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    Some Lol's for y'all done the sling shot I dont ever do these things so yes I was shook
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    onegameballer im with you on your point of your children marrying another black person dont bother yourself trying to explain your logic to some of these people - it is literally pointless black people are the most accomdating / apologetic of any ethnicity yet are the most looked down upon - strange isnt it?
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    Black men are being scolded by other black men for wanting black grandchildren.
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    This is my opinion The women of today want to be like the men whilst the men still need to be the man this has lead to all kinds of conflict within society and relationships in general as the natural order has become to blurred
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    They wanna see me on the wing like i'm C Ronaldo
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    as far as feminism goes I support equality of opportunity, equal rights but not equality of outcome. Feminism got women the vote, ability to work and property rights, things that I'm overwhelming not against. The different waves of feminism incorporate different ideas, to be against all of them and to generalise it all as bad is an uneducated opinion.
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    Scholes need to mind his business Talking to Jose like that. #JoseIn
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    Ramsey the goal scoring midfielder thats scored 50 career goals Considering the amount of time he spends making off the ball runs into the box. His output is very average. You need him at Lamps/Gerrard output for how selfish he is
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    FAM! but yet these people will argue amongst themselves because a black man wants his children and their children to be black? im reading these posts straight confused
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    Wow, this post is all over the place. First of all, I couldn’t care less if you or anyone else decides to have mixed race children so I’m nothing like those white supremacist. I only care about my family being black. Like I said, if you’re so obsessed with “creampie-ing Caucasian women” that’s your business. But I’ll call a spade a spade. A lot of black men like you disguise their self hate issues as preferences. Please stop acting like having mixed race children is some noble cause. When anyone racially fetishises another group, it’s quite clear they’re the one with insecurities. And btw, being Jewish is not just a religion, it’s also an ethnicity/culture. Hence why I said race AND culture. And there are many different Jewish ethnicities such as Ashkenazis and Mizrahis. And many of them will tell you straight they only want their children marrying Jews, but I bet you won’t have that same bass for them. So screaming “you’re racist” at me when I haven’t once suggested one race is superior to another just shows how slow you are. Actually, please don’t have any black children. We have enough dumbasses in our gene pool already.
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    Do you even know what the word racist means? Me wanting to have my children and grandchildren look like myself isn’t racist. Just because you have no problem breeding your lineage out of existence, don’t project your insecurities onto me. If you have a half white child in this country, they’re more likely gong to have children with someone white. That’s just a statistical likely hood. It’s funny though. Jews, Asians etc understand the importance of wanting to keep their lineage within their race/culture and no one calls them racist. But if black people express that same attitude, our own are quick to call us racist. This is why no one respects us. Too many sell outs like you have no pride whatsoever.
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    This might be better than the moyes era from time I’m tuning in just to catch jokes
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    Did someone par you for chopping white tings up North? You're taking this personally. A man would prefer for his children to marry the same ethnicity. This is not a big deal... No other ethnicity get on their own about this.
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    In the next job you apply for, write that exact sentence next to the “ethnicity” box and let me know how that works out. Do they still take in CVs for being a mammy though?
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    This is why white people should never even get involved in our racial discussions. See how comfortable this clown is comparing white nationalism to wanting black grandchildren? And calm your bass with your e-thugging. Like I’m really gonna get into a fight over words on the internet. 🤣 Some of us actually have careers. You’re a clown. It’s not that serious.
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    Who cares though? She's decent regardless were shes from
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    Everyone has certain prejudices. It's your ability to see past your own bullshit that gets you anywhere in life though.
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    could he be referring to the fact that slavery has been replaced by the prison system which is more or less free labour now / this is all a troll ,i keep on forgetting this guy literally only comes out when he has something to sell when he doesnt he remains largely silent he came ut with all that slavery rubbish when the good muci 7 thing and his album came out then he went silent again now he has a new album he is back making headlines again
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    T & K are no where near each other on the keyboard
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    Lol Bro, you need to stop equating feminism with that scenario you described, independent women. Do you know how women were treated maybe 100 years ago in Europe?
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    Peace of mind >>>> everything No amount money or buffness will come inbetween if it aint worth the short term hassle.