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  1. When Is She Too Drunk?™

    when it's the first time for me it is but ETTO
  2. When Is She Too Drunk?™

    this topic. smh / a woman wanted to share a bottle with her at her yard who I hadn't linked before, had to tell her I'm down to do that and chill but I'm not catching an R charge for it so nothing is happening like that after. the law is very clear on this issue
  3. Probably a bit early, but I'm thinking about this. Grandma had my uncle there to the end and it was probably good for both. Anyone given this any thought?
  4. Sex Bucket List

    getting head under the table while eating a meal
  5. Relationships

    same shoe size?
  6. Relationships

  7. Doing DIY for a female

    this should be good
  8. People who duck calls

    Donny >>>>>>> classic VIP2 slang anyone remember where it started? swear it was a thread about not liking mumsy's cooking so man kicked out the yard?

    lolwhat? how?
  10. Relationships

    I had assumed he was jealous when she got that payrise that took her above him
  11. People who duck calls

    If the screening message was to me, I've received calls before and wondered why this wasn't discussed with 2 messages each via WhatsApp, so now I need to screen Either way please resume Your back and forth and don't allow me to interrupt
  12. People who duck calls

    Phone calls kill my vibe, stop me from whatever I'm doing. I can occasionally reply to WhatsApp and still be productive Have to verify beforehand that it warrants a call and can't be done via WhatsApp
  13. Relationships

    The fall.... On my part it was failing to tell them what they were doing wrong then ending it when I had had enough But when when I fixed this and started saying the next person still carried on and it still went the same way.