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  1. looks like exactly the kind of place i don't want to go to
  2. lol at how the power hungry cunts have been humbled..can't hear you now man..CANT SEE YA
  3. sh*t just got real for Davesuicide tingRip dave
  4. pmsl some man really gunna be hurt by this..vip2 was there life
  5. SoCo KinG


    Watched a film called 'mindhunters' with LL cool J in it last night....was big..full of twists
  6. SoCo KinG


    District 9 is prob the worsed film iv ever seen at the cinema...felt like askin for my money back
  7. Worsed hang over ever..never drink a tripple gin in 1...sh*t had me spinningg

    1. Lens


      "drink until the pain's over, but what's worse - the pain or the hangover" ( West, K. 2010 )

  8. not gunna lie it don't taake alot for me to bang a chick after few stellas aslong as she got batty n breasts im good to go... f*ck ah face
  9. The first time i tried anal sex 'with a female' (to avoid your chi chi man comments)... it's not the 1..doesn't have that warm moisture like the p*ssy does
  10. Gunna rave 2nite like i just won the 163m lotto! say nada

  11. SoCo KinG

    Bow wow

    wow at the negs, you lot really hate bow wow init i think he's big still
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