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  1. It's Been A While

    oh yeah You asked for an update to the forum it's no longer as sexist and homophobic as I remember and this kind of reduced my activity here as this was my go to place to discuss things with people of such mindset
  2. It's Been A While

    slyly works. tell a 10 she looks "alright" and she will say thank You. tell her she's pretty and she will roll her eyes and walk on.
  3. It's Been A While

    these feminists are obsessive and non stop. / Bape You've assured us many times this Soho talk would stop. / Femme Fatale, You keeping out of trouble?
  4. The Video Thread part 2

    the dialogue
  5. The Video Thread part 2

    sorry if already posted, I was dying. real life tears
  6. Food u really like but Never make at home

    saltfish fritters delicacy to me just because I can't make them
  7. Beg for food door to door with your kin day

    a woman came with sweets, gave them to me then said to give them to her kids when they knock my door I did it and thought it was sweet of her
  8. Official Betting Thread

    Chelsea Schalke Barcelona treble £20 > £100 Over 2.5: Chelsea Citeh and arsenal games £20 > £78
  9. NBA 2017-2018

    76ers can't score outside of transition. Wizards just need to get back quickly and they won't concede
  10. NBA 2017-2018

    but the 3rd and 4th quarter Celtics
  11. NBA 2017-2018

    _____>>>>>> the leg break though
  12. Residents of North London (& Cyclists)

    Science Justin >>>>>
  13. Residents of North London (& Cyclists)

    people with less money have less to spend at those businesses and the people with cars are all being sent to retail parks with parking to spend at the bigger businesses
  14. 1 in 4 British people are racist?

    This sounds like an attempt to divide black people who want to stand together. There aren't enough Ghanaians in the UK for John doe to specifically only support ghanaian, nor are their struggles different enough from St Lucians and all the many other nationalities of black people in the UK for them to not benefit from working together like this. And it's probable that some of the black people in St Lucia were stolen from Ghana to begin with
  15. 1 in 4 British people are racist?

    Currently catching up, on page 4 @JOHN DOE I agree there is a need for Your type of thinking to level the playing field, give other black people an edge as they are behind on the whole But there is also a need for racially neutral people as if everyone thinks the way You do there would be everlasting segregation leading to potential race wars. People who spoke against interracial dating, are You also against casual sex with the other race or is this cool as long as it doesn't firm a relationship? Will continue scrolling