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    To my view i take offense They all look the same - offensive The belittling and denigration of the NATIONAL football team of Senegal. Highly skilled, highly talented, accomplished men. Its a damn disgrace and a total disrespect to that country. I'm offended on their behalf Im less concerned with whataboutery.
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    Goremay ya kna
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    Trap Kitchen Trap Kitchen is seeking £500,000 to become the next Nando’s. Dreamt up a year ago by 27 year-old Prince from his mum’s council flat in South London, it’s become a social media sensation, amassing 43,000 Instagram followers. Open on three evenings a week, Prince’s customers park outside his block of flats, place an order for one of three meal-boxes, and wait for their food to be delivered. His Baller’s Combo box costs £20 for spiced lobster tails, prawns, chicken, mac ‘n cheese and a Belgian waffle. He currently turns over 200 meals a night and takes around £10,000 a week. Two investors are interested in Trap Kitchen, David Page and Scott Collins https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0b63z4y https://www.instagram.com/trapkitchen/?hl=en
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    Gonna have to rebrand and come back as corporate kane
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    😭 Croatia man asking Argentina Is this your GOAT?
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    Wow read that earlier didn’t even clock he was trying to spell gourmet.
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    the anti-semite card is the strongest in the pack
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    Haven't read this discussion or anyhhing but a bit of advice Lads All this negative energy better off making positive and putting it to things Irl
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    Djduyswiydue GOAT flow of posts. 🤣🤣😂😭😭😭😭😭
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    Damn, that N64 Catridge line up.
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    Multiple man said is that it To any and all of you My question is if man did this to your Mrs or your sister or your daughter for that matter and they came home and told you what happened would you be saying is that it?
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    ffsfjenfljsbjr\snbsf[obsbprsb[ojo[be]obgwe]pgbebo[srb sbwr brksbwr #bwr just won 6 bills
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    What is wrong with this guy I was at work why am I going to be drawn into a pointless discussion 6:45AM about a decision in my life what has 0 effect on yours when I have more pressing matters to attend to. I really do not have the energy for that Last week I was a coon this week I am a black supremacist people really need to stop throwing labels out there. Look you are derailing this topic asking me stupidness stay out of my business I have no desire to put my personal business out on front street. I am going back to where one half of my family is from to be amongst my people along with a vast amount of other reasons when I retire which will likely be 25 - 30 years down the road I really don't see your angle people do this worldwide literally every day. You have a toxic energy, look I am not even trying to clown you but you should seek some sort of counselling as you clearly have issues in your personal life that you are not addressing.
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    So the woman in the video gets called a black slave and yet you’re asking what she did to provoke him? Unbelievable.
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    trust me, comes like a shiny charizard.
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    What you find is nobody can reason/debate with you. Because anything that don't fit your liking you blanket label into categories of black sjw etc.. Africans/caribbeans pan and that (and now wigger) (liberal this and that) and the very deflection you claim everyone doing. Is actually you. And the thread derails into the AG waffle show and nobody is interested in listening and debating any potential valid talking points you raise. You collect negs like std's, is a reflection of this. Feeding back into your negative persona energy emitting from you. Believe it or not real black people are having these talking points and doing real positive shit and not falling into the trap. Unfortunately, anything positive being actioned is not championed on white owned media... So they get to set the way we are viewed and mainstream society laps it up, including you. Whatever you are. (as you sound very insecure and victimised with your defensive self) The wronguns are a small minority representative of us. Just like in white and Asian cultures. But some how the minority wronguns in "so called" black culture are a reflection of us a whole... (nah son)
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    This guy is representative of why so many black people still have a problem with blacks dating yts. His mentality is gone, completely. To see a black person with no sense of cultural pride is 1 of the worst things to witness.
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    🤣🤣😂 Ffs Read that and kept it moving.
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    No man should watch that.
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    Even if they get banned for life it’s worth it. One of the best World Cup moments of all time.
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    I never want to see Messi be called GOAT on here ever again. Nothing footballer outside club football. Needs to retire again.
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    You know the worlds gone mad when a dusty oompa loompa like that has 20k+ simps following her
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    I think it's reasonable to question certain things What were you doing in a guys hotel room at 3am drunk in your underwear after sending him suggestive messages and you didnt go there to have sex? Kl Why were you alone in the smokers section of the club? Nah fam Next well be asking women who got bush drag raped why they just started walking faster when they felt the rapist following them instead of doing the hundred meter dash Nonsense
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    Man ditched vip2 for that Bait/Black Twitter fame... now they're burying him. Poetic.
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    Takeover France after Deschamps flops at the WC... win the Euros in 2020 then the World Cup in 2022 and retire as the greatest human of all time
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    Almost as if he’s just dropped an album?
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    Look like a character in Goldeneye hiding in the vent shafts in complex level
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    im not talking to man if i buss that nutmeg and cross and he misses that header cut off
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    Ffs clicks ignore user.
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    🤣🤣🤣🤣 Shay Given with a Shoreditch drop
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    This is why i laugh at mans like Lampard applying for the Derby job when youre a certain level as a player you cant be coaching beneath your playing abilities too much
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    Made my last ever deal as a middle man. The player has moved from one 🇧🇪 club to another 🇧🇪 club for €2M This time next summer that €2M will be going straight to my club.
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    coon speaks again biggest coon on this forum you know always sticking up for the whaites
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    Mate tbh I’m blacker than you
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    "it's like London has turned into the devil's playground" Nah fuck off Feels some people are happy about this like it gives them extra stripes to live in a city that has an increased murder rate. All the sensationalist headlines in papers like the scum and daily mail make it out like we live in a war zone, when 8 million people are getting on with there lives like normal.
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    He doesn't need to explain anything tbh but whats bugging me is the fact that your coming in on your high horse with some cryptic speech, which has added absolutely no value or context to the situation at all
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    Nothing can make me call another black woman a slave ffs. Dont care what she said or did, theres other insults if you wanna take it there. He is a final coon.
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    lol not even remotely comparative.
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    I tried to listen to this but hearing grown women who talk as if they’ve barely left secondary school is excruciating. How do you get to your 20s/30s and still talk saying: “like, so like, but like, so basically like, but also like.” Jesus Christ. I hope they don’t breed.
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    Karius got a cheek for taking off the loser's medal He earned that.