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    TBH I can tolerate gambinos nonsense most of the time But the fact is there are a bunch of dead children in that building as we type How this guy could find a way to utter the word Muslim at a time like this is beyond me What an absolute c*nt
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    Gambino is a sneering Tory boy now You're going down a DARK path
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    When the media is already biased against your party AND you've said some shit to upset 92% of the population in the past AND you're black - you need to make sure you're 100% on point when you make appearances. This incompetent shit can't fly. Obviously it's not a fair or level playing field, but you play the hand you're dealt - everyone on this forum who isn't a drain on society knows this. A fucking politician should have the intelligence and self awareness to do this. She's brought this all on herself, Corbyn fucked up.
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    the bbc has been biased against corbin though. bbc is still establishment and the establishment dont want a corbin win
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    Mate I was born into a block exactly like that, i now live in an apartment looking over the thames around docklands. Im absolutely disgusted with some of the comments in here, in particular by brem. Seriously foul. To imagine me, my mum and dad could have burned to a crisp in exact way these people did, mate this is 100% the fault of the local authority/government and 0% the people in there. I cant even articulate my words properly maybe its all too close to home for me. These are poor people who lack opportunities theres no disputing that at all and thats the very reason theyre there in an unsafe block. Me, my mum and dad all managed to take ourselves out of social housing individually but imagine in them years of us working our way out of there we could have potentially died in our sleep cos the local authority didnt want to spend a bit on keeping us safe, the very basic thing we wanted from a council flat, a safe roof and an opportunity to work our way out of that situation. How can you know if these people wouldnt have worked their way out of there like you and i there lives have been cut short before they had the chance its bloody awful. People MUST be locked up for this, this can never be let happen again.
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    This is not the same thing.. "cause of death" no one is talking about this, we know the cause of death. There is no need to talk about it. Gas pipes, illegal cladding, lack of fire exits, lack of sprinkler systems etc.. Do you think the housing authority would have been able to get away with such things if the residents wernt poor... The outrage towards the rich neighbours is because they thought the building was an eye sore and it effected there property values, they petitioned for something to be done and Grenfell put up the cladding saving as much cost as possible the renovations wernt for the people that lived there but for those who had to look at the building. If these people wernt poor would they have been hit with legal action for trying to do something about the causes of the fire in which you listed to... They were taken advantage of becuase they were poor, there were a lot of short cuts taken and residents safety was not a priority once. I am sure the accounting firm you work for has spent money to ensure yours and your fellow employees safety in case of any fire or other accidents because they know if something did break out they would be sued into 6/7 figures at the very least. Your last point is almost disgusting at the contempt you have for poor people, many of these people are first generation immigrants and this isnt 80s/90s uk in which you can easily come here from nothing with limited skills work your ass off and have enough money to buy a house and set your family up like your parents generation... but with that very last line Yes the state failed and why did the state fail because the state does not give a shit about the poor and makes no attempt to help the poor out of poverty. this fire would have been prevented if the occupants were not poor and that is why i am saying they died because they were poor.... we are not talking about cause of death literally
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    Them autistic memes there
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    Lol too real. Worst is when you get caught in no mans land and the nut ends up dribbling out without you fully enjoying it
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    doing better, thanks for asking has taken god knows how many therapy sessions over the past two years (still going but monthly instead of weekly now) and realising that I am not to blame for the stuff that happened in my childhood.
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    People dying in council housing because of a couple of cut corners is 100% political.
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    LOL So Corbyn has been ripped for "alleged links" with a NI terrorist group only for the Tories to jump in bed with one
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    Guy is lost been watching too many movies. A nuclear was has never happened its the equivalent of someone scoring 100 goals in a game of professional football over 90mins. 1 or 2 is normal, 3 maybe once a month, 4 or 5 maybe once a year....6 is a rarity and 7+ is unheard of.... and 100 is what your nuclear war is. / Why would Russia nuke London(except in your fantasies... youd probably cheer too you hater) ? Do you know much things would have to escalate for that to happen because any country dropping a nuke on a non rogue nation a civil nation one signed to many different international allegiances is basically commiting suicide. Russia and UK will never go to physical combat directly ever again as both permanent memebers of UN security council, why you think USA and Russia always fight proxy wars and never actually directly attack each other ? The worst we can expect is sanctions (6 goals in a game) and maybe but very unlikely some shelling of foriegn military bases (30 goals in a game). Just look at the Russia having their pilots shot down by Turkey with no apology... what happened ? Nukes... no ? Bombs... no ? A year of sanctions and then a realisation that its economy was suffering as well and there was no point in cutting off its own nose.. Also by law if UK invokes article 5 of Nato France and US will have to back it. India and Pakistan were in conflict and did not use it, even when pakistan had it and india didnt yet have it. Israel isnt going around nuking all its enemies which it is surrounded by... South Africa had nukes and got rid of them and no one has nuked them in the last 30 years ? This having nukes as a deterrent is complete BS especially in an age of diplomacy and times where you build arms to sell and make $$$$ not build to attack/defend. Only an out of state actor if they ever got their hands on one (15 goals) and used it then still having trident as a "deterrent" would be useless because who do you attack back ? If anything just invite USA to have an official base in the UK, UK currently pays them for their weapons anyway... this way you get the weapons for free and we can all be open about who is the big spoon.
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    Gambino is exactly that undeducated majority who get involved in politics. The idiot didn't even vote. I did actually wonder why he wasn't getting involved in this topic but i realised yesterday that he is one of those who's is too dim to see how this is 100% political. But Low and behold it becomes a point of interest when the right wing create bullshit narratives and victim blaming that is tailored to tap in to these guys levels of intelligence to gloss over the real perpetrators of this crime (guess what gambino - it isn't the cladding company)
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    How about theresa may stops selling arms to countries that fund terrorism through wahabi islam... You know Corbyn said they will refuse to sell weapons to Regressive nations like the Saudis...
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    "If you're poor you have to work your way out of it" fucking hell lads he's just solved World poverty.
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    Having your soul taken by some sloppy top>>>>>>>>>> Have a man feeling like
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    maybe because thats the original quote https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanlon's_razor you fuckin idiot
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    The company selling the Cladding are not to blame. I have been involved with planning permission bids as well as situations where you have to request Landord consent on projects. Often largely through the local authority but im different departments. The fact that none of these saw anything wrong with housing people in a structure like that with Flamable cladding is outrageous. The fact that the extra cost of the non-flamable stuf wasn't a huge difference shows the people in charge have a definite distain and apathy for these people. This lays solely at the door of the local authority and the archaic setting those people were made to live in. No sprinklers fitted because the buipding was built before year blah blah blah; bullshit. The Local authority when blamed will state that goverment spending cuts as well as wooly regulations haas led to shoddy duty of care. Gambino: The woman talking about revenge attack on Muslims is talking out of turn, as you are here. I usually apreciate your alternative views on here even if i disagree but seriously allow it in this thread. Go back to avoiding the story if you have to. Just allow it here please. A serious thing has happened and it is quite clear who is ultimately to blame. Far too many people have lost belongings, homes, family member's and lives for this to turn into another look at me aren't my ideas and views radical and different to yours thread.
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    we're in the europa league next season and man are turning their nose up at Lacazette CBL
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    Lol at you mocking your annual tournament? Tottenham Hotspurs... 2016/17 - Europa League 2015/16 - Europa League 2014/15 - Europa League 2013/14 - Europa League 2012/13 - Europa League 2011/12 - Europa League Even when your in the Champions League your still in the Europa, so see you in 2018 in The Europa League.
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    Yeah and he'll still have won more games at Wembley than Tottenham in November...
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    lol @ Wenger dropping 50mil on a single player let alone a hunnid not fooling us
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    That's not even how the meme goes
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    some don on twitter said she looked like Roy Hodgson in her younger days
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    Thing is The problem doesnt boil down to what happened with Grenfell The tragedy that occurred is just a symptom of a wider problem Youre never gonna solve any problem by addressing the symptom rather than the root cause So yes policing employment and education are a few things that are definately relevant in the wider discussion I think people are taking issue with your position because you're clearly intelligent enough to understand that but you appear to be void of any kind of empathy for anyone other than the people directly affected by this particular incident
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    some pretty shocking stuff in here tbh the cladding on that building is not only banned in germany and america but it is also £2 cheaper per sq/m than non-flammable cladding, saving costs of about £5000 on a £10million 'renovation' (which as we have now discovered was an entirely cosmetic enterprise to sate the eyesore of the surrounding millionaires). in regards to some people saying it shouldn't be politicised - when your council tries to sue you for showing up the deficiencies in your fire safety regulations, and those deficiencies eventually lead to over 100 people being incinerated, men, women and a lot of children too, you cannot excise the political from it. housing is political. houses don't just appear out of nowhere, this is london not a fucking farm. housing is provided by the govt to the poorer people, originally a utopian post war idea that is has now been degraded - as has the attitude towards the poor in general over the last decade - to the point where the powers that be don't even care if they catch on fire, and will not even heed warnings from the people who could, and have, died from the irresponsibility. it's not about pushing socialist agendas, it's about people collectively realising that complacency from the people whose responsibility it is to keep you and your children safe while you sleep has lead to catastrophic loss of life in the most horrific way imaginable. if you don't think it's political then you're lost
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    If it were a Muslim he's had a bullet in his skull
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    No I'm not and never have been, but what does that have to do with anything? You say you were poor but have the least sympathy out of anyone for the people that died. In your eyes if they weren't lazy peasants they wouldn't of had to live in a flammable tower block in the first place.
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    Brem is moving like Theresa May.
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    Most people nauseated at how 100+ people got burnt to crisp on live TV & some are annoyed by people being angry at Theresa May lol funny guy
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    if John Stones can move for 50m then Bellerin is 50 calm.
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    all im saying is when u have a yewt...and that yewt hangs around the wrong crowd...and u go on like its just harmless fun....then find out your kid been murdered...probably same thing some of these parents thought.... "ahh it wont be my child....they know better" nothing to do with "black friends" ....people need to stop tieing black and ghetto together and do better for the youth. Man are out here dying for no reason and it can be prevented.
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    So the Uk is basically Marlo who wants to go it alone and deal with the rest of the world (the greek) by himself. the eu is prop joe and his co op and these terrorist killing everyone are omar?
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    Not feeling the people trying to raise their social media profile at the expense of this tragedy If you want to help people then just do it
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    I don't even care about the politics, anyone who's lived in a block before knows that you don't live as a stranger. This is basically a community that's been ravaged by a completely avoidable fire. Fucking heartbreaking.
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    GBH (grievous bodily Haram)