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    That pearly gate got covered up quick
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    Bro why does every post you make end with you insulting another one of the many groups/types of people you disagree with. If you can't engage with people respectfully the only people who will listen to you are the people who already agree with you, and even then to most you will just sound angry and negative. Like for real, despite the merit of any point you make, the constant river of insults you always produce will always distract people from what you're saying, and just make you look small and without discipline.
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    Not watched the documentary and don’t plan to either but defending R Kelly a weird hill to die on. Geezers a massive wrongun.
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    Anti-vent: really feeling myself today It's been a long year but I really feel positively about some things. Feel like I'm on the cusp of something good And I appreciate you all. Little place of weirdos.
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    I rate McClean. Stood firm on his stance for years now
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    Lol When I don't care about the people they're going after, I can't help but admire their craftsmanship.
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    Let me know when someone has been stopped and searched or been refused a job for being ginger.
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    Wanting monkey chants is a d*ckhead ting to wish on a brother. Yes, he's a delusional idiot but monkey chants is uncalled for.
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    What different is anything gonna make when these kids walk without caring about repercussions until its too late. its like man who keep beating bareback until they catch a burner. They know full well what can happen but still do it. stop and search is giving police more reasons to aggy people up imo and where know where that can lead to.
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    Iceland is a fine shop. So many things are just cheaper than the big supermarkets everyone who wants to feel uptown shops at An before the middle classes were ravin about aldi, it was deemed a shit shop too. Iceland bangs
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    BBQ sauce >>>> ketchup 100% of the time
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    Fucked around and find a new role as Application Support. Gotta up my SQL skills now. Also, got into more debt 😂
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    How are they harder than other races just cos Becky is calm don’t think Latin/Arab/Eastern European women won’t spazz out
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    Mj ain no fuckin nonce It's been years since his death and not one person has come out and said a word. Pedos are notoriously prolific, as we have seen. Yet nothing. Caulkin is still defending man He was a strange man but no nonce
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    there is no such thing as a 'zeta' you div and stop gettingn cuckolded by your girl
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    Not sure. Alot of these gammons are still swimming in delusion. It's more about pride than reality
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    Why not? You have the other six days reserved.
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    Theres some real bitter butt hurt upset man out there. And hes just another one a dem "Why don't these bitches like me forr? Its cos im legit..." ???
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    More like "my day rate is CLEAN lemme not fuck up this money by getting involved in bullshit". We had a Nigerian developer we called The Machine earned more than most managers. He fucked off to stack even more P.
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    It takes effort to conjure a video that dusty in 2019
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    Wilder says deal to fight fury in 2020 is done. he has absolutely took the piss out of Joshua, hearn, whyte and matchroom.
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    It's over I now support SE Dons #AnythingforPaula
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    Lol, none of you guys offering help to this man. You're totally right dude, it shouldn't be that way. In fact, if your woman isn't initiating then that's an issue. It means she doesn't feel confident / empowered to do so. For the sake of keeping the advice short - just look at what parts of the issue is caused by you - what aren't you doing? what are you doing wrong? fix that and enjoy life
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    Xmas works do due to be lit.
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    https://instagram.com/ifyouhigh https://instagram.com/vuhlandes https://instagram.com/jesstaras https://instagram.com/youngthugaspaintings https://instagram.com/themondaynightwar https://instagram.com/sleepingongems
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    Swipe to 2018. Best pic i seen all year. My heart jus wumpwumpin Shes a dead spit too
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    1-0 sane constant pressure *locks off stream*
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    I kiss my youngest on the lips she's 3. She knows she's only allowed to kiss me her mum or older sister. As she gets older I will naturally stop. My first born girl I've only kissed a handful of times & never on the lips.
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    Shows you how brain dead these Tommy Followers are. He knows exactly what hes doing. Hopefully this will be a step too far tho
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    I think thats the way girls pee tbh. @Lens can you confirm?
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    he pissed tory lanez off litty again is fucked
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    Quick 360 around the block then casually pulled off after jumping back in the whip Dead feds
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    What is uncle playing at? Bruce Jenner is dating a Nigerian man that fixes cars & does taxes... but wait until the elders find out...???????
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    Topic title with the N word in it I should slap the shit outta you my G.
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    few years ago at my old office, tehre was black ting about 35 , i was about 24 these times we used to get on and buss jokes she used to tell me she see me as her lil bro etc etc she was married and had a 2 year old at the time anyway fast forward to xmas party and shes tipsy starts revealing how she always thought i was sexy etc etc etc i was tipsy too so i was spraying bars in her ear anyway we left the bar shortly ( one after the other) and hopped in a cab she was kissing me and grabbing my tings in the cab - i took her too the yard and just as we were about to get the ting popping - i think she realised what was actually about to happen and said she cant do this and left i fell asleep straight after we never spoke about that night afterwards , in fact we never really spoke again - mad awks for her that night i realised two things; 1. i cant believe she was on the boy for so long as she hid it well 2. im scared to get married if im being honest during the night i completely forgot she was married- the alcohol was flowing and she was decent so i wanted to beat it completely left my mind. Im glad nothing did happen tho because as someone said i dont want those omens on me i will never knowingly hit a married woman she used to bang on about her husband and daughter at work yet put a few drinks in her and she was ready to risk it all shits scary
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    What is pro black tho? If this forum can agree on a one sentence definition then proper opinons can be formed.
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