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    You man got bape'd into debating about a retired Shearer in a 2017 transfer thread 🐐🎣
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    Only people raving on a Monday are gay mate.
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    haha saw that going very differently
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    And then a coupled people got Thizz'd
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    Plants are very sensitive
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    You said 2 parents isn't better than one I thought it must have been a typo tbh ANYWAY What you toms fail to understand (not you grace) Is that there is no such thing as black on black crime Any of you who use such a term or buy into its existence are brainwashed Also in terms of innocence A court of law with a judge and a jury is there to decide who is guilty or not Not me or you or pc plod Any time a police interaction prevents someone from going through the judicial process they haven't done their jobs correctly where there was no threat to life in that instance Any police officer that doesnt follow the correct guidelines or procedures needs not be on the streets policing people because they can't do their job properly Proper nonsense thinking moving like people shouldnt be outraged that their tax money is spent employing racists and murderers that get away with it due to the fact they swore an oath to UPHOLD the law
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    vip2 goes through this every couple years someone come collect your wife
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    Imagine naming your son Games and then getting annoyed they don't pronounce it James.
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    Had a great first week at my new job they said I'm ahead of where they expected to be so that's good but still got a long way to go to be up to speed.
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    Next up a list of the eating allergies of renowned gang members
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    Nah you didn't see me say that tbf dunno where you got that patchwork quote from but yeh The discussion being had is not for you stay in your lane Dont think cos you jumped on a plane to 1 2 places you can get cheap stuff to put up your nose and lady boys on demand you know about the world
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    Baelish is the reason the plot exists. He plotted to have Arryn killed to frame the Lannisters which is how the whole war starts, he betrays Ned which starts Robs rebellion, he poisoned Joffrey, he sold Sanza to the Boltons... his whole shtick is laying in the shadows playing the weasel role but actually orchestrated all of the chaos to advance himself. All so he can be the mayor of Baltimore.
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    Ney>>>> Got that hunger. Wants to be the best in the world. Due to be the new Goat
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    That Bujuj
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    Whos partner is this guys?
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    Remember how much this guy was bumping this place? I even went there after a rave once cos of how much he was hyping it. Little did I know he was sending guys for food poisoning. Same way he's always hyping that Monday rave that turned out to be a queer establishment. Incredible trolling.
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    dont understand these guys at all you used to be one thizz... any insight?
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    Man said water for breakfast are you a plant fam?
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    Police is among the top 10 professions that attracts the most psychopaths. A lot of these man are bloodthirsty cunts that are itching to use force from the moment they have a reason to engage you.
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    I am not tuned into that frequency to watch something like that it will damage my soul
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    I guarantee if the mcds workers were black and the guy getting stamped out was asian he would be calling them monkeys Cos they aint he's backing them AND screaming they should spin the black woman for being outraged at the way theyre behaving If that ain't coonery I don't know what is tbh Can only call a spade a spade
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    I was in one but it didn't last because she wanted marriage(WOBO aged 25-35 want that ring so bad). Oh yeah some of my links know about the forum I had to tell them because there are topics on here which bring real life tears. They wanted to know what was it on my phone which always made randomly buss up a few times a day.
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    Fighting.is loong after a certain age
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    getting tired of this now same oll same ol
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    i watched the death of a dynasty so i told vibe magazine working with dr dre was a dream
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    ^^ just headshotted the thread gg next map
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    #motivate #motivation #underarmour #greatness #sponsorspaidforthis #plant #bape #walkin6am #imhatin #howamihatin #nothatin #juststatin
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    Lmfao that what the health doc is there to sell being vegan rather than giving you factual information so you can make an informed decision agree that processed meats and the way meat is produced has health implications for us deffo but is the answer to stop eating meat when the exact same problems exist with veg? / let's not act like our bodies aren't designed to eat meat / lmfao at the animal liberation activist locked it off as soon as I heard that shit some people have got so used to domesticated animals that they set tripping you think wild animals have mercy for man? herbivores at that?
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    Nobody on ignore. If I dont wanna read what you gotta say I scroll past calmly.
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    deepest thing is definitely mans face lmaooo
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    Vik is this you? Don't embarrass me in front of my mates