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    Those 2 statements mean the same thing
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    Got back from Phuket yesterday. Best holiday have been in a while The place was an experience and half. highlights .Very impressed with the dream beach hotel. balcony pool (Highly recommend) . Dream beach private beach - Massage every day . Zip line through the forest > ___________________ Mazza!! . Dirt bike ride up the hill to big bhudda .Seduction Club - it want saying much, but desiigner performed in there. (Alll you can drink for 500Bhat) . Apart from the hotel. food was really cheap everywhere. . People are very friendly still .Phi Phi Island ( The boat cruise was awful though)Nuff people werethrowing up That Patong strip is is Sodom & Gomorrah only went there once. All sorts of fuckery, Regret not using mydrone more often. They were super relaxed with it Would visit again. Notvery soon though Some pics Layang beach
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    Admin pretty much summed up what I was going to say. The “black community” in Britain is a myth. If we’re honest, our parents and grandparents came to this country with their own culture and values. We by default have been grouped as black British. No, I’m not on some divide and conquer shit. The reality is that whilst we definitely do share some cultural similarities, we are only grouped together based on our colour. Think about what a lot of black British culture tends to replicate? Black American culture. Why? Because their entire identity was taken from them and what “groups” them together is their “race.” No different with our generation. Even in the 90s there was still a huge divide culturally between Africans and Caribbean’s. Think how archaic the term “Afro-Carribean” is? You’re grouping two completely different cultures based on race. That’s like calling every Asian Chinese-Korean. Dont get it twisted, I’m not for one minute trying to say we shouldn’t stick together because the bottom line is we’re all fighting against white supremacy. Whether you’re Nigerian, Jamaican etc, they still see a n***** when we get stop and searched or go for a job interview. Bottom line is, the black community never existed. They threw us all in one category so it would be easier to disenfranchise us. But if we’re gonna look for solutions, we have to be honest about how fucked up we are and not see ourselves as a monolithic group just because we’ve been told we are.
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    "black community" is bullshit tho said this before how is someone from sudan whose family came here this generation the same community as someone 3/4th gen Caribbean completely diff cultures, circumstances and language prob the 1st mistake putting all black people in 1 community "lack of family structure in the black community" another failed statement because people from certain african countries that grew up here are more likely to have 2 parents living together raising them then white english people
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    Lol them man that took the foundation maths exam
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    In this game you have to sign up to the white list and ask questions later because there are some projects you don't think are all that but they end up having ridiculous hype once the white list is closed because some news comes out and then you're there pissed watching everyone 5x their money because you were a lazy I sign up to everything Join my telegram group it will help https://t.me/TLYBB Loool I can't lie I'm deep in the matrix at this point I'm trying to make enough that I never have to work again
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    everyone is being too pc - needs to take someone with balls (no pun intended) to speak up and say it for what it is and be prepared to deal with the consequences don't know how these freaks have managed to manoeuvre themselves into this position of power - wypipo shit again
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    Not gna lie Natty post was written in clear English Not one word was understood
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    Them wild LAvarHI Ball predictions
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    *sees picture of wife* Say no more. A fool and his money soon parts.
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    As for the home thing if you have to you have to... difference is will you be there everyday for several hours or out of sight out of mind as a few people mentioned caring for someone is not easy... if they end up losing the power to walk, unable to go to the toilet/bathe, end up with dementia/Alzheimers how do you realistically think you or your wife or your sisters will be able to do this while also looking after your family/children not to mention thats only 1 parent out of a possible 4 (from you and partner)... a lot of you are gnna be in for a shock
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    man cant have an opinion without being a house nigger who never had beef in his whole life. how about explain to him why you disagree instead of just hurling insults like a 10 year old
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    that meme posted by afro has been doing the rounds for about 5 years minimum.
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    Lot of bullying of our Smaddy recently. Not on at all.
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    ffs bro calm down everyday canvassing for the vip2 groupchat is it that deep
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    no , we must continue to speculate and discuss the developments this happens with everything else - why not this feel liek every day since his died someone i know claims to have known him and that he was a good guy etc etc
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    So no Caribbeans involved?
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    Caribbean bro. Although this is a American take on the issue, I think it holds some real relevance to the conversation here. Notice how it's not just guys whistling on about feelings, actually quantifiable stats, with correlation. women marrying the government is a powerful line.
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    Starts with families and now we have a state which have reduced the powers of parents. And children abusing the fact parents can't say shit before social gets called in. (yes checks and balances are still needed regardless) The state own the kids now. Nanny state. Longer working hours, even the social push of the segregated family unit. And push of various liberal Gov agendas such the independent woman and her child. (don't need a man..) depend on the state and not the male alpha head of the family. (esp in the black family) Instead you have female headed households trying reign in young buck males. With no older man of the house to hold it down. Half these man stabbing up are usually overly emotional & bitch made and never had experience of a bigger man setting pace and being humbled to control the temper. Step out in the real world, and a next man looks at them funny or small squabble and ego gets checked. That femme raised emotional energy channels in the form of hyper uncontrolled masculine outburst. Violence
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    Training has nothing to do with it And there are studies that show increased stop and searches dont reduce knife crime So what are man really saying?
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    Stop & search will always be senstive issue for black people. Harks back to the 70s 80s "Sus Law" which triggered many of the riots back then for unfair harrassment by the pigs. St Pauls, Brixton, Toxteth, Liverpool; Handsworth and Leeds Nothing has changed, and now these creative stats and headlines ensure the minority black population are the poster child concerning crime. To back the behaviour the gov and pigs who have no intention of changing discrimination practices.
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    Most of the time the black father leaves their (fat) white mother. The white mother struggles to raise them around these thirsty colour struck wolves. They end up seeking validation from these waste men and get caught up. Black Girl Lost. Standard procedures, especially in Croydon. They don’t call it zebra city for nothing.
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    Trump sent man a picture of the strap
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    Mate what kind of sex case spends £100 on his neighbour or potential ting to move to. Fucking weirdos on here.
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    Ye that's the reason why
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    The circumstances are completely different from the offset with other minorities. \ Solutions need to be an entire framework of provisions, and a change in outlook about the whole problem entirely. A progressive approach on how to tackle it. Scotland took a unconventional approach in tackling it's on knife crime problem. They moved the onus away from being a purely criminal issue and towards a public health one. Which bought in more organisations working in tandem actually helping those at risk of offending. https://www.theguardian.com/membership/2017/dec/03/how-scotland-reduced-knife-deaths-among-young-people It's a long read but very interesting. It also backs up the fact that stop and search on it's own is a pretty meaningless way to tackle the problem, if other things aren't also in play. Like having a larger overall plan at all levels. Obviously, there are different variables between London and Glasgow, the social issues etc, but looking at how other places tackled their epidemic should play a key part in our government defining their strategy.
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    Neighbours are complaining about the weed but i have been left confused as i sorted my yard with filters etc u can only smell it in the one room. Anyhow i was proper baffed even the times they were talking don't make sense then i realised I had cooked a chicken what was seasoned with dunns river jerk sauce and it can smell strong swear they are talking aboutthe sauce aabout ganja kmt.
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    “She’s butters anyway.”
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    Dropped so much real talk. The times we live in that's what's needed.
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    social media is the best thing the police could ask for like shooting fish in a barrel