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  1. go to a black history month forum then
  2. naaa billy its coz ur an idiot. trying to cause beef a s usual if u really wana know thattype of information go to a political forum. not here.
  3. loool we needed sumthing like this to calm us all donei actually lol/d
  4. who f*cking cares.people r guna smoke it and deal it regardless.
  5. lolguy

    The Bill Tonight

    now kano playing looool
  6. lolguy

    The Bill Tonight

    LOL at grime getting a bad vibe again with the guns
  7. its the omibus fromsunday
  8. Yeah I used to box, trained in Peckham stillyou think you got stat because you box?You would preffer the big black ball dropped on your head then a dig from me son.im not stupid son. i have a kid i would never ever get into arms for the sake of it but if u wana come and be my sparing partner it be a privelage to knock u the fuk out
  9. lol ok then.come and start boxing where i go u can be my sparing partner
  10. lol ur not 14 stone looooooooool if u r u must be sum lank c*nt.im 6ft 3 and bout 12 a nd a half stone im quite toned and strong u jus loojk like skin ting
  11. I was bussing people like you up over West End rude boy.but look at u all skinny and ting.u could buss ceazy let alone a next guy.looooolthink ur sum body guard hero type guy.
  12. so Ashman wat was u doing between 16-19 then bit of a gap there goofy.
  13. lolguy

    ur mum topic

    your mum jus died
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