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    oi em dropped a new album u kno!! its hard.
  2. oi u man you ever done drugs n dat? ive done weed truffles, dizzle, coke, pills n dat. you man ever done dat? i done balloons as well. more time its when im at yard listening to house music. you mana ever been to a festival? always mad you know, go ride out to some riddims find a ting den go yard and beat. yo you man we shud organise vip2 nights out and events n dat? like go egg n fabric jam out bun a spliff after and hopefully beat some tings we meet in hammersmith. can always come mine i got space innit, also its calm if you wanna stay over innit just let me know. im all calm wid it. also if you man want you can beat tings in my kitchen or bthroom im easy fam say nizzy. quickly aswelll i like to watch dance videos on youtube, do you man enjoy dat as well? hav any of u got decks? im tryna learn how to dj atm can see myself doing a big set at creamfields or suttin, den obvs go home and beat a groupie oiii think bout dat u man dat wud b the fucking lifeeee you kno!!!
  3. lets go, you man add your ting;
  4. easy my dons, whats the craziest party you ever been to? one time man was at a hosue rave n dat bere shufflin doing my ting, drawing gal taking dizz wavey. then next fing mans runnin out the club cah a don just left the ting go, fam it was a mazza luckily no one got hurt, and we just cointinued innit whateva man. oi u man have yiu dona similar ting?
  5. do any of you man know of any good public sex locations or parties where you can go and beat like bere different gyal?
  6. wagwaaaan you man oi its blue monday today ya kna kmt worst day of the year n dat but oi fuck dat mans calm i BEAT ON SATURDAY!!! WOI OIII right now mans sparking a spliff listen to some k koke googling business plans for the year n dat if it aint muni mi nah wan no rudey kmt. oi here this nah, lets drop our favourite verse from artists here mine my dons; Greaziest Freestyle Giggs Mr. Ice Cream Man cause I grind with a big boatBroke it down now I'm tryna find me a pink noteEver since Hollow Meets Blade Niggas running round looking for a gun that'll sink boats (UUMMM)Riding 'round town with my big Colt In the right side pocket of my big coatAnd niggas saying "Hollow ain't greazy" Take no notice it's gotta be a sick jokeSmoking a fat, zoobie while I'm stroking the strapPussyholes are gonna notice I'm backDon't think I'm promoting the trap, I just zone out Then I give you that emotional rapMy finger's itchy cause I'm an emotional man So niggas better not be provoking my handCarlton and Knuckz niggas know they're my famAnd the black bandana that's promoting my gang (Narm)Gangster like MavadoPecknarm banger niggas saying I'm the boss like Anthony SopranoAnd don't think I'm coming here to rave When you see me round the back, big strap inside Chicago'sNiggas in gangs, the realest motherfuckers that bangGully niggas wanna holla at manAnd niggas think they're ready for the beefCause they gunned down on one little innocent manFuck them pricks I'll be chilling in 'Dam With my big boy spliff I'm a villanous manI'm sick of this damn, delivering grams Tyna get the skrilla then scramRockz let the nine get em, 4-Fizzy's my weaponSince I started rapping most niggas don't mind Peckham (UUMMM)Me and Rockz coming home from a mad one Listening to Big Ryde's late night grind session
  7. oi my dons what do you man hate the most? i hate gyal who say oh yeah ill come check you then last min they drop out and their pic on whatsapp goes grey kmt fucking happened like 5 time already this year ya kna. alswyas dese same tinder slags aswell kmt wot dont dey see in man? i have weed playstation juice and a bed to beat on. if they aint on it den y do dey say dey r? jk gal man kmt. also hate bruddas who have tats and a list of gal they beat like man like trey songz dutty prick fuk him innit. oi what also anuva ting i hate is when im tryna jus go yard and some ediat yute tries takin my fone, lik allow it u likkle pikney b4 i buss ur ead open more time they leave wiv my tings but i swear next time it appens im gna spaz on da yute kmt, so dose r a few of the tings i hate innit what bout you man? any of you man goin thru da same ting with dese yats or wat? shout me innit big up man.
  8. oi you man shout me lets make a whatsapp group
  9. yeah neither duz man tbf what other tings would you beat? oi whatsapp me brudda 07514362921
  10. my g shes lenggggggg id rass that everywhere kmt. oi what would you beat skepta?
  11. any of you man drive whips? and if you do what tunes do you like to play in the whip ? like bere grime nd at or drill? or even hip hop would go offff, oi once i seen frisco at a house rave but he wasnt on chatting lol, he kinda was rude man
  12. oi waaam you man heres a list of people id like to beat mainly gyal but whatever its 2020 inni loool skepta janelle monae tinashe eminem wiley chris browns baby mum megan good rita ora rihanna madonna joe black n benny banks destiny child all o dem
  13. yoooo my dons friday n dat yeah?? come onnn letts ave it bere drinks weed n gyal for u man. oi quick question any of you man been in a bando and seen a trapping happen? truesay my brudda t roadz been in essex for a month now and its all long for man, hes rolling with shh and shh cah this don shh got got you know dem ones dere. but oi whay you man saying? any of you got girlfriends? or u just beating tings on a casual ting? oi whos got more than 10k in savings? shout me innit and ill let you in on a business ting me and my nigga gripz got going on. shout man innit one.
  14. wagwan you man bless yeah? oi when was the last time u man beat a ting? i been beating a ting all day, light skin ting leng ting fam trussss woi oiii man feels like RV right now after a drillin looool fuck it tho what u man sayin dis weekend n dat? any raves n dat? im on wateva innit fuck it man. oi any of you man play football? if u man wan link for a game shout me ill be in burgess park with a bally lowkey brudda fuck it man. oi what how many u man roll with gal on a regular ting? like linkin beating den dashing lool. oi u man rate the game? i like him hes sick, oi one of my fav films is borat dat brudda is FUNNY fuck shout me u man calm innit.
  15. easy my dons, just a quick ting what does it take 2 b a internet famous brudda like my g craig mitch or poet or sum 1. dem man are who i aspire to b n dat, also them man must mash nuff tings cah theyre famous innit. so boom what who wants to start a podcast n dat? we can call it real drillers or suttin n chat about gyal, money, straps, blade brown, eminem, internet, cars, sick garms n dat. so what whos on it shout me and we can make a whatsapp group ndat. also you man reply to my beating tings pics topic kmt
  16. DemManDeya

    Making money

    easy ,my g's any of you man got good tips on making p? mans tryna be like bill gates and dem man dere ya kna. oi what hows gthe best way to do a big money move? im talking like big paper 2k or suttin. alot of you broke niggas aint on my level. if any man is on job and clever n adat shout me so we can do this money ting you know whatever it is mans down ya get me, even if its a ride out ting. bally on in the whip creeping thru wood green banging headie one about to raid a trap mans dere fam fuck it!!!
  17. yoo my g's wagwan??? oi hows all your weeks going n dat? big money days and dat yeah yeah my bruddas. oi thought this wud b jokes lets post pics of gal we have beat, like just any tings innit, here my one;
  18. my guy come onnn oi shout me darg. ill bring some blade brown and LD cds so we can drill dem slag loool my fucking GUY!!
  19. my brudddda loool oi what next time you link a ting shout me fam
  20. some big films dere cuzzys! oi teanna trump jheeeeze lengers fam any of you man know if she uses whatsapp?
  21. wagwan my dons you all bless yeah? oii qick ting any of you man wanna go raving, i wanna beat a ting innit im bored of sitting in my yard on tinder listening to blade brown and giggs so i wanna go oiut kmt. oi what jobs do oyu man do? any of you got bere money? like big stack n dat come on u man r serious ya kna. oi who do you like more skepta or jme? anyway i wan touch a rave and den touch a gyal after u zimmie!! if you man want come my yard before innit i got a bit of juice and bud so we can all get waved b4 den go central or suttin. obviusloy illl cut and leave you man after i find a ting to beat.
  22. wagwan you man all bless n dat? oi quick question, when you man are beating tings, where do you do it? like in a bed or just like on road? i aint ever beat a ting in a whip cah i cant drive innit but have you man? also what garms do you man wear? is it a drippy ting yeah what you man stunting yeahh come on my g's!! oi i really like skrapz and nines, how would i become like dem man? road life looks lit you know. bere gyal, bere money and trainers and respect innit. yo you man, shout me yeah more time im just at home waiting for a motive
  23. DemManDeya


    oi any of you man good at rfighting? i got this one brudda keeps dinging mans phone off like yo g why u textin my gyal, im like yo brudda jam innit cah i got the rambo ting tucked brudda! so atm its mad and he lives upstairs always playing fackin house music and youtube. oi what any of you man wanna help me link up and sort him out? also if you do come bring a few gal so we can beat them after innit.
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