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    looool man returned from the wilderness like...
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    Loving my 30s more than my 20s strangely enough. Loving the sector I am working in. Love my Job. I can afford relatively most of what I want and need. Working abroad is a more realistic prospect. Had 2 job offers in Asia already. Got engaged this year. Getting married in May. Made some very good friends and cut alot along the way. Most single gyall think life goes down hill from here. Is this so?
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    I mostly just lurk on here whilst working and hardly ever post, but i got you @__ohsoyoujade
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    South London dress better 😆 That may be the wildest thing you’ve ever said on her
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    compared to huddersfield those places named above are like mayfair
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    That pearly gate got covered up quick
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    Bunch of nobody's fighting over nothing
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    Big Sam and Pullis be like...
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    Wenger Era fully erased Emery>>>> Would have never happened under Wenger
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    I’m not 30 yet but COMFY right now Own 2 businesses, house on rent, due to cop 2 more next year.. have time and location freedom Internet businesses is where it’s at But I worked my ass off for this so proud of my blessings
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    Sounds like you need a monorail to rejuvenate the town
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    London Caribbeans West Africans Silly c*nt Rinse and Repeat
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    yo ag you seem like a charitable guy have you ever considered participating in a long slow painful death
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    Cant be ethnic and not live inner city brexit means brexit up there
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    Increased youth engagement from early/ pre-teen stage. That takes funding, and youth workers an people can turn their nose up at that all they like but it can work. The devil makes work for idle hands, young people need to be occupied and shown paths to success. A lot of them cant see the wood for the trees. Or can't picture themselves outside their current situation. Children are very malleable. Also counselling, we need that as a country (6 weeks after a 3 month waitin list is a joke) but a lot of poor young people are just going through trauma, whether that be from home or the road We need a compassionate approach We need more funding to social services. Front line staff see so much deprivation an utter unspeakable fuckry from inside the home. An they have NO resources to make any effective impact on the families of these young troubled people. And I dont mean putting them in care (we dont even have the p for that anyway) but there are specialist services, courses, support agencies which could help if we invested in them. We got real head cases with no support. I strongly believe that there are a minority of highly dysfunctional children (for whatever reasons) who then have an extremely strong influence on children around them who absolutely have more choices in front of them. Then we have a domino effect of fuckry. All this applies across the country, beyond race etc. And when it comes to the violence in smaller cities an towns, Westminster needs to get its finger out and invest in employment opportunities. Cant have generations of unemployed and expect children to have real ambition.
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    Not 30 yet but lost my business, currently unemployed,family have moved miles away but although some days are a struggle i have a positive outlook on life because i know where i am going in my life and i have things in place that will allow me to achieve sucess.
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    if uyou dont know which one it is it aint for you
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    Not true at all. The tribes in present day nigeria fought no more than any where else, and were obviously divided because there was no "nigeria". It was not by any degree "war torn". Yorubal land and the benin empire have never had any kind of whole scale conflict. The Hausa confederations, joined, seperated and reformed amongst themselves for as long as there have been hausau people. They were quite self contained, is my point. The entire world was full of slavery. Europe included. Mass slavery was brought to african shores by europeans.
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    Really don’t get the Clarks hate. They make really good shoes.