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  3. Fresh out today, new single “Turn That Down” by New Jersey’s Tru Trilla ft Detroit’s Guilty Simpson and Brooklyn’s Skyzoo. Latest one to be taken from the album ‘XVI : Return of the Gods’ which drops May 31st. On APPLE, SPOTIFY & BANDCAMP There's also official visuals just published on YOUTUBE
  4. The establishment has spoken labour is in safe hands and will romp home in a general election
  5. RIP Carl weathers gone but never forgotten
  6. The media has been out of control for decades and Jeremy Corbyn was going to rightfully put a change to that
  7. Happy new year I mean happy belated new year
  8. Watch uk column news on youtube. Proper reporting
  9. Happy 2nd quarter Lets get it!
  10. It true Christening next month All invited
  11. Just released today by New Jersey's Tru Trilla. "End the Day" features Brooklyn's Ruste Juxx and Julius Luciano, the younger brother of KXNG Crooked and member of Long Beach crew Shoe Gang. This is another off the upcoming album 'XVI : Return of the Gods' out in May Streaming on SPOTIFY There's also an official video playing on YOUTUBE
  12. who needs anybody to understand anything? aint we all here still? dont need childrens opinions in my ear, this a seasoned online community don't let the fact that you want the kids to think you're cool get in the way of knowing kids aint cool at all 8T2 tho pahaha anyone remember him? lewisham something member name on here i know things they're funny talking about cool kids
  13. Nobody will understand the vibe this site and RWD had Everyone must be ancient now, even guys who were ancient back then like face off lmao I used to think he was so old Everyone must be grown and crusty now Me and Lemonguy have kids (Not together)
  14. must be whoever it is or was gets a salute from me there's been lifelong friendships made, business's started, ermmm and me and Smaddy met on here and we're having a baby
  15. vip2 renaissance is coming guys i feel it
  16. New joint “No Joking Around” just released by New Jersey’s Tru Trilla featuring Boston’s Flash & V Knuckles of N.B.S. and Recognize Ali. Produced by Jamal Nueve, it’s the second off the album XVI : Return of the Gods following last month’s Sun Rays ft Reks & Lakim Shabazz. Streaming on SPOTIFY with official visuals up on YOUTUBE .
  17. Arteta in Wenger out
  18. Hope everyone on here is having a good new year and the bots fuck off
  19. Free Palestine free From the river to the see Palestine shall be free
  20. Just look at what's going on Gaza and the media have been not holding the politicians to account as the alternative media have been doing Ceasefire now end the suffering of the oppressed palestian people
  21. Rest in power brother a true inspiration to everyone
  22. New single “Sun Rays” just released by New Jersey rapper Tru Trilla. Produced by LG Roc and featuring Reks & Lakim Shabazz, it’s the first taken from his album ‘XVI : Return of the Gods’ out in May On Apple & Spotify There's also an official video playing on YOUTUBE
  23. Views are probably bots. You could use AI to scan every user and the way they type and what they type about. Then create an AI VIP2 on discord
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