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    I’m not pulling over for someone I was cool with in college still. He’s getting the nigga nod with my elbow out the window... MAX.
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    Started reading about programming in early 2017 since I had a lot of time on my hands & wanted to do something legitimate. Messed around with C#, moved on to Javascript, just making stuff and practicing. Saw a tweet around Nov/Dec 2017 from a London Bootcamp doing free places for underrepresented people in tech, so I applied, had to pass a test and an interview and I got through. They were experimenting with race & class diversity and wanted to see if they can get the 15 people they selected to mid-level developers in a year+ time. We also got paid for up to 3 months for every month we didn't get employed afterward. I was a bit skeptical because I only had A-levels and no real work experience meanwhile the cohort was filled with people with a lot of corporate experience, some Oxbridge grads or mostly top 20 uni people. Breezed through the course (started in Feb this year), they taught me about all that agile malarkey, TDD, OOP, Functional Programming, all the soft skills etc. I think one of most important thing is building a good portfolio of work and learning about TDD and testing software. Most people who are learning at home are not teaching themselves Test-driven development so if you are self-taught it is important to learn this. A lot of companies are actually hiring juniors who know how to TDD, to help develop that culture in these places to learn all that, it's important and will give you a competitive edge. It's defo a big selling point. Getting regular feedback on your code is the MOST important thing. Code with people, look up at online programming communities on slack or real-life meetups, get friendly with some people who will help you out. You need that regular feedback to level up as quick as possible. That's how they do it at the boot-camps, you have your code, the way you work and communicate reviewed by your peers and coaches multiple times a day sometimes(informally, everybody is taught to be open to constructive criticism after you work with them) so you are used to someone picking up on something and then you can correct it. The more of these feedback loops you go through, the quicker you will get better. (Applies to other stuff too). So imagine how many times you go through this to get people to a work-ready level after 4+ months. If you are self-taught and can incorporate those things into how you are learning, it will make your pathway to getting hired much more quickly than if you didn't. That's the sauce they use. If somebody is trying to set out a junior or entry level learning path or not sure what they should learn moving forward (concept wise) I can write a quick list of things to have covered
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    One of my dons showed me this recently. Mad how some legendary tunes are made
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    Lol. Yes but there are factors that have undoubtedly led that person to be there which are unknown. The absence of Nuance in that comment is alarming and screams ignorance in the extreme to me.
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    All booted out 😂😂 so much hope Well done lads
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    Best summer weather for a long ass time. Trying to ignore the few gripes i have and just enjoy it. Too many years of having a week of sun in May and getting gassed for the rest of the season only to be disappointed.
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    never occurred to him that his time might be worth something too
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    absolute fuckry this shit is getting out of control Where is his father? Just seeing his mother grinning like a cheshire cat next to him who should be locked up for this obvious case of neglect, talking about the school wont allow it because it is multicultural fuck off bitch, he is probably this way because one of the men on your conveyor belt of boyfriends touched him. No doubt within in the next ten years he will be selling boy p*ssy. I was just about to make a sandwich but this has turned my stomach.
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    You’re upset at Sky News when your anger and frustration should be directed at those coons in masks who willingly embarrass themselves front of the camera.
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    😆 Yo, I swear same debate happening again in this topic. We all caught in this repetitive matrix
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    Trust Just live your lives, get your money and avoid these dust mites. They can't be saved.
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    Goes back to the mother and her poor decision to the type of bum she opens her legs for. It's just a shame in the black community it is accepted and looked as being normal for a women to bring up a child on her own or with siblings from an array of different men. I remember back in the day the father might be about for the first couple of years but now the father is MIA from day dot. Go on IG now you can see a bag of black women and feral white's who participate in this foolishness of bringing up a child without a daddy.
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    They love sticking the large screaming black woman in front of the camera. Just like during the riots they had the same MO. Have that helpless screaming for help “oh lord” caricature. Rarely are they going to put an intelligent black person on camera discussing real solutions, especially on a Rupert Murdoch owned channel.
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    Just accepted my job offer & I start in September! Working with Javascript, React, Node, GraphQL etc. All up my alley. Also free to switch into other departments if I get bored, or want to switch to more back-end stuff. Been a mad journey & I'm so glad I stuck it through. There are some sick opportunities out there if you look for them.
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    America is the worst country to ever exist.
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