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    site being offline for months killed it.
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    The government fuucked up by not thinking about the health of the people in this shitty country. People are backwards and the like backwards people like Johnson.
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    This is an absolute sham he should of been sacked on the spot
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    considering the audio quality of most of these.. you could probably end up doing a clash with Vybz Kartel from jail
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    I barely log in this forum these days, but I just check up every now and then to see if any of the old members are still around etc, and it's quite sad that this forum is an absolute graveyard but understandable as everyone has grown up and moved on in their lives. Thought I'd check in, if you are an old school member, give us an update and tell us what's going on with your life? I remember some of the LEGENDARY exposure threads etc I feel nostalgic reminising, almost like Rwdmag forum and VIP2 was apart of my teenage years growing up.
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    Agree the site being down a while made me forget about it sadly.
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    kelsi monroe is the real mvp i also like teanna trump
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    Negging system killed the forum. Football forums still have thousands of members, forums haven't died overnight.
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