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  1. http://www.backingblair.co.uk/london_underground/lol
  2. jen


    heylo lucie..how are ya hope ya well..yep i agree well quiet on here innit... thats cos lisa aint about lmao
  3. jen


    We was gonna go one92one but we walked past at about 11ish an it was empty and looked weak so we walked past.....SATURDAY NIGHT i said... it was rammo, and was a good nte.. there is another pioneers in april i think.. goona try and go cos i had a good one.. proper good atmosphere in there, no trouble all night.. just good music.. good nite..(i sound like i work for them or something.. lmao)
  4. jen


    should have gone to 1921 on sat night... it was rammo... and it was a good nite, pied piper was there.. ray hurley did the last set of the night was quite good.. sparks and kie were there all night, psg and more... u should come to the next pioneers of da old skool.. it is always a wkd night... lol @ escapade... it's crap in there.. llyods is a skool kid hang out aswell.. it's crap.. lol
  5. jen


    helloooo everyonethought i'd say hello cos it's been a little quiet on ere lately...wot u all been up to??
  6. jen

    MAZE ...

    lol i seen it b4 and it scared me lol very good
  7. jen


    lolcheeky moo
  8. Lucie dont rise to it hun xxhow is everyone btw.. *jen changes the subject*
  9. jen


    oooooooooooooooooh sounds good shazme im skinter than skint :twisted:
  10. jen


    lol @ anita hi hun how are ya how is uni?
  11. jen


    you talk a lot of sense terri!! where are ya from in se london?
  12. hello newbies if there are any atm
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