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  1. Lens

    Shenmue III

    the music in the trailer!!! need to see a gameplay trailer though
  2. highgate woods is still very usable via the abandoned train line running from Finsbury park to Highgate wood. I personally recommend the Hornsey Rise entrance
  3. this is a massively underrated reply!
  4. the panda bear with the adlibs
  5. oh are You still making these topics? yeah go ahead but I also want to know if You Yourself are staying out of trouble, looking after Yourself so when You get access again You're in position to be a good mum no more broken playstations please
  6. Lens

    Warm Showers

    An update on the "Warm Showers" topic (TTKK) Guys if You're using this tech, please be sure to drink Your 2 Litres of water a day. Otherwise it will be too concentrated and You risk her smelling it and being discovered. She took it well though, said only kids do that in the shower and called me "R Aaron" (R Kelly reference)
  7. he was stabbed in the heart with a weapon designed to kill him and snapped his fingers during his death. his earthly body probably died and it's just the soul that remains. we don't know
  8. Lens

    Welcome back

    50,000 people used to live here
  9. since he didn't die first time round (as very well predicted in the OP) the voting is reopened also I was the closest since I guessed Thor who came closest. regards.
  10. don't wanna make a topic what FPS are people playing these days?
  11. I can only confirm how I piss on them
  12. this. I can't say I've ever not wanted to fuck multiple women, I've just stopped myself because it's what a women wanted no more
  13. Lens

    Break ups

    weird seeing this GIF in a thread now RIP the guy from Best Cry Ever
  14. would definitely smash and see what it's like but public appearances would be a no no
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