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    I'm 10 minutes in. In Summary, he reckons he's on the Juj, when in fact it sounds like he's on the Buj.
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    I know Gambino can't wait, to think this thread started in 2015 😂
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    https://ibb.co/N6yfMcC <a href="https://imgbb.com/"><img src="https://i.ibb.co/rGwqVD0/Lan-Di-Avi.jpg" alt="Lan-Di-Avi" border="0" /></a> https://ibb.co/s2ck4dH https://ibb.co/b3Nx44q https://ibb.co/JF43xFP Any of my Shenmandem still about lol fuck knows how to share pics on forums anymore
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    Mans legit nowdays, Spotify all the way
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    The advert I didn't know I needed 🤣
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    aew is basically WCW easy to watch hot crowd and matches with each show feeling big time but sooo many green wrestlers and indy let me get every spot in guys will be hard for them long term njpw is still hands down best company for wrestling out
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    The Canerow argument is just a reach, dont know why people invest so much time in being faux offended
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    New album is meh
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    steffidge says you are nonces for noticing wild institutional racism and you people take it lying down. thats not the vip i signed up to all those years ago we should do better. Shut down the judge that is reminded of his daughter and uniquely humanises that suspect. shut down ratboy steffidge that wants to enforce racism by infiltration as a means to sustaining a self perceived notion of hipness -' theres no such thing as racism'. i always said letting john doe and his ladyboy fucking split personalities run the roost was a mistake. You current Mendy Niggers are just yes men to very low grade whites like steffidge and gambino now, this might as well be a stormfront sub forum now. shut this shit down and reassemble in conclaves that are geared not towards hate as the whites do, but to achieving social justice. This place is not even a museum, its becoming a tool for fascism- sending Niggers to sleep!
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    Ur a strange chap
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    Allow it man This ting isn't a she It's a He or It. This is why we have men like Bruce Jenner winning Woman Of The Year.
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    @imhim @underwriter Expertise is needed
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    Lol, did u see much action?
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    CAN'T BREATHE kwang FNG sfbgnSBS DBsgp WBGWGHBW GBWR GBSD G ds wdbg WRBG rwb RNBprwf bnsknb fdkbn\d bnE AHAR4#JN \DRNM \RFJHN
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    he is sorely missed can you see the imagery in the above post ffs ledge
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    Mexico City airport >>>>>>>>>>>>> The women I saw there were on another scale of sexiness!
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    no its disgusting im not a porn star bitches acting like porn stars for free but want to cuss girls in the sex industry kmt
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    I would do a stellar job of promoting stimulating debate and conversation I am a real nigga I could bring at least 14 new users by Xmas Where do I apply? Danke schon
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