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Found 1 result

  1. Basically ViP2 has gone back in time, right back until the flashback days (yes 99% of them classic topics are back) So a few things have happened due to the merger of ViP2 v1 and ViP2 v2 These include all the old topics and usernames brought back, so there are some duplicated usernames in the system. Some of you wont be able to log in because usernames/passwords/emails may be jumbled up.... If this is the case holla via ViP2 Forum Issues / TWITTER / FACEBOOK / EMAIL or message an admin... if you are able to log in but you have noticed you have another account on here, reply and we can merge your accounts. Please note that you can login using either your username or email address. If you want to try and recover your username/password then plz use the forgotten usrname/password option on the login form. NAME CHANGES If you want your name changing or correcting post your request in this topic. if your user name is mixed up post your other/new account user name and it will get fixed. VCO's as above.... Have fun browsing all the old content and bump the stuff that deserves to go in the hall of fame ;-) BIG UP TO SWIFTIE who has been working on this for a while....