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    So yeah, a couple pics just got leaked...
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    You don't need any books, just get yourself a tripod, a filter kit and go out and take pictures using different settings (long exposures, HDR etc...) then just learn from trial and error. Just a few of my work done
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    Central Croydon has def improved this decade but West Croydon is a whole other story, once you're headed towards lidl on london road it's like jumping into one of the those big paintings on super mario N64, shit takes u to a dust dimension
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    Nonsense from a grown man wont be taking any points/views from you chap and your mate jumping in a rave because he heard lil uzi in a 90% white dance doesn't make him a coon why should he have to pattern his behaviour in a party so that wypipo don't class him as. 'Nigger' or 'monkey' that make you more of a coon as you are modifying your enjoyment to make white People comfortable A racist person will always deem you an n word whether you are jumping around in a rave or wearing a three piece suit in the city jay z - 'still a nigga' you are at least 15 years my senior but here I am educating you it's ok knowledge is power
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    Problem with this logic is twin b looking out for #1 but logan got more black people paid out the 2
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    Nope. i am not that guy. I have a strong dislike for people that feel the need to pull out their phone and start recording everytime they see something kick off
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    Maybe he's seen the thread we're the imaginary opps he keeps dissing *weebay gif*
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    Even dogs have them awkward spud moments.
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    / So 9 weeks and it's "a sign"? Are you sure this ting not playing you bro? You should be performing like Chiellini but all I see is Smalling.
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    The Ali G character was in a different league to these snapchat comedians, sacha cohen is a legit comedy genius. Snapchat allows low brow buffonery humour to get popular with children, someone like sacha cohen had to jump through hoops and impress media snobs in the industry to get a tv show. Also he was an upper middle class jew ridiculing a lower middle class white dude who was appropriating working class black culture - by nature it's going to be more funny than these new guys mocking people from their own community - it's no different to michael macintyre's observational routines about white middle class life, which is widely agreed to be the shittest form of comedy
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    I have no reason to go that far south of the river.
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    People need to realise when you reach a certain level, ghost your social media and start fresh ones.
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    probably one of the woat posts that was supposed to come across as serious.
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    Looks like a pensioner's carpet/rug
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    I went jail couple times but my lifestyle was different I know exactly the type of individual you're talking about though don't think it describes babs either Without going into too much detail My mum has health issues has no other children and no pension Also changing my behaviour was a prerequisite in terms of having my own child Basically I know I can do tennis numbers but I don't think they can So yeah I just mind my business and keep myself to myself now For me this is actually harder and more skressful than living my previous life tbh but this is what I've signed up for now so I must deal with the consequences
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    No, the worst thing is that your mate is a cowardly murdering thief who saw no other option but to take things that didn't belong to him, including the life of another person.
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    Absolute nonsense lol thought the thread was something about tories rushing through new internet laws
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    Describing the same type of militant black woman mentality Logan was taking about in his tweet it's mad
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    If that was the case then Boris Johnson would have been torpedoed time ago. Being a bounty doesn't mean anything when it's time for you to go. That's one thing bounties don't understand until it's too late.
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    Ag with that "put a beat on "
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    Man don't even know what the claims are and are screaming bun him What kinda nonsense logic is that
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    Your sought after West African is 5th in that list... Dr. Nira Chamberlain... Behind a Jamaican woman (Sharon White) in 4th...
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    People need to raise their children in families, this single parent household isn't the one. Single biggest problem.
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    living in a low socio -econnomic area the guys youngsters see with p will most likely be the fraudsters/ dealers etc if you want to make a difference become a mentor to some of these youngers you speak of thats what im doing and i encourage others to do the same
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    For him yes it is better In his world his reality wins and losses considered is better than him living your life for a thousand years This is what man signed up for Some people are just wired different
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    Any of my players coming out of the closet can expect to be transfer listed aint got time for that shit. What is it saying? watched a couple of vids not put me in the mood yet usually purchase around xmas times
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    5 bags on the ring, 18 bags on the wedding, 9 bags for the lavish honeymoon, 14 bags for the second hand Range Rover for him and her and possible children, over 40 bags into his Mortgage... 2 years later... Lives in a Studio flat, shops at Lidl, eats just about twice a day and no longer drinks Desperado, too pricey, He's on the Skol and sometimes on the Oranjeboom, has an oyster and forks out a bag a month for his twins... She on the other hand. Lives in HIS HOUSE, Drives THEIR Range, Looks after the kids, works part time... She got a pretty sweet deal... MARRIAGE TERRIFIES ME.... The man almost always gets fucked on the deal. NO BUENO Man had a good life when they were just an unmarried couple, SAVINGS for decades, The man in the team you knew would sport you a few hundred and not ask for a pay back date. If his overdraft wasn't nice, he'd be fucked every month, shit, he is fucked every month. Oh, by the way, he's 38.. I'm 30, thank God I learnt early
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    We all know how these threads end up. "but what colour is his wife"
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    WOBOs are so elite that others are doing duplicating data like Cell. It's a maaza.
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    Not everyday TFS4TTKK If u have further info plz feel free to inform the rest of us If not I gotta call a spade a spade tbh Logan undoubtedly done more for grime than Twin B has
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    some 2004 debate does target even play grime? anyway who cares about grime back to the original point certain man tweeting like MLK but acting like uncle rukus when with there bosses
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    Does he know you exist
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    the big deal is he complained constantly that Obama was always golfing when he golfed far less that Trump does now.
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    Pmsl Wenger>>>>> I can't wait for the eventual El Neny, Monreal, Debuchy back 3 away to West Brom.