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will add add the rest later
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Heard this on the radio, this is his last year!

More to follow!
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Week 34 - 17/18 Premier League
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Some one please make a US president topic.


"Further concerns were raised about Trump’s handling of the media when he broke with protocol on Tuesday night, going out to dinner at a steakhouse after his transition team had told journalists he would not be out in public the rest of the day. Trump reportedly received a standing ovation and cheers on arriving at 21 Club in midtown Manhattan. The White House Correspondents’ Association said it was “unacceptable” that Trump was traveling without a regular pool of journalists to inform the public of his whereabouts. A protective pool of journalists is supposed to join the president or president-elect’s motorcade to record their whereabouts and be on hand in the event of breaking news."

Yoo, this guy is more niggerish than Obama. Called out on NY Times on twitter.?
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