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Found 3 results

  1. Schedule Friday 12 August Morning - Men's discuss qualifying, 100m heptathlon, women's shot put qualifying, 800m round one, high jump heptathlon, women's 10,000m final, men's 20k race walk. Evening - Women's 1500m round one, shot put heptathlon, women's hammer qualifying, men's 400m round one, men's long jump qualifying, women's shot put final, 200m heptathlon, women's 100m round one. Saturday 13 August Morning - Men's 100m pre-qualifying and round one, women's triple jump qualifying, women's 3000m steeplechase round one, men's discus round one, women's 400m round one, long jump heptathlon Evening - Javelin heptathlon, men's pole vault qualifying, men's 400m semi-final, men's long jump final, women's 100m semi-final, men's 10,000m final, men's 800m semi-final, women's 100m final, 800m heptathlon. Sunday 14 August Morning - Women's marathon Evening: Men's high jump, women's 400m semi-final, women's triple jump final, men's 100m semi-final, women's 1500m semi-final, men's 400m final, men's 100m final. Monday 15 August Morning - Men's triple jump qualifying, women's 200m round one, men's 3000m steeplechase round one, men's 400m hurdles Evening - Women's discus qualifying, men's pole vault final, men's 110m hurdles round one, women's 400m hurdles round one, men's 800m final, women's 400m final. Tuesday 16 August Morning - Women's 5000m round one, women's pole vault qualifying, men's triple jump final, men's 1500m round one, women's 110m hurdles, women's discus final, men's 200m round one. Evening - Men's high jump final, women's javelin qualifying, men's 110m hurdles semi-final, women's long jump qualifying, women's 400m hurdles semi-final, men's 400m hurdles semi-final, women's 200m semi-final, women's 1500m final, men's 110m hurdles final. Wednesday 17 August Morning - 100m decathlon, men's hammer qualifying, men's 5000m round one, long jump decathlon, women's 800m round one, men's 3000m steeplechase final, shot put decathlon. Evening - High jump decathlon, men's javelin, women's 100m hurdles semi-final, women's long jump final, 400m decathlon, men's 200m semi-final, women's 200m final, women's 100m hurdles final. Thursday 18 August Morning - 110m hurdles decathlon, men's shot put qualifying, women's high jump qualifying, discus decathlon, women's 4x100m relay round one, men's 4x100m relay round one, men's 400m hurdles final, pole vault decathlon. Evening - Javelin decathlon, men's shot put final, men's 1500m semi-final, women's javelin final, women's 800m semi-final, 1500m decathlon, women's 400m hurdles final, men's 200m final Friday 19 August Morning - Men's 50km race walk, women's 20km race walk. Evening - Women's pole vault final, women's 4x400m relay round one, men's hammer final, men's 4x400m relay, women's 5000m final, 4x100m relay final, men's 4x100m final. Saturday 20 August Evening - Women's high jump final, men's javelin final, men's 1500m final, women's 800m, men's 5000m final, women's 4x400m final, men's 4x400m final Sunday 21 August Morning - Men's marathon
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