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    One of the many character advantages people with Downs syndrome hold over brexiteers is that they stay in their lane. They dont pretend that being unemployed and having occasional internet access makes them some kind of geopolitical correspondant admired by the Kremlin; They dont spuriously describe recapturing a medievally limited national infrastructure as a benefit, and they dont base their lives on a newfangled jihadi fantasy that they got brainwashed with at the behest of pantomime d*ckensian disaster capitalists ('posh clevers') who discovered the cheapest way to feed an army was on lies and hate, framed as a promise that self actualization is to be found through not deeds, nor words but by that most admirable of the intangibles: the effortless birthright of britishness itself. How deeply convenient for our right honourable friend! People with Downs syndrome seek to fall back exclusively on no such cushion, achieving through their own diligence and everyday aspirations what they can in spite of their natural limitations, with no hate in their hearts, and now find themselves exalted curiously in the modern framework of society, not as some subsection of marginal and limited ability, but as the new winged transcendors, the risers of above, noble beyond the norm; The natural elite. But theyve always been the same, they stayed in their lane, plugging away at their own pace, irrespective of the motions of the world around them. It was the world around them that grew lazy, conceited, hideously entitled, ammoral and fell away; no desire to achieve, only to blame, and seek exoneration through the castigation of otherness; the finger pointing, the grass is always greener. Living in thrall to a carcinoma; O reptilian australian leader, the blindest of teachers; our mental cancer as god - our only redeemer!
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    CAN NOT STAND those people that moved to london for uni/after uni
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    @Da Luv Doc Giving up a season ticket is not easy when you love your club and football is a part of your life. You say let a tourist or someone who doesn't care as much take the ticket and let Emirates get worse but they don't care about the atmosphere, chanting or who is in the seat. They care about the money... and me giving up my season ticket won't lead to a loss for them. Our waiting list is so long that half the stadium can give there tickets back but still be picked up by others so what changes? Matchday revenue is not what it was 10 years ago (ask Wenger 🙄) so the need to fill seats is behind other things like shirt sales, league standing and TV revenue streams. If Arsenal don't sort it out right now then I won't be renewing next season. I'll stick to away games where the fans are a lot more vocal and generally a much better day out.
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    So after Tottenham slap Liverpool football is done yeah? Mad.
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    Happy New Year everyone Make VIP2 great again
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    Seen a lot of "It's not racist" "it's just banter" on social media about this because it's about Black people but if someone says something about the Jews or the alphabet gang...
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    Rags ... Will still bore through
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    The government fuucked up by not thinking about the health of the people in this shitty country. People are backwards and the like backwards people like Johnson.
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    Best pod out right now https://open.spotify.com/show/5N9dP8JWANiBGrep3mSim6?si=cKRLRBc4QAy83vbNzN0mhA
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    RIP fuck man, that's mad, feels like someone I grew up with died
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    Stay safe all Would be good to get any updates on here too from any experiences
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    the hospitals are full in every country with people who can't breathe, you aren't accepted in for other reasons, there's not enough medical equipment available this is serious
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    I'm 10 minutes in. In Summary, he reckons he's on the Juj, when in fact it sounds like he's on the Buj.
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    The disaster capitalists that have shorted the UK economy in preparation for No Deal.
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    What line of work are you in?
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    It takes effort to conjure a video that dusty in 2019
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    the tune isnt even poor 😅 video quality is DUSTY though. some 2004 on point dvd ting hes better than quite a few of these rappers .
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    Boi I might need to book a holiday for the whole summer NW10 isn’t the place to be
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    Brazil won the ting without him. He's taken some heavy Ls since leaving Barca.
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    This place is rundown now come like a ghost town during the wild wild west
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    Smh at taking pride at being the first black British artist to headline bet he told them “ thank you” after and blacks n the justice system, in my opinion the sentencing needs to be increased for carrying and using a knife but that’s just me
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    if a girl cheats on any man please do not take her back do not even contact her again..... chale why
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    The goal against Chelsea R.I.P
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    Fuck aj the fraud and fuck Eddie. Fury is the truth
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    Wilder says deal to fight fury in 2020 is done. he has absolutely took the piss out of Joshua, hearn, whyte and matchroom.
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    aint gonna do it but i honestly feel like crying :(. Could it be cancer cos of all that weed he was smoking?
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    Ah the benefits of brexit, less fresh food in our supermarkets. Can’t wait
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    problem is the genre lacks cultural influence it was amazing during the 2000-2006 years because it felt like a reflection of the places we grew up in (and it was while we were still growing up too), and the emotion, the anger and hype put into the music felt genuine and you could relate no one's music sounds like "this is how I live" any more, even in their own perspective, except Slowthai and that's why his shit is probably the best you could associate with the genre
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    Lol gas works got their viral moment and that’s all they wanted from the interview.
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    Lol. Nah he is moist.. Acts passive aggressive like some oestrogen filled woman and starts off the interview saying he thinks he is an idiot because they have the comfort of security for this interview. Then walks off. The other guy composed himself wickedly & kept the show going.
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    No gonna lie, I almost shed a tear at that performance. Surreal. Our boy as gone clear. Hov intro >Chris Martin on the keys > David Lammy skit. He needs a knighthood. He as achieved more than any grime or black artist in the UK as achieved. Anybody that didn't rate that is a straight hater. . Although his catalogue is weak, he did well. Bringing out Dave and Fredo. Fredo talking about dippin man on stage in front of a middle class all white audience. Inspiring stuff.
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    €100m agreed for Hazard. Bargain.
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    9s got stabbed :( AJ got rocked :( jee'zu! goodnight
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    Detected Corbyn and returned from its Daily Mail comments table
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    Wrestling is back thank you so much They have brought back feelings I had as a kid which I haven't felt in years
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    kelsi monroe is the real mvp i also like teanna trump
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