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  1. why the 5 cms, no Kun, no Leroy, no Riyad?
  2. Lens

    World Cup Betting Thread

    handicap lottery Porchy special bet Portugal Egypt Uruguay and Spain -1 is 100/1
  3. Lens

    World Cup Betting Thread

    Been winning this week, got a nice amount on Colombia to win and over 2.5 which was 13/4 so gonna share so others can win with me Today I'm doing Portugal and Uruguay double: 17/5 Portugal -1: 2/1 Over 2.5 in above 2 games: 9/2 Good luck today everyone.
  4. Lens

    World Cup Fantasy

    if I join will my points from this week count? in username CashMiro
  5. Lens

    NBA 2017-2018

    game 7 in 15!!!!
  6. Lens

    NBA 2017-2018

    GSW this 3rd quarter. so they didn't wanna defend for the 1st 2, nah? completely robbed the Rockets of any composure (minus Harden)
  7. Lens

    Sporting Lisbon fans move to their own players

    they finished 3rd, isn't this the expected position for them to finish in?
  8. Lens

    Professional Afro-Caribbean/Black Barbers London

    barber cussed one yute for having the money in his sock "unno cyan keep money inna yuh sock fi come gimmi cah me nah want unno foot fungus pon mi han. mi tek mi money same way cah mi haffi tek me money but unno muss can stop dat" then washed his hands after pocketing it and continued his rant after the yute left.
  9. Lens

    Infinity Wars topic with Spoilers

    there was music and the scene was silence, hence no screams as she fell she hit the ground
  10. Lens

    Infinity Wars topic with Spoilers

    nah she fell quite far and died on impact. she's a gonner. maybe she's filming flashbacks
  11. Lens

    Infinity Wars topic with Spoilers

    Watched again and had this in mind she says she knows something she doesn't, and she was talking about the Stone, basically asking Peter to kill her so she doesn't lead him to the Soul Stone / The Kree.... They don't have an infinity stone, so no need for Thanos to approach them, don't know if they know what's going on for them to intervene and I need to watch GOTG 2 again to remember but I'm sure their leader died. for consistency, I'm hoping Thanos also made half of their population disappear randomly and so they will have something to say plus is Thanos' surviving daughter Kree or is she Thanos' biological daughter? / it's the editing that takes more time than the filming, they are very special effects heavy movies.
  12. Lens

    Infinity Wars topic with Spoilers

    2nd viewing I just clocked how honourable Thanos was Told Loki "the tesseract for Your brother's head" and Thor lived Told Gamora the Soul Stone for her sister and the sister lived And when Strange offered the stone for Tony, Tony lived. But I also noticed they gave Scarlet Johansson some unearned combat ability, no way should she be fighting them aliens that have just dashed Vision and Scarlet Witch all over the place The Squidward looking yute went in. I dunno if he died in space or if he's just frozen out there like Thor was and will live when he lands somewhere.
  13. Lens

    Infinity Wars topic with Spoilers

    yeah when You see Samuel L Jackson and the car driver disappears I also thought it reminded me of how Christians describe rapture