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    Bro tbh you’re sounding more suspect than Skepta right now
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    smh ag. just throw your sociology degree certificate in the bin and be done with it, we get it, you're mad about all the student debt you have to repay
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    dl ]d[al[] ;ad ; ]sda;] s;ad] ;sad ];sd das;lsad[]l;]d[s[]dsasda
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    ! / grafter why you negging him? its true there is a difference. No point crying years later now the cats out of the bag and you have acquired your millions after sucking this old Jews d*ck a few times girls fuck with promoters to get free entry girls fuck with guys because they have a white merc outside of the rave So imagine what a girl with ambitions to be an actress would do to a guy who's one of the top dogs in the industry the main reason my man was doing it so much and so blasé with it is because a large volume of women were ready to do the deed
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    Cos the ring girls tryna get limelight it's not their time to shine.
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    why not? who gives a shit about him..oh wait.. i understand. kl kl
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    When UK rappers hear that RA clip...
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    coon gon coon see how quickly his black nationalist/ activist jacket has been left at home guy is actually proud to say parts of my dna ruled your land as if it werent were your ancestors were collected from its a disgrace..a fucking digrace
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    pmsl I know exactly what this guy sounds like and his opinions on this.
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    lol about 'we' fuck outta here with that shit
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    This reminds me of something that got retweeted on my timeline yesterday
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    with the above method, the plan is that they too should be more willing to do buisness with other black businesses through the favour and trust that i have shown them even if this deosnt happen im good because at least ive done my bit imagine if we were all the same way right now im loving the wediding economy this is a big black buiness due to social media photgrapher - black cake maker - black dj- black make up artist - black groom and groomsmen suits - black wedding dress- black event planner- black design of the hall/ event space ect - black you get the picture the above is mad loads of entrepreneurs are arising fom the black wedding economy
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    Looking at guys eyes like...
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    Handed in my resignation today. Bit of a bitter sweet feeling really. I enjoyed my Job and colleagues were/are great. Its just time to move on. I am gonna miss the luxury of driving to work, and having a company car all expensed paid for. But fuck it, I am really relishing the challenge of my new Job and career change.
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    This episode reminds me of when some Instagram hoe posts her latest cameltoe shot with some sanctimonious caption about self worth etc on some heal the world mother Teresa workout motivation type shit. Its from the same boy who cried wolf boutique of hyperfeminist faux nouveau satanopop papacy. Everybody knows, from the dawn of time , u make it in Hollywood by chugging a lot of Weinstein c*ck and in no way by any other means do you by any chance make it in Hollywood by any means. From the dawn of time. God told Moses. Now that this bunch of ppl had made it big,they want to say they're delayed victims for us to feel sorry for, because the path they chose to endless riches required some questionable choices. Well, I didn't chug any Weinstein c*ck - and as a direct empirical result I didn't make it as a Hollywood starlet,and I'm fine with that. But These horrible prostitutes just want their cake and eat it too while throwing this guy under the bus. No problem has ever been more first world in the history of the whole world. Its an industry fact that most famous actresses and actors got a lot of polyps in the throat to get to where they are, and if they retrospectively disagree with it, that's a personal question of conscience and something they can channel into their next Grammy worthy performance. If Gwyneth paltrow had said no, would we have ever heard the words Gwyneth paltrow before? Perhaps not. She chose to play the Hollywood game and I refuse to feel sorry for the millions she has subsequently accumulated. She has certainly accepted the money herself with no qualms whatsoever. I fully respect and wholeheartedly endorse the quest for justice of the actual victims of rape, but i do not include retrospective regret about sexual career choices amongst that number. And I have no allegiance to this Weinstein character, but I hate to see people seize upon a chance to demonize an individual simply because it is in vogue, in order to further, and exonerate their own careers. People today are much worse than they've ever been before, and why? Because they claim to be the good guys. For their careers exclusively. Shits exactly like Hitler. But with the subtle nuanced privilege of being post Hitler. People today learn from Hitler not to prevent Hitler but to further perfect Hitler. Isn't that wild? Me and churchill ghost think it is? It sounds like a couple of no name newcomers said no to the weinstein weiner and a lot of established acts then came through and said yeah we chugged for the job but now its hip and the cheques have cleared we condemn it and want sympathy from hardworking humans who we essentially exploit. Fuck those motherfuckers for real. You simple celeb following salt of the earth types are better than that, you'll only appreciate yourselves once you stop worshipping the big money prostitutes. That goes for u too Kanye, or should I say Yeezus?No, no kanye is fine u lost faggot eurotrash motherfucker/
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    loool those calories finally caught man. looking like biggie from the skys the limit video.
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    supposed to be at Camp Nou and instead he's playing away in the League Cup Couts got that Gerrardesque pain expression permanently etched across his face
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    GABOS they wouldnt give a fuck about you same way
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    this is the question you should have asked first before atempting to patronise me ill give you an example im my line of work (porperty) i have opportunities to hand out very lucrative building/ maintenance contracts to firms and companies, i specifically source companies who i know are black owned o if i cant find one then i am left to hand them out to others another example is purchasing from black store and black items as opposed to store that are not black owned i dont mind paying higher to place money in my bros pocket as opposed to another race i have experience that blacks dont do the above , if anything we are scared to do business with each other out of fear or lack of trust others dont have this mentality from me actively discriminating against others i hope to influence and inspire others that there is no need to fear ourselves and if we help each other we will do better in the long run
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    these are the type of antics one gets from tit bitters like you. as if Merkel loses sleep over the UK. or macron with his 70 year old sugarmummy wife. The Uk is 'divorcing' from the EU.. how you lot think it would take 1 week is beyond me... there are so many intricacies involved in any divorce, then it gets more complicated amongst couples that have many kids or many assets, that both sides have to be comfortable with .. talkless of a divorcing of the biggest economies involving millions of people. of course.. dunces like you are still fed hashtags the same way you voted because thinking the Draw bridge would be up by now and that May can just waltz in and say gimme gimme gimme an exit after midnight. ...c*nt
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    Bruv, you are a big man and are a full time Super Moderator on a forum bruv. Me and the other mods on RWD were in our late teens/early 20s when we were running the forums. You've been on the scene for so long, that I went away, got married twice, had 4 kids, traveled the world and come back to see you are still on here on a daily basis. Don't talk to me about being a big man and being on some wasteman shit.
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    Your so washed and you look like you smell honestly
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    That's what your mum said to me when I put it in!
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    pldsvpl [l[pdl[dsv] ]dlp[df;klvdf -we=ow0-owq=oqew-oewoeo232e0-e2-e2eo3223o-0ekqdopws
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    Lol isn't that what he's saying? Switzerland does not have this gun culture but you can find the same weapon in Switzerland as you can in America Nigga are you disagreeing for the sake of it?
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    on I'm Real after Ja Rule says "what's my motherfuckin name" JLo says "R.U.L.E" since I was 11 I've been saying "are you early" weebay face
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    i hate all this independent - celebration of thy country of Independence when it comes up - it pisses me off YOU ARE CELEBRATING THAT THE WHITE MAN FINALLY DECIDED TO TAKE CHAINS OFF OF YOUR WRISTS AND FEET??? like I dont understand.... all these Caribbeans and Africans celebrating INDEPENDENCE ... NONSENSE
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    Update!! So got my first Job offer as QA analyst contractor today. 3 stage interview. Phone call last week, Face to Face on Monday, Met with the HR today, Got called late afternoon. I was offered the Job. Its mad. I have got another interview for a perm role with a major trading firm on monday second stage interview and all. Last few weeks have been stressful. Interview preparation and jumping into the a new sector? Exciting times. Next phase is to really seize the opportunity and develop my automation Skills while working. The potential to work overseas looking more realistic by the day. Hard work paid off. Just getting started.
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    Will only go down as Pro Evo legend
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    someone set up a gambino bot just to neg him
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    Only way to get shit done in any country. Blacks still marching, praying and pleading though.
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    post uber ban
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    Don't really care what she has to say tbh