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    Never seen Arab woman who is above 7 and I have seen a lot of Arab women. Black women from start to finish are in their own league Easily God’s GOAT creation.
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    You need two parents (doesn't have to be in the same household) a women can not bring up a man. Women who bring up boys usually bring up emotional guys who can not deal with situations in the correct way. A women would have a child with a dead beat and then act surprised that the guy is a dead beat, the dead beat with no ambition will shoot up the tings club and not be in the child's life. Wear a condom FFS. To many of these emotional feral black kids about these days. All goes back to the parents and their lack of critical thinking. Sorry but to me many black women are very poor decision makers. We need to hold up to the mirror to ourselves as black people and ask ourselves is this the correct way of living having multiple baby mums with a pick and mix family unit. This is one of the reasons black people will always be at the bottom of the pile in society with their hand out begging their colonizer or slave master for hand outs. We need to get our house in order.
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    Legs are underrated not many things hotter on a woman than nice long legs 🔥
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    Ur a strange chap
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    Let’s not delude ourselves. Being in single parent household doesn’t condemn a child to failure but having both mum And dad there is a much better head start to have. Of course there are exceptions if one of the parents isn’t fit for purpose but most of the time, that comes out of poor decision making. You can can’t get knocked up by a wasteman and expect him to change once a baby arrives. Also, the village mentality is gone. How many of us really know our neighbours? Did my parents know every single thing I was doing? Of course not, but I was shook to act a fool on the road in case a family friend or relative saw me. That has changed with this generation. The previous generation has really failed us.
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    obv poverty is the problem but poverty in a single parent household is exasperates this its simple single mum has two boys 14 and 15 single mum gets a catering job in the day and a cleanign job in the night mum goes out to clean from 6pm 6pm these two boys are left to thier own devices until she returns from night shift at 12am two boys are free to roam the streets causing havoc out of boredom, or convenience now if there was another parent in this case, at least one parent should be left at home parenting these kids and monitoring / making sure they are up to no good in some cases if the single mum is strong and has raised her kids well , the boys will have no desire to roam the streets or will even be shook to do so , but that still leaves them to commit other vices such as bringing girls home to the yard when she is not there or some other shit
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    Arsenal havent done anything since North London turned red for a few days
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    ...... think they meant for themselves
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    £supposed to be £12 but i give £15 each time sometmes 20 i have to trim the every week as my hair goes QUICK literally the within 24 hrs my hairline is growing and looking all kinds of madness after a week i start to look like a grizzly bear and my face starts itching and i get a rash as soon as i trim the face clears up - anyone else experience this phenomenon?
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    Mute that top video, start it at 0:13 and then play the youtube video below. vibes.
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    Mans playing real life Soul Calibur
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    TBH youre just a bit of an a**hole Definately Will see this get worse moving forward rather than better due to the rise of social media
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    To be fair you did say this isn’t conclusive or disgusting You also backed Mike Kane after his sexual assault debacle Dunno about the other thing but to say your take on this type of thing is often suspect wouldn’t be a reach imo Whats definitely a false narrative is that anyone’s being led to believe that it was all just him That wasn’t what was presented on the show and isn’t something anyone’s presented on here so I’m not sure where this argument comes from? Clearly everyone involved should get dealt with accordingly but obviously the focus is on R Kelly cos he’s the main protagonist in the story
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    Who would want to be a CF in this era? Its either do all the donkey work for the wingers, or bang 40+ & win nothing
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    From CEO of Roc-A-Fella to a gossip monger. What a fall from grace.
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    Mj ain no fuckin nonce It's been years since his death and not one person has come out and said a word. Pedos are notoriously prolific, as we have seen. Yet nothing. Caulkin is still defending man He was a strange man but no nonce
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    Yeah cause that's the title of the topic init
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