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    Do i wanna see it with no support holding everything in place 🤔
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    Pmsl all that intelligence and she decides to become an Instagram slore at age 58. Not complaining though, will be the more stress free bareback of my life.
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    which one original theme original grime grime with Skepta and others RA version lewi white instro remix
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    I like hating on Stormzy. Sometimes I wonder is VIP2 the proverbial 'you' Stormzy is addressing in his music songs?
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    A 62 page thread hating on Stormzy uno lol im out
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    Famm, was so strange. I've seen this little girl since 2010/11 when this started. All this time, I'm thinking what are you doing, Ned stark didn't die for this.
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    VIP2 is unique Twitter has too many oddballs like Mike Kane and his seedy ilk
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    Moved to SE London after only living in east. Tore my knee ligaments first month moving here and also my first season back playing league ball (only managed 6 games. Wrote my season off). Knee still don't feel right but I got a chance to play at Hillsborough next week so I'm gonna do that and hope for the best. Been a hard start to the year but I'm hoping the second quarter is an improvement. Moving to SE was the right move though.
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    Didn’t think I’d see this site back tbh
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    Its £10 a month
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    Just came back the other day. I had a better time than the in season to much jokes made my own fun. Coming back but with couple of my younger girls next time. Done so much great blow thought I was gonna have a heart attack and of course I kept the Swag on a million percent
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    Such a dead player how dembele rides bench for this team ill never know
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    I really enjoyed the episode. Didn't like how suddenly the NK died though. Tbh if his death was going to solve everything so neatly, i would have preferred it if it would of seemed harder to achieve. More people should have and would have definitely died if GRRM was still writing the ting.
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    So many mistakes last 12 months here are just a few https://streamable.com/pf09e
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    Ed Woodward walking into a negotiations meeting with De Gea and his agent to discuss their latest offer
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    pmsl always some dodgy plant bullshit with this Stormzy guy
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    He's even got posts in mid January
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    Utd gonna get smashed. Wish Mourinho was still there, at least he would shithouse a draw out of them.
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    Shit @The Infamousthat's terrible! Fight to she your child! Since becoming a dad, I knew for sure I couldn't smack my kids.
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    Change title to 31st This is true shambles. Entertaining shambles.
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    The actual Jokes is on the continent tbh. Imagine, the highlight of the visit is dancing along and promising to maintain the same trade that existed pre brexit? Oh and train some dusty soldiers on how to combat boko and the likes. Ments...
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    you man talk as if shes a 10/10 look at her face