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  1. Streamlord

    C Movies working well for me https://cmovieshd.net/movie/thor-ragnarok-new-2017/
  2. Streamlord

    made sticky. good work lads
  3. Infinity Wars: Who Kills Thanos

    Giovanni Dos Thantos
  4. Marvel Super Heroes

    or if You're keeping Andy Serkis, remove Michael B we have half a film of him chasing Andy Serkis then half a film of him trying to reclaim his throne from Michael B I'd rather a whole film with a steady rivalry building than 1 ending then 1 starting then ending. and keeping Michael B would be more in line with the film's black hype
  5. Marvel Super Heroes

    Iron Man 1 Thor Antman Guardians of the Galaxy all much better origin films
  6. Marvel Super Heroes

    Fight scenes in black panther probably the worst I've seen in the MCU Accents were all terrible except the 1 guy that challenged him when he was meant to ascend to the throne Not enough rivalry between hero and villain for me, should have removed the white man criminal altogether and just had Michael B rob the ting in Korea so they could meet then for the first time. Out of all the origin films I'd say all are better than Black Panther except Captain America Need to re watch GOTG 2 and Dr Strange as Infinity War prep.
  7. Infinity Wars: Who Dies?

    I think there will be major superhero deaths in this for actors who have played a hero for too long and don't want to do it anymore.
  8. If he doesn't die to follow Marvel rules, who has the biggest role in defeating him? (And I know it won't happen until the 2nd film) 1 vote each
  9. When Is She Too Drunk?™

    when it's the first time for me it is but ETTO
  10. When Is She Too Drunk?™

    this topic. smh / a woman wanted to share a bottle with her at her yard who I hadn't linked before, had to tell her I'm down to do that and chill but I'm not catching an R charge for it so nothing is happening like that after. the law is very clear on this issue
  11. Probably a bit early, but I'm thinking about this. Grandma had my uncle there to the end and it was probably good for both. Anyone given this any thought?
  12. Sex Bucket List

    getting head under the table while eating a meal
  13. Relationships

    same shoe size?