-porn-sites/ and tried watching some short videos. Indeed, after a while the sense of nausea overcomes the sense of excitement and the desire to continue watching disappears and for now I have returned to old-fashioned adult videos.
  19. New single “Fine Line” just released by Brooklyn rapper Justo the MC & Scottish hip hop producer Brelstaff. From the album ‘Urban Testimony’ recently featured on Bandcamp’s front page New & Notable spotlight section. The instrumental version of this was broadcast by BBC Radio 1's Focus Beats programme in the summer, the beats only album having dropped in April. Streaming on SPOTIFY There's also visuals on YOUTUBE
  20. This site is air unfortunately
  21. Old skool members need to comeback and make this forum banging again
  22. Just out yesterday, new single Lazy Eye by New York rapper Anthony Kannon & producer Frost Gamble, taken from the album “Cautionary Tales” released last month. Includes an additional remix featuring recent Griselda signing Brother Tom SOS On SPOTIFY Official Videos on Youtube ORIGINAL MIX REMIX ft BROTHER TOM SOS
  23. @Seymour Cake just re joined to see whats up, how you doing? is the site stil active
  24. USA chick loving besthdsexsites.com the top full hd sex site collection. I like high definition and quality on porn.
  25. Tories out Tories out Tories out Kier starmer out kier starmer out Kier starmer out JC4PM forever in our hearts
  26. Free free Palestine free free Palestine Ceasefire now End the oppression
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