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  1. New mix from DJ Reflex. Over 20 tracks from Redlight, Fuzzy Logik, Roska, Hannah Wants, Cause & Affect, Mike Delinquent Project and many more! [media=] [/media]
  2. What's up people?! check this new song out by Jodie Aysha called It's Over It's available for pre order http://itunes.apple....-ep/id514508509 The dub step remix is the ONE!! what ya'll think?
  3. thanks for all the comments! Hope everyone is still enjoying the mix
  4. Hi all, A new video for you all to see; A return from Fuzzy Logik, with a brand new singer; Myshy. The tune is BIG, what are your opinions?
  5. Tracklist: 01. Miss Fire Ft. Van Cleef - The Beat 02. Bucie Vs. Fuzzy Logik - Your Kiss (Reflex Bootleg) 03. Miss Fire - Crazy 04. Eastwood - I Wanna Be The Man 05. Andy Jay & S-Tee Ft. Big Rob - Tutti Frutti 06. Perempay & Dee Ft. Cleo Soul - Addicted 07. Flavia Ft. Tribal Magz - Walkaway (Wireless Sound Remix) 08. Fuzzy Logik - Hello (In The Morning Instrumental) 09. Sharnell & Denica - Why (Lil Silva Remix) 10. Jada Pearl - All My Love 11.Troublesum - Boot Install 12. Illmana Ft. Becky Rhodes - Wild Over You 13. Bassboy & Marcus Nasty - Stamp 14. 321 - Big Man Ting (Dumplin' Remix) 15. Bucie - Party With Me 16. Fuzzy Logik - Freestyle 17. DJ Naya - Rain Down On Me 18. Ruff Diamondz - Alright Still 19. Champion - Lose Control 20. DJ Eastwood - Hard Touch 21. Brian Storme - Messed Up (DJ Naughty Remix) 22. Todz & Beatz Ft. Branjae - Mystery (DVA Soule Power Remix) 23. Miss Fire & Miss Anonymous - Jump 24. Myshy - Playground 25. Wireless Sound - The Follow Up 26. Oliver Twizt - Another Step (Vato Gonzalez original vs. Mark Simmons Bootleg) 27. Miss Fire - 004FH 28. Flavia Ft. Riskgo - Be The One 29. Miss Fire - Confusion Beat 30. Andy Jay & S-Tee - Crunk VIP 31. A.L - Should I? 32. Miss Fire & Miss Anonymous - Animal 33. Renee Soul - Freakend
  6. DJ Reflex presents Funky Vol 6 Download Now: Here Once again, bringing the best in UK Funky, House, Soulful & UK Bass from Fuzzy Logik, Miss Fire, Vato Gonzalez, Perempay & Dee, Champion, Lil Silva, FunkyStepz, Andy Jay & S-Tee, DJ Naughty & many many more! Thanks for downloading. Funky Vol 5 along with previous mix cds are available at a new website; http://tinyurl.com/ReflexCDs Feel free to pass on the link to a friend or someone who may enjoy the mix! In this download, there is an E.P from Miss Fire entitled The Female Touch E.P which features 3 exclusive (DJ friendly) instrumental tracks produced by Miss Fire. So make sure you check it out! Also watch out for future releases from Miss Fire. info[[[@]]]djreflexonline.com www.djreflexonline.com www.twitter.com/djreflexxx www.facebook.com/rb.djreflex www.youtube.com/user/djreflexxx www.myspace.com/djreflexxx www.soundcloud.com/dj-reflex www.mixcloud.com/djreflexxx www.rahul-bhatt.com
  7. Vato Gonzalez Interview (interviewed by Jodie Aysha) VIEW IN FULL HD!! DJ Reflex presents Reflex TV! A brand new channel that will bring you the best of the urban music scene (interviews, acoustic sessions, event coverages and much more) Vato Gonzalez is a producer hailing from Holland. You maybe aware of his underground hit 'Badman Riddim' which did very well in the UK! He talks about official release dates and the house music scene (including UK Funky). Special thanks to: Vato Gonzales & Jodie Aysha Stay tuned for more content! Reflex.TV
  8. DJ Reflex: UK Funky Vol 5

    This mix is now available on iTunes! download it on your iPhone/iPod straight! http://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/dj-reflex-uk-funky-vol-5/id371515293?i=82985023
  9. DJ Reflex: UK Funky Vol 5

    lol thanks for the support everyone!
  10. ****DJ Reflex Funky Vol 5**** DJ Reflex presents Funky Vol 5, another mix cd in the UK Funky Series! Features 32 of the biggest bangers from Jodie Aysha, Ill Blu, Princess Nyah, Fuzzy Logik, DJ Naughty, Miss Fire, Addictive & many more! Link: www.filefront.com/user/djreflexxx Tracklist: 01. Jodie Aysha - I'm A Pozer (Todz & Beatz Remix) [Reflex Dubplate] 02. Lil Silva - No Hooks 03. Addictive - Bad Girl (Champion Remix) 04. S-Tee Ft. Tasha - Touch On Me (FunkyStepz Remix) 05. Ill Blu - Overdose 06. Fuzzy Logik - Ocean (Remix) 07. Mischief Makers Ft. Natalie May - Play My Game 08. Princess Nyah - So Good 09. Nycole Valentina - Flatline (Dumplin Remix) 10. Miss Fire - Think I'm In Love (Dubplate Wonder Remix) 11. Wireless Sound - Chicago 12. Screama Ft. Merkury Ft. Farah - Kiss Me 13. Todz & Beatz Ft. Branjae - Mystery (Roska Remix) 14. Sacha - Cheat On You (Naughty Raver Remix) 15. DJ Naughty - Goosebumps 16. Major Lazer - Pon De Floor (Princess Nyah Remix) 17. DJ Eastwood - You Ain't Ready (Funky Remix) 18. KCat - Epileptic (The Mike Delinquent Project Remix) 19. T2 Ft. H Boogie - Better Off As Friends (Lil Silva Remix) 20. Chocolate Doll - Into The Blue 21. The Mike Delinquent Project - Dancehall 22. Brasstooth - Pleasure (Paleface Remix) 23. Tania Foster - Supawoman (Digital Dubstar Remix) 24. The Mike Delinquent Project - Stampede 25. DJ Seany B Ft. Tonia - Tell Me Would Ya 26. Hardhouse Banton Ft. A.L - In You 27. S-Tee - Crunk 28. Sophia Romain - If I Never (Diamond Remix) 29. Miss Fire - Confusion Beat 30. Andy Jay & S-Tee Ft. Tasha - Take Me Up 31. Sacha - I Need Love (Altered Natives Remix) 32. Barber Bizzle Ft. JJ Soul - Got That Something (Remix) 33. Kyla - Don't Play With My Heart (Reflex Dubplate) Thanks for downloading, once again! & If you haven't yet downloaded Funky Vol 4, then it's still available along with other mixes at www.filefront.com/user/djreflexxx Feel free to pass on the link to a friend or someone who may enjoy the mix! Check out: http://www.dance4life.co.uk/ [DANCE FOR LIFE - START DANCING, STOP AIDS] For more info or bookings contact: info@djreflexonline.com www.djreflexonline.com www.facebook.com/rb.djreflex www.twitter.com/djreflexxx www.youtube.com/user/djreflexxx www.myspace.com/djreflexxx Download the Mixtape Challenge by DJ Reflex on the BBC Asian Network with DJ Kayper! http://www.sendspace.com/file/1k1xn7 Also watch out for these releases: Jodie Aysha - I'm A Pozer (zer zer zer) [Coming soon] Ill Blu - The Blu Magic EP [Coming soon] Supa Dupa 2010 [Out Now] Princess Nyah - Hoolingans Single [Out Now] DJ Naughty - Firepower EP [Out May 17th] Miss Fire - Funky EP [Coming Soon] The Mike Delinquent Project - Genesis EP [Out May 31st]
  11. ****DJ Reflex UK Garage & Bassline (Vol 4)**** Link: www.filefront.com/user/djreflexxx Tracklist: CD 1 - UK Garage 01. Fully Loaded - Y.O.U (DIY Opera Dub) 02. K-CI & Jojo - Tell Me It's Real (Club Asylum Steppers Remix) 03. Ruff Cut Bias Ft. Nicky Price - Down (DnD Remix) 04. Changing Faces - Same Tempo (Architechs Remix) 05. Craig David - Rewind (Bump 'n' Flex Remix) 06. Ana Ann - Ride (SE16 Vocal Mix) 07. Wookie - Back Up 08. Agent X Ft. Kele Le Roc - Skank 09. Architechs - Booty Groove 10. Amar - Sometimes It Snows In April 11. Artful Dodger Ft. Romina Johnson - Moving Too Fast (Bump 'n' Flex Remix) 12. Nikki S & Nyke - Hey Nikki 13. Youngstar - The Formula 14. Baby D - Let Me Be Your Fantasy (DIY Remix) 15. Groove Skool & Marvin SwiftFingers Ft. Rox - Poetic Phunk 16. C.J Bolland - Sugar Is Sweeter (Armand Van Helden's Drum 'n' Bass Remix) 17. DJ Zinc - Go DJ 18. Kele Le Roc - My Love (10° Below Remix) 19. Shanks & Bigfoot - Sweet Like Chocolate 20. Robin S - Show Me Love (Club Asylum Remix) 21. Honeyz - Not Even Gonna Trip (Ed Case Remix) 22. Y-Tribe Ft. Celitia - Senorita 23. Jaheim - Just In Case (Dubaholics Remix) 24. Azzido Da Bass - Dooms Night 25. Kristine Blond - You Make Me Go Oooh (Dubaholics Remix) 26. Sia - Little Man (Exemen Works) 27. Exemen - Storm CD 2 - Bassline (Vol 4) 01. Kele Le Roc - My Love (Exemen Remix) 02. General Ft. Zoe - Come Over 03. Bassboy - Doom 04. AdotR Ft. Sacha & Slick Don - Dirty Girl (2010 VIP Remix) 05. Paul E Paul - Girl In The Club (TRC Summertime Mix) 06. 1st Born Ft. Recneps - Wife Beater 07. DJ Q Vs. Lina - Come To Mama 08. 1st Born Ft. Lanca - Brownin' Army 09. Sim Simi - Open Your Eyes (Subzero Remix) 10. S-Tee Ft. Tasha - Touch On Me (DJ Q Remix) 11. Nyilah - Under My Skin (Wittyboy Remix) 12. Addictive - Girl Like Me 13. Chelley - Took The Night (Booda Remix) 14. Sacha - Senses (Subzero Remix) 15. R.I.O - Narrow Roads (Burgaboy Remix) 16. Verbal - About You (Wittyboy Remix) 17. Bassboy Ft. Slick Don - No! No! No! 18. Miss Fire - Take Off Your Clothes (Nastee Boi Remix) 19. Natalie May - Sexy Sexy (Mischief Makers Remix) 20. Underachiever Ft. Jermaine - Never Be Mine (Burgaboy Remix) 21. Marcus Nasty - Shitta (Illmana Remix) 22. Sacha - Bedroom Lies (Pyper Remix) 23. TS7 Ft. Slick Don & Specks - All Night Long 24. Rajiv - Don't Give It Up (Burgaboy Remix) 25. Tamzin - Same With You (1QY & F@Z Remix) 26. Colour Girl - Joyrider (Subzero Remix) 27. Darren Martyn - My Girl (Wittyboy Remix) 28. TRC Ft. Zoe - Our Night Tracks 1, 14 & 15 are courtesy of Karl 'Tuff Enuff' Brown/2Tuf4U Records/Groove Skool Enjoy!
  12. Check out the remix and if you like it then download the mix cd! http://soundcloud.com/dj-reflex/dj-reflex-feb-mix (MP3) http://www.sendspace.com/file/c6d5eb (Tracked) just some tracks I thought were big in 09 and some which didn't make it to VOL 4! THIS IS NOT VOL 5!! Tracklist: 01. Cheryl Cole - Parachute (Ill Blu Remix) 02. Champion - Mother Board 03. TS7 Ft. Teresa - End With Goodnight 04. Fis-T - Night Hunter 05. Jazmine Sullivan - Lion Tigers & Bears (Greyman Remix) 06. Emvee - Repeat Me 07. Shystie - Pull It (Ill Blu Remix 08. Bassjackers & Apster - Klambu 09. Meleka - Go (Crazy Cousinz Remix) 10. Lil Silva - Different 11. Jessica Mauboy - Burn (N.B. Funky Remix) 12. Crazy Cousinz Ft. Calista - Bongo Jam (L-Vis 1990 & Bok Bok Refix) 13. Andy J & S-Tee Ft. Rubi Dan - Funky Dip 14. MC Versatile - Im The Man 15. DJ Naughty - 5th Gear 16. S-Tee Ft. Tasha - Nothing To Me 17. Alicia Keys - Diary (Metric Moses Refix) 18. Princess Nyah - Butterflies
  13. Another mix from myself. Funky Vol 3 has just hit 8,400 downloads! and thanks for downloading!It's time for a new one!DJ REFLEX FUNKY VOL 4Tracklist:01. DJ Naughty Ft. Miss Fire - It's You (Reflex Dubplate)02. Rachel M - Losing Me (Hardhouse Banton Remix)03. Ill Blu - Blu Magic04. Todz & Beatz Ft. Chocolate Doll - Cutie05. Bucie - Your Kiss06. Princess Nyah - Crazy07. Digital Dubstar Ft. Miss Fire - Can't Say No08. DJ Naughty Ft. Sacha - I Need Love09. Kodi Starr - Extortion (Crazy Cousinz)10. Mr Hudson - White Lies (Fuzzy Logik Remix)11. Screama - Funky Gangsta12. Shanique (Say Yes) - Take It Low (Reflex Dubplate)13. 702 - You Don't Know (4Motion Remix)14. Cream - Calypso15. Crazy Cousinz Ft. MC Versatile - Searching For You16. Illmana Ft. Lady Stush - Ready For De War17. Miss Fire - Woo Haa18. S-Tee Ft. Sacha - Knockin' At My Door19. Crazy Cousinz - Sonar20. Miss Fire & Miss Anonymous - Connexion21. Princess Nyah - Hooligans22. Barber Bizzle Ft. JJ Soul - Got That Something23. Addictive - Domino Effect (DJ Naughty Remix)24. S-Tee Ft. Tasha - Touch On Me25. Miss Fire Ft. JJ Soul - More Love26. Ill Blu - Money & Girls27. Ny - Sea Sick (DJ Naughty Remix)28. Steve Hoang - No Coming Back (Ill Blu Remix)Link: www.filefront.com/user/djreflexxx
  14. What do you guys think?http://www.djreflexonline.com/?p=185