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    if a girl cheats on any man please do not take her back do not even contact her again..... chale why
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    I have this on vinyl.
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    this ones hard, mj cole on the buttons
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    Don't understand why blacks love using the n word. Self hating shit isn't cool.
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    why you lot especially the ones that get all off and puff of all things back keep holidaying in countries that hate you is beyond me. Just back from Gambia, and im pissed that im back tbh.. amazing place even better than when last was there, best hotel breakfast for value for money.. zanzibar in the new year being planned. Gambia is a hidden gem, except for the fucking daemons going there to get mandingos..top 5 on my list so far
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    Finished Sick!!! Don't sleep on it Hopefully season 2 drops soon
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    http://m.imdb.com/title/tt6468322/?ref=m_nv_sr_1 This is sooooo good, on Netflix. Just started watching today, on ep.3 now
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    trooper is too funny bruh brightens my day my G
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    Embarrassing having him even debate with those nonces, especially that c*nt Troopz and Greggs Toilet Moh.
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    fam this arsenal tv thing is just one of the MANY indignities this waashed club has made man suffer was all well n good when i was on insta seeing troopz talking bout tursday and wenger blad but now im seeing this fucking robbie guy with his washed face and his washed name on bbc.com/football and getting comfy on the backpages of my morning paper like he's legit arsenal football club personell such public humilation smfh, this whole thing just needs to end
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    Bound to happen I was waiting for someone to make a stand they need to fuck off Arsenal fan tv is cancer
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    Never seen their team in relegation battles, never seen their team relegated, never seen their rivals win the league at their ground, win silverware, always in ucl. Having tantrums because they're 5th Definition of spoilt brats.
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    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6581805/TalkSport-host-Alan-Brazil-branded-caveman-slamming-Andy-Murrays-tears.html TalkSport host Alan Brazil is branded a ‘caveman’ for slamming Andy Murray’s tearful retirement speech Do you lot agree with him (alan brazil) ? I personally agree with him. Grown ass man blubbering like a big girl smh. I generally think the media and people in the public eye want men to become emasculated effeminate soy boys
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    Dead tune Real niggaz cant relate to that
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    And revealed his face later on
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    Illegal in alabama https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-48275795 Also illegal Georgia after 6 weeks,Ohio,Northern ireland,Poland,Monaco etc. Isnt it time the west follows suit and learns from the rest of the "developing country" dons and says fuck it and just bans di ting. Big up Alabama