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  1. Easy VIP2, I've just started a label here in China. First release is by Berlin producer Alex Agore with some real 90s sounding house and garage. "I Miss Your Luv" in particular is a throwback to the likes of 24 Hour Experience and Tuff Jam, while 'Tyga Style' is on a Nu Birth or RIP Groove tip. Streaming: Buy: http://www.beatport.com/release/do-it/1392279 http://www.junodownload.com/products/alex-agore-do-it/2590771-02/ http://www.traxsource.com/title/379722/do-it If anyone wants onto our promo list, drop me a line at [email protected] and tell us who you are.
  2. Nice one, thanks. That mix really was a labour of love. More straight up house mixes on their way.
  3. Hello VIP2. Been ages - probably years - since I posted a mix here. Now in China where they love their bashment. https://soundcloud.com/guangzhouunderground/cheong-fun-mix Rufus! - Lion Inna Hall DJ Madd - Follow Dub DJ Madd feat. Maria P - Homeland Roots Manuva - Get the Get (Breakage Remix) Plastician - The Search (Kahn & Neek Remix) Benny Page feat. Richie Loop - Hot Body Gal (Beauty Brain Remix) Peaches - Burst! (Uz Remix) Serial Killaz - Dutty Sound Leni Ward - Opening Doors (Warrior One Remix) Preditah - Vinyls VIP Empire Of The Sun - DNA (Ta-Ku Remix) I.D. - Tell Ya Tuff feat. Kinetical - Outlaw Music Hollie Cook - That Very Night (Prince Fatty Dub Version) Also have a label dedicated to delivering the best in House and Bass Music. First release is next week with an E.P. by Alex Agore. Follow us here: https://www.facebook.com/GuangzhouUnderground
  4. http://seeyounextlifethrashcowboy.wordpress.com/2013/07/06/dumpvalve-recordings-4-motion-mixed-by-geeneus/ 01 Geeneus – Journey (Shimano Remix) 02 Wizzbit – Jamhot (Backward Forward Mix) 03 Macabre Unit – Dem Na Ready 04 Wizzbit – Popadoms 05 DJ Wonder – 8th Wonder 06 Shimano – Unusual Sound 07 Wizzbit – Breakdown 08 Oris Jay – Nocturnal (Geeneus Remix) 09 Centurions – Midnite 10 Macabre Unit – It’s All About 11 Wizzbit – Aquarius 12 Geeneus – Detroit 13 Centurions – Aries 14 DJ Target – Pisces 15 DJ Wonder – What 16 Wizzbit – Shadows 17 Geeneus – Visions 18 Shimano – Cocaine 19 TNT – Come On (Geeneus Remix) 20 Centurions – Speedracer 21 Geeneus – Da Stomp Riddim 22 Geeneus vs. DJ Slimzee – Log Off http://seeyounextlifethrashcowboy.wordpress.com/2013/07/06/jay-da-flex-1xtra-anniversary-mix/ 1 El-B Feat. Juiceman – Intro 2 J Da Flex – Pain 3 Dub Child – Roll Dat Shit 4 Benga & Skreams – Judgement 5 Benga – Benga Beats Vol.1 6 J Da Flex – Blind Faith 7 Skreams – Konga 8 Vexed – Lion 9 London Elektricity – Cum Dancing (Dub Child mix) 10 Geeneus – Journey (Oris Jay mix) 11 Dub Child – Warning 12 Shimano – Blues Vip 13 Plastic Man – Hard Graft (Mark One mix) 14 Plastic Man – Spring Roller 15 Oris Jay – Underground 16 Mark One – The Bomb 17 Daluq – Red Eye 18 Mark One – Rain Dance 19 Oris Jay – Three Note Blue 20 Slaughter Mob – L Amore 21 1 Xtra – Outro
  5. New time for the final month - 9-11pm Tuesdays. On air now! Tracklist from the last show to give you an idea what we're all about: Materia – Skylight [slime Recordings] Homemade Weapons – Slivers VIP [Protect Audio] Machinedrum – Clissold VIP [Astrophonica] Fracture – Gangbusters [Metalheadz] Mako – I Used To Be Like You [Warm Communications] Mtwn – Particles [break-Fast Audio] Floex – Waterfalls [http://store.floex.cz/album/pocustone] Audio Werner – Balance 3 [Galdoors] SCSI-9 – Le Probleme De La Quarantieme Minute [Pro-Tez] Medlar & Pedestrian – TR Wilson [Moda Black] Copy Paste Soul – Feel Me [Exploited] Mike Delgado – Latino Way (I Can Feel It) [Released for Pressure] Materia – Ruins [slime Recordings] Dr.Nojoke – Waptewi [Archipel] Recondite – Dawn [Plangent] Jason Bye – Living Hip [Playmore Music] Radio Band – Radio Rap [Claremont 56] Enescu – Syncopated [uTC Limited] Ethel Beatty – I Know You Care [uno Melodic Records] 52nd Street – Express [Factory] Eden Kapwell – Leave Me This Way [Hontas] Deep & Disco (Thelma Housten] – So Tight [Razor-N-Tape] Sympho State – Fever (BoB PlanK vfm Bernadott Rendered Mutant Disco Edit) [ZE Records] Ghost Note – Holy Jungle [Golf Channel Recordings] Klaus Schulze & TVS – Test Dept (Kaiser mix) [Time Tools Recordings] Lulu Rouge – Melankoli [Music for Dreams] HD Substance – The Step 6 (Dub) [Catalytic Records] Dimbidub – Tone 5 [Dimbideep Music] Cupol – Like this for Ages [4AD]
  6. on air for next 3 hours til midnight http://www.hubradio.co.uk/shows/eclectronica/
  7. On now til midnight, with some forthcoming tracks from Break and Dub Phyix. http://www.hubradio.co.uk/shows/eclectronica/
  8. Yesterday's show for stream & download: http://seeyounextlifethrashcowboy.wordpress.com/2013/02/11/eclectronica-with-simon-b-100213/ Simon B / Manji – Celestial [unreleased] Tiger Stripes – Runaways [Get Physical Music] Move D – Got 2 B [Electric Minds] Matthias Springer – Gletscher (Model 1975 Remix) [Diametral] Die Vogel – Maikaferbenzin [Pampa] Erdal Mauff – Wanna Bathe (John Tejada Remix) [ViVa MUSiC] Sonny Fodera & Danny Kane feat Jacqui George – You Made Me Do It (Grant Nelson Remix) [swing City] Rob Mirage – Bo Don’t Know Jack [Nervous Records] Justin Drake – Cosmic Log [No.19 Music] Basic Soul Unit – Things Pass [Defected In The House] Lusine – Another Tomorrow (Jon Convex Remix) [Ghostly International] Jason Bye – Charles The Bouncer [Mr Nice Guy] Shur- I-Kan – In The Groove [Dark Energy Recordings] Christopher Rau – Apple Snapple Tracking [smallville] Hibea – Sabbath [iM:LTD] Bungle – Astral Travel [soul:R] Seba – Say you love me [secret Operations] Mute & Mako – Who Knows [Mars] Paradox – Marxism [Paradox Music] Solid State – Just a Vision [Renegade Recordings] Neue Grafik – Verdana [slime Recordings] Calibre – Dutty [Deep Medi Muzik] LFO – Kombat Drinking [Warp] Marcellis – Untitled A1 [Workshop] Arnaud Le Texier – Body Smile [safari Electronique] Adverb – Echolocations [Dewtone] The Normal – Warm Leatherette [Mute]
  9. another week...10pm - midnight tonight. http://www.hubradio.co.uk/shows/eclectronica/
  10. Yesterday's show available for stream/download: http://seeyounextlifethrashcowboy.wordpress.com/2013/02/05/eclectronica-with-simon-b-030213/ DJ Blakey – Out Of Nowhere [slime Recordings] Deepbass – Analysis X.Y.02 [Aconito Records] Mary Velo – Detune [Frozen Border] Szare – Excavated and Remodelled by Hand [Horizontal Ground] The Digital Kid versus The World – Total Control (Chicago Damn Remix) [Classic Music Company] James Ruskin – Cast Down [stroboscopic Artefacts] Silkie – Tribal [Deep Medi Muzik] Objekt – The Goose that Got Away [Objekt] DJ Trax feat. KJ Sawka – Opening Shot [Audio Buffet] Kahn – Dread [Deep Medi Muzik] Biome – Formation [On The Edge] CH415 – Friction [Labrynth] DJ Q – Will I Ever Be Free [unknown To The Unknown] Dam Nation – Into The Water [Eastern Promise Audio] Biome – Conscience [Mindset] DJ Trax – Inner Voice (Ricky Force Remix) [Audio Buffet] Fracture – The Breaks [CIA Recordings ] Stray – Timbre VIP [https://soundcloud.com/straydnb] Robert Glasper Experiment – Smells Like Teen Spirit [blue Note] The Walker Brothers – The Electrician [GTO] The Ripped – The Man who Builds Constellations (Inigo Kennedy Remix) [uTCH Records ] Blawan – Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage? [Hinge Finger] Trevino – Doldrums [Klockworks] Beacon – Feeling’s Gone (Fort Romeau’s Shibuya Edit) [Ghostly International] Dscrd – Aedificare [stroboscopic Artefacts] Lucy – Superior Orders [stroboscopic Artefacts] Filastine – Juniper (Remix Of Y La Bamba) [Muti Music] Yan Olsen – Tidloshet [Drift Deeper Recordings] Mathew Jonson – New Model Robots [Wagon Repair] Coyote – Too Hard (Aeroplane Remix) [is It Balearic?] Things Make Electric – Woollffvvs [http://thingsmakeelectric.bandcamp.com/]
  11. on air tonight 10pm - midnight with a very late start to the new year...and so much new music to play. http://www.hubradio.co.uk/
  12. on air now...lots of new music including the forthcoming release from Seba http://www.hubradio.co.uk/shows/eclectronica/
  13. Tracklisting and stream/download as below: http://seeyounextlif...-simon-b-02121/ Imaginary Forces – And I should live in the anxiety of not knowing [http://sleepcodes.bandcamp.com] Marcel Dettmann – Range [Ostgut Ton] Deadbeat – Punta de Choros [bLKRTZ] Mindspan (ASC) – Awakening [silent Season] Cassegrain – Distil [Prologue] Isolee – Brazil.Com (RIO-LHR-TXL-BOM) [Classic Music Company] John Tejada & Arian Leviste – Faux Obsolete [Playhouse] Kevin Saunderson – Heavenly (Juan Atkins Mix) [KMS Records] Hugg & Pepp – Tuba [Dahlback Records] Bicep – you (Steffi remix) [Aus Music] Mathew Jonson – Marionette [Wagon Repair] Kris Wadsworth – Koffein [Get Physical Music] Richard Devine & Telefon Tel Aviv – CWCIII [Ghostly International] Fredrik Ohr – Mixed Up [Aleph Zero Records] DJ Trace – Coffee – Full Of Flavor Mix [Lucky Spin Recordings] Doc Scott – Dark Angel (Remix) [Reinforced Records] Model 500 – Astralwerks [R&S Records] Porn Sword Tobacco – Painting World War 3 [OKTAF] Hubble – Fusion [Archipel] Tiger Stripes – Runaways [Get Physical Music] Rtx – Innervoyage [Deeply Rooted House] DU71 – Extinction Brings Evolution [Archetypes Records] Jan Jelinek – PrimeTime [Experimedia.net] Fracture – The Breaks [C.I.A] Technical Itch – The Dreamer [Moving Shadow] Afro Kid – Shooks [V Recordings] Rodney P – The Nice Up [Low Life Records]
  14. on air now! http://www.hubradio.co.uk/shows/eclectronica/
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