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    Lot of people talking nonsense which is why just 2 pages in as usual I'm coming in here to say some of you should simply speak on things that you have a clear understanding of instead of all this drivel A civilian who stops a woman from being raped and gives evidence in court is not a snitch they are an upstanding member of society taking the recourse that is applicable to them Fuck is wrong with you lot
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    So facts we know about Jesus Doe Rushed in a dance for giving it the big I am Ripped off for deets Steals bottles in VIP Sucked off by a tranny Got his Mummy to ask for his girlfriend back
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    Real fucking Talk. People are going on like we dont have a problem. We clearly do and no amount of denial and lying to ourselves will change that. If for hundreds of years you have been kept as slaves,whipped,raped and tortured and have been told you aint shit it,and have been told black skin is ugly and white skin is superior it will affect you. Not just in every day life but it will affect your dating choices as well. Mandem need to stop playing dumb and just be real with themselves. You man that date white girls are effectively still slaves. This is white supremacy right here. Why do you think there are so many "brothers" walking around with walruses looking like this http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhHNDws1seFW1Q1uGx I mean come on son. Mandem are lusting over beach wales. Even today i thought let me frequent a black business and give them some of my money, Was in there chatting with the owner and out of nowhere my guy was like "ahh fuck me shes georgous she is, wouldnt mind giving that a go" I turned round and see one big ugly looking tree with her leg in a cast. I just looked at him like
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    swear you must be approaching 40 and your still out here trolling like this
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    I think the nail has been hit on the head. I dont really have an issue if two different races fall in love, it happens. It's these tacky white girls (and other races at times) who behave a certain way and have this whole 'i only go for black guys' thing, and a black guy laps it up, its just embarrassing for both parties tbh.
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    so basically just like every single group in existence
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    These yewts don't have the idea in their heads that what they want in life is achievable. From their parents to their schools to their peers, no confidence given to them to achieve. Parents give up on them, teachers don't care, peers with the same shit getting thwm involved in more bullshit. Music isnt at fault for the reason In why this is happening but it's definitely a contribution to it. Whether it's the glamourizing of the lifestyle or literally calling out people on track boasting about what they done to another guy. Most of these man don't own anything in life but a bag of weed and their ego. They have negative role models because they see it as achievable goals. Man don't look up to CEOs of FTSE 100 companies, because to them, they're not relatable. We need to adjust the mentality of the kids for the next generation. Technically it's our fault (ppl born in 80s) for the bs right now. A lot of man never matured or learnt whilst growing up and passed that on to Thier offspring. I'm gonna start talking to the kids around the ends more. I ain't saying I'm someone to look up to or doing amazingly successful but I'm turning 30 and still alive with no stab wounds or gunshot wounds or anything with that growing up from the same area with the same shit going on. I just chose to do something else and learnt from others mistakes and had parents who cared enough to not give up on me. Theseman need confidence in themselves to be young men and take responsibility of themselves. Deep down most of these man don't wanna live that life but feel like they got no option. You ask someone why they are on road ...a real reason...at least 80-90% haven't got a valid reason. When they can learn to control their ego and realise it doesn't even matter and that the people they are killing are people in the same position as them, feeling the same emotions, then maybe we can sit down and have a proper conversation to help better these kids.
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    guy heard group and came rushing in
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    Hopefully he can pull off a miracle and win the europa. would be a great send off for him.
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    I don’t why you’d want to dominate your woman (outside of sex) anyway. Them man are weak.
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    Yeah true but what was the core point in saying a jewish girl taught him about himself? Thats embrassing. Same level as dating white women not for preference but because "black women are x". Aint preference but selfhate.
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    'Becky' drops a fire in the booth and gets job interviews meanwhile 'Shanice' has to put on a 'white voice' during a telephone interview
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    He needed Mal there to teach him how to swim for 4 hrs
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    Nah, (If I was with a Becky, and I get in a jam a work etc, she wouldnt understand the nuances of how this systematic racism works. Her basic level is racism is just being called a nigger), Whats understood don't need to be explained. This why I can only date black women. Preservation of my culture and roots and for my kids to look like me. Every other race of peeps including wypipo themselves understand this and have no qualms stating it. Blax seem to be only ones buying into this we one mentality and sex and love will wash over the problems of systematic racism constructed by wypippo and them smallhat mandem. And when you as a black man or woman stand for preservation of own, we get attacked for being racist or some pro black militant agenda. Along with various other rainbow agencies calling victimhood at the cry of hetrosexual black couples being promoted or proudly represented.
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    Let’s stop pretending with this Kumbaya shit. Why do people not want to be honest with our situation as black people? All this love has no colour is such bullshit to justify coonery. Collectively, we’re mentally destroyed as a people. From white Jesus to Becky, we’ve been indoctrinated to see our skin colour as inferior and anything fairer as an upgrade. This guy and his adoptive mother he’s married is a symptom of a bigger diesease. It pains me to see how many black men are weak and I’m ashamed. So many black men degrade our sisters, kill each other, have no self respect and then think they’ve arrived when they get with a pink toe. No wonder we’re so weak and everyone exploits us. There’s only a few of us who seem to understand the importance of our legacy being passed on. But we’re called militant and racist because we recognise we’re systematically attacked everyday. How could you not want your children to look like you? Every other race/ethnicity understands that except us. I know this post will ruffle a few feathers but the truth hurts. You white girl chasers are only reflecting your own weakness and self hate. That’s why you bow your head with shame when we see you and feel sorry for you. Let’s see what love conquers when Officer Bob has you suffocating to death in custody or when you’re getting chased down the street by racists. Pathetic.
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    This. They are basically saying hes buff and he can do better. Stop watching people.
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    Uninterested... in your opinion Jog on.
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    Please allow the music talk that same shit excuse has been used since the 1950's Its a mentality and mind state of people with loads of underlying factors.
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    They're doing it on purpose now, they know the outrage makes it go viral, drop a heartfelt apology, people are talking about their brand, job done.
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    ysy s h e jj jjh hou khhhii I'm telling you lot, his had a bad experience with a black chick and the pain is making him do all sorts of shit joke ting
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    never understand how people can have an issue with other peoples relationships pathetically insecure
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    That love must be strong. When i saw the headline with a picture I thought it was his Mum.
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    You defo have a problem bro
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    I just find it mad we've been discussing youths and kids and how to help them and all that shit and some 30 man gets nicked.
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    Deeeentalll plannnn
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    and these people include people like you. we get the 30+ ex this and that ones, who are like Ex MI5 agents, and the ones who pseudo claim to Mi5 agents, along with the others who are completely on the outside, like the politicians and the media, and those who really dont give a fuck because they are so removed from such shit. all of you are talking..just come up with solutions or stfu still, because there isnt one solution. youth violence in any society is rooted in their NEST. A nest is made up of many branches, those who are involved in this nonsense have had many of those branches removed from early.. so its not one branch that's the reason why the nest has failed.
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    this ties in perfectly with the post drift made a few posts above yes , you are if a skinny, scrawny man says something insulting to me he runs the risk of being dealt with by violent means moretime this will not happen because he recognises that physically he is not superior to me therefore this will not happen a woman clearly knows she is physically inferior to me and yet will still chat shit/ cross those boundaries becuase of the space that society and the law has afforded her to do so these women expect you to be superhuman in every respect and you dare reveal your animalsistic tendecies and all of a sudden you a weak man, etc etc
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    True, 100% true. I link that term with women I've got issues with/negative woman, but you're right. My apologies. I have promoted the stopping of the use of the N word but need to look at my language as well. For the record, my daughter will be watching the marvel cinematic universe to see strong woman who are not prick.
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    im not blacming music solely im saying it is defineitly part of the problem and fuellign the fire the problem is most defineitly parenting and absentee/ poor fathers
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    You would do nothing
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    u man are gonna butcher this thread again too much chit chat, I'm only here for the bulletin updates!
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    Man said which demographic mainly populated urban areas as if it's blacks It's ok to be wrong sometimes u know
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    You should be making your own drinks. Avoids shit like this.
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    Didn't you go to a mostly white private school? What do you actually know? Men are talking about solutions to problems, so kindly fuck off you miserable c*nt.
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    Close the door and gimme just 15 minutes.
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    keep going bro educate them hiphop/ rap is central to us a a culture its mad people dont even realise how can a genre so destructive(subject matter , drugs, gluttony, constandt and reckless sex, crminal activity) be so central to how we enjoy ourselves from how we dress down to the food we eat , down to how we behave it is central i keep using this headie one example as it couldnt be any more clear he got badded up and as a result of the social media the whole word knew about his plight he had to retatlaite and as a result two youts from the other side have died next day he documents these deaths in a song that is now the current banger of the streets the youts of WG have taken a big L and now have to reatlailte ( im sure the recent tottenham shootings are connected) as a result the cycle continues now we will play know better in the club and everyone will get hype then kwame from broadwater will get shot and then we will cry ' why' and 'when will it stop' well you cant be promoting such violent songs and then when the people creating/ or affilaited with the people creating these songs do exactly what they are claiming they do in the tune then we get start asking questions cant have it both ways people
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    boy, was chatting to a 33yo about 2 weeks ago and she was jarring as fuck, I thought it was an age thing with jarring attention hungry girls, but no. big 33yo woman complaining i took half an hour to reply to a message when id known her for like a week
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    I don't think you have any idea what Jamaican culture is to be honest