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  1. djreflex

    Jodie Aysha - It's Over

    What's up people?! check this new song out by Jodie Aysha called It's Over It's available for pre order http://itunes.apple....-ep/id514508509 The dub step remix is the ONE!! what ya'll think?
  2. thanks for all the comments! Hope everyone is still enjoying the mix
  3. djreflex

    Fuzzy Logik & Myshy - Playground

    Hi all, A new video for you all to see; A return from Fuzzy Logik, with a brand new singer; Myshy. The tune is BIG, what are your opinions?
  4. Tracklist: 01. Miss Fire Ft. Van Cleef - The Beat 02. Bucie Vs. Fuzzy Logik - Your Kiss (Reflex Bootleg) 03. Miss Fire - Crazy 04. Eastwood - I Wanna Be The Man 05. Andy Jay & S-Tee Ft. Big Rob - Tutti Frutti 06. Perempay & Dee Ft. Cleo Soul - Addicted 07. Flavia Ft. Tribal Magz - Walkaway (Wireless Sound Remix) 08. Fuzzy Logik - Hello (In The Morning Instrumental) 09. Sharnell & Denica - Why (Lil Silva Remix) 10. Jada Pearl - All My Love 11.Troublesum - Boot Install 12. Illmana Ft. Becky Rhodes - Wild Over You 13. Bassboy & Marcus Nasty - Stamp 14. 321 - Big Man Ting (Dumplin' Remix) 15. Bucie - Party With Me 16. Fuzzy Logik - Freestyle 17. DJ Naya - Rain Down On Me 18. Ruff Diamondz - Alright Still 19. Champion - Lose Control 20. DJ Eastwood - Hard Touch 21. Brian Storme - Messed Up (DJ Naughty Remix) 22. Todz & Beatz Ft. Branjae - Mystery (DVA Soule Power Remix) 23. Miss Fire & Miss Anonymous - Jump 24. Myshy - Playground 25. Wireless Sound - The Follow Up 26. Oliver Twizt - Another Step (Vato Gonzalez original vs. Mark Simmons Bootleg) 27. Miss Fire - 004FH 28. Flavia Ft. Riskgo - Be The One 29. Miss Fire - Confusion Beat 30. Andy Jay & S-Tee - Crunk VIP 31. A.L - Should I? 32. Miss Fire & Miss Anonymous - Animal 33. Renee Soul - Freakend
  5. djreflex

    ukfunky DJ Reflex: UK Funky Vol 5

    This mix is now available on iTunes! download it on your iPhone/iPod straight! http://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/dj-reflex-uk-funky-vol-5/id371515293?i=82985023
  6. djreflex

    ukfunky DJ Reflex: UK Funky Vol 5

    lol thanks for the support everyone!
  7. What do you guys think?http://www.djreflexonline.com/?p=185
  8. check it out! it's on MistaJam's blog at the moment but will soon be on youtube!http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/mistajam/2009/0...eo_exclus.shtml
  9. djreflex

    Princess - Big Boys (Official Video)

    Check out the Video! also check out the CDJ 2000's @ my blogwww.djreflexonline.com
  10. djreflex

    Gracious K -Migraine Skank (official vid)

    video is good! he done better than i thought he would!! liking the guest appearances aswell!
  11. djreflex

    Perempay & Dee Ft. Shola Ama - DJ Play (Official Video)

    Its up again! Check it out!
  12. djreflex

    Perempay & Dee Ft. Shola Ama - DJ Play (Official Video)

    video has been removed!! kmt but should be back up again
  13. Check this out guys, quite like it to be honest!What are you're thoughts?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INRlnqLrrr4Also check out my new blog over @ http://www.djreflexonline.com/
  14. djreflex

    ukfunky DJ Reflex Funky Vol 3

    hi guys! this is now available on itunes aswell, as a podcast! for those tht cant b bothered to download! lol http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore...mp;id=309242259
  15. djreflex

    Meleka - Go (Official Video)

    big! still love the tune, video is ok not bad!@zomby, lol bit random hey, she killed her man!!