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    most of what he said was right and we all know it.
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    so it seems any talk of jew/jewish people is anti-semitic.... even though what the majority of what people say about them are.......... true....? you breathe the word jew, the police get involved....? how on earth theyve locked down the world like this i have no idea
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    He is a disgrace. Blaming my people for his woes. So glad to see my Jewish brothers and sisters coming together with the swift response to shut him down.
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    He brought it on himself in my opinion. Black people need to stop caping for wiley. He is a waste man and he is washed. Nothing worst than hearing a brudda struggling to articulate himself while spouting non facts. He went about this the wrong way. Lets even say some of it is true, he could have addressed it in a song and monetize the situation. This is the way black folk like to address issues, spit the dummy out and throw a fit, thinking people would listen. Well guess what he could the silencing treatment. They stuck a dummy in his mouth. He was inciting hate and rightly got shut down. What a shame.
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    Antisemitic talk needs to stop but so does the killing of Palestinian people
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    di awarghd cereghmoaney
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