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  1. been slipping recently, dont hardly know any names but theres so many big tracks about....What are you rinsing at the moment?
  2. If you don't see any tracklistings it because I haven't got it/can't find it/didn't get it DJ Supa D & Dogtanian - House Warming.rarhttp://www.mediafire.com/?93n9svjjmjwhttp://www.myspace.com/djsupad This cd got most of my bredrins into funky house_____________________________________DJ Aizi Robinson feat Da Combo Coldsteps and Glamzino - I Will Be There.rarhttp://www.mediafire.com/?ey7jflfgyy1http://www.myspace.com/aizirobinsonhttp://www.myspace.com/coldstepshttp://www.myspace.com/glamzino_____________________________________Gonna up more and get more links
  3. Just started listening to their tunes. THE sickest house artist out right now imo. http://soundcloud.com/disclosuremusic[/CODE]
  4. i dont usually like sharing but this a gem you lot need to know about couple old boys from south africa who do this deep house ting everything below produced by them + more on their channel tunes for sale on www.thegodfathers.co.za
  5. http://www.southportweekender.co.ukJust picked up my passes. Line up looks big for hous ethis year. Tony Humphries Dennis Ferrer Gilles Peterson Karizma MJ ColeDJ Yass (Paris) CopyrightJazzanova Terry Hunter Plus P.A.s by Ben Westbeech & monique Bingham..........and thats just the house room :!: :!:
  6. 2016 updated re-do of a track I did 28 yrs ago, my attempt back then to sound like the big wigs of house music using a casio cz1, roland 727, a roland tr626 also as a sequencer (LOLOLOL!!!), and a host of Yamaha cheezy pss 680 keyboards with I think a real keyboard at the time.....laugh and as always, enjoy! P.S. some djs that knew me back then, already have the orig copy of this !
  7. Goin off a comment in another music thread, I wanted to know where you lot source your house music info from. Like what radio stations, magazines (on or offline) or videos do you watch. Let's share. For me the use the following: Magazines: http://www.electronicbeats.net/ http://www.theunderground.eu/ Radio Stations: http://www.housefm.net/ (Lady T on a Saturday I think 1-3pm is live)
  8. Kuffir


    http://soundcloud.com/everybodywantstobethedj/dusky-essential-mix-2012-10-13 ye ye PFM - The Western [Good Looking] Bicep & Ejeca - You [Aus Music] Ross 154 - Until My Heart Stops (Original Mix) [Ministry of Sound] Thor - Yellow Sky Over Reykjavik (Original Mix) [Connaisseur Recordings] Reese - Just Want Another Chance [NRK] Kerri Chandler - Oblivion (Original Mix) [soul Heaven Records] Dusky - Henry 85 (Original Mix) [simple Records] Bugsy, Dirty Channels & Amina - Alone (Pezzner Remix - Josh Wink Re-think Vox) [Ovum Recordings] Audiojack - No Equal Sides (Original Mix) [2020 Vision] Huxley - Little Things [unreleased] Dusky - Dummy [unreleased] Joy O - Big Room Tech House DJ Tool - Tip Dusky - Numerical (Original Mix) [Dogmatik] Zed Bias & Paleman - Furrball (Original Mix) [swamp 81] Dusky - Flo Jam [Dogmatik Records] Bicep - Keep Keep (Original Mix) [Feel My Bicep] Justin Martin - Don't Go (Dusky Remix) [dirtybird] Dusky - Nobody Else [unreleased] Midland - Bring Joy (Midlands 2012 Refix) [More Music] Hot Chip - Night and Day (Dusky Remix) [Domino Recording Co] Justin Martin - Sad Piano (Original Mix) [buzzin' Fly Records] Dusky - Vanishing Point [unreleased] MJ Cole - Sincere [Talking Loud Recordings] Evren Ulusoy - Rhythmate (The Timewriter Remix) [Outside The Box Music] Radio Slave - Let It Rain (Original Mix) [Rekids] Dusky - Calling Me (Original Mix) [school/ITH] Boddika - Soul What (Beat Mix) Okain - O'Clock (Gerd's Deep Mix) [Tsuba] Marshall Jefferson - Mushrooms (Trevino Remix) [shifting Peaks] A1 Bassline - Soul Beat Running [unreleased] KMA Productions - Cape Fear [urban Beat] Marcelus - Shape (Original Mix) [Deeply Rooted Sound] Dusky - Muriel (Original Mix) [school] Mark-Henning - Trojan (Original Mix) [Cityfox] Daniel Avery - Need Electric (Original Mix) [Phantasy Sound] Special Request - Lolita (Warehouse Mix) [special Request] Animal Youth - Sixty Four Zero (Original Mix) [Lobster Boy] Photek - 124 (Original Mix) [science] MFA - The Difference It Makes (Original Mix) [border Community] Omar S & Aaron 'Fit' Siegel - Tonite feat L'Renée (Detroit Mix) [FXHE Records]
  9. Free Download!! +3.5K plays in 2 weeks + 300 Likes Available now for Free Download
  10. Topo - Teatris Show 007,Active Brand 051,Mcast 060 Topo - Teatris Show 007 (Insomniafm)_deep mix_ Download Link: http://www.datafilehost.com/get.php?file=6407296e&m3 Topo Presents_Active Brand 051 (Insomniafm) Download Link: http://www.datafilehost.com/get.php?file=44d31cbf&m3 1.Andy Catana - Blue Collar (Daniel Kovac Remix) [Moon Harbour Recordings] 2.Antonio Santana - Rainy [soulman Music] 3.Audiojack - Get Serious [2020Vision] 4.Batu Celik - Nema Problem [Prosound Recordings] 5.Berny - Shplatten (Dave Mayer Twisted Vox Remix) [Keep It Simple Records] 6.Vlada Asanin & Belocca - Monster Truck (Kiko Remix) [Recovery Tech] 7.Danic - I Will Come [Deeperfect Records] 8.Danny Rivas & Adrian Butabi - Now Listen [south American House] 9.Danniel Selfmade - Underlove [Gam Recordings] 10.Danny Tenaglia - Dibiza (Zoltan Kontes & Jerome Robins Mix) [stereo Productions] Topo - Voice From The Underground On Mcast 060 Download Link: http://media.blubrry.com/mcast/p/mcast.mercuryserver.com/mixes/topo/Voice_from_the_underground_060_on_MCast_July_2014_DJ_Topo.mp3
  11. Guest

    Official Track ID Thread

    Official Track ID Thread Post lyrics or a song sample and we will try to help.
  12. happened last year, dvd is just dropping now, looks sick, wouldnt mind a mp3 of it.. might aswell make this the SA House Appreciation Thread
  13. Hey there guys, I just started making music again after what must be a 6 year hiatus, it's house, it drops after 2 minutes something, let me know what you think! I need to play around with the structure but I think i'm onto something. Enjoy!
  14. Apart of a remix package from the original release from Rhythmoholia on Phoenix Music Inc. Rhythmoholia are a duo. Dragan (Dragan Razic) and Atsika (Aleksandar Milicevic) all the way from Belgrade, Serbia. This remix was an absolute pleasure to create, with powerful House vocals and my twist on a punchy bassline and uplifting chords. https://soundcloud.com/strutter_dj/rhythmoholia-feat-eileen-l-sanders-through-strutter-remix If you want a copy please drop your email in the messages
  15. Tech House Budapest Vol. 4 (after spec.) Download music Play mix
  16. What good DEEP/TECH House albums/compilations/mixtapes are there to download? need some good ones for the gym to get me ammped
  17. Share your BEST playlist to listen while driving around with car
  18. DJ Mr. JB Presents...House Party Vol. 1 Tracklist 01. Nick Holder - America Eats It's Young 02. Nikola Gala - Rub It (Original Mix) 03. BitterSuite Feat. Sacha Williamson - Sorry (Original Mix) 04. Ultra Nate - Roots Dub Mix 05. K Klass Feat. Rosie Gaines - Dance With Me (DJ Spen and the Muthafunkaz main 12) 06. Hardsoul Feat. Amma - Dont Let Love Weigh You Down (Hardsoul Main Mix) 07. Maurice Joshua Feat. Day 26 - Got Me Going (Losing My Kool Mix) 08. Fantasia - Free Yourself (Remix) 09. Raw Silk - Do It To The Music (Roots Vocal Mix) 10. Tortured Soul - Home To You (Ethan White remix) bside 11. Tonya Renee - Off My Mind (Reelsoul Vocal Mix) 12. Muzzaik Presents URH Feat. Zaida - Work It (Original Mix) 13. Dennis Ferrer - How Do I Let Go 14. Tyrone Ellis - Music In The Air (Reelsoul Vocal) 15. Donae'o - Love Music 16. Fuzzy Logic - The Way You Move 17. TJ Cases - Fragile 18. Reel People Feat. Omar - Outta Love (Alix Alvarez Sole Channel Remix) http://www.mediafire.com/?qnwwy422kdm
  19. What are your plans? 9th, 24th November and 1st December is me.
  20. Myles Bossman


    Little Housey number i've made which i just feel would work well in Fabric on a Saturday or in Ibiza during a terrace party, just that type of vibe. You may disagree however! Been bashing this out at sets and it's been one of my most damaging tunes. Hope you like anyway. Support from Richy Ahmed, Itchy Pig Records and Sekay amongst others. Thanks. x https://soundcloud.com/myles-bossman/fabric-2-ibiza
  21. Listen/Buy Flight of Memories (Part Two) on AMAZON Listen/Buy Flight of Memories (Part Two) on BEATPORT Listen/Buy Flight of Memories (Part Two) on ITUNES Listen/Buy Flight of Memories (Part Two) on JUNODOWNLOAD Genre: Prog-House, Trance Release Date: Dec 23 2013 Label: Majestic Family Records 1 Marc Pollen Ft Dewi - Wrong (Original Mix) 2 Qosmos feat. Ange - Reach For Me (Andrea Bertolini Dub) 3 5uGar and Eva Kade Ft. Evil T - All Around (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix) 4 Beat Factory - Rising (Deep Active Sound Remix) 5 Alex Drayling - Geometria (Original Mix) 6 Arma8 feat. Julia Lav - Your Day (Original Mix) 7 Artem Viceman - Flight of My Mind (Blugazer Remix) 8 Another Note - Dominate Night (Original Mix) 9 Andy Hardo ft. DJ Glushkov - Away From Here (Yuji Ono Remix) 10 Quinn Ft Daniel Baron - Dream State (Katrin Souza Remix) 11 Leisuregroove feat. Joe Killington - Falling (Joost van Hooijdonk Dub) 12 De Kibo - Tony Stark (Original Mix) 13 Masstek - Flashed (Massive Vibes Remix) 14 Noel Sanger - Deconstructed (Johnny Beast Remix) 15 Robert Firth - The Edge (Original Mix) "Within three years we look for and we find talented musicians from all over the world. We put all our love and all our most pure feelings in our releases. In this collection we collected the best works and exclusive tracks from our friends and residents of our label." Feedback and Support: Ivan Gough - Quality after hours music. Jaytech - May try All Around, cheers. Thanks! Ad Brown - Great Comp! Kenneth Thomas - Nice package! Aeron Aether - Nice selection, will have a second listen. Thanks! Gorm Sorensen - Blood Groove & Kikis remix for me. Rafael Osmo - Big track! I will support Thanks. Pena - Nice Work , Downloading. Oliver Schories - Nice one. Thx No Sonic Limits - Geometria is very cool. Thanks. James Warren - Nice collection of tracks here from some very strong artists. David Vendetta - Good package. Distributed by Majestic Family Group, a Majestic Family Records, LLC. ©2013 Majestic Family Group, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
  22. Mindstorm's new Big Room/Progressive House epic "Sex, Drugs And Rock & Roll" is in stores now and available through Beatport! Fans of the Martin Garrix, Hardwell, Afrojack, and Nicky Romero sounds will find this release to be an instant favorite. Preview and purchase the release below! Preview: https://soundcloud.com/mindstormedm/mindstorm-sex-drugs-and-rock-roll-clip-1 Purchase: http://www.beatport.com/release/sex-drugs-and-rock-and-roll/1400069 Send Us Your Demos: http://www.mindstormrecords.com/contactus.html
  23. Hello VIP2. Been ages - probably years - since I posted a mix here. Now in China where they love their bashment. https://soundcloud.com/guangzhouunderground/cheong-fun-mix Rufus! - Lion Inna Hall DJ Madd - Follow Dub DJ Madd feat. Maria P - Homeland Roots Manuva - Get the Get (Breakage Remix) Plastician - The Search (Kahn & Neek Remix) Benny Page feat. Richie Loop - Hot Body Gal (Beauty Brain Remix) Peaches - Burst! (Uz Remix) Serial Killaz - Dutty Sound Leni Ward - Opening Doors (Warrior One Remix) Preditah - Vinyls VIP Empire Of The Sun - DNA (Ta-Ku Remix) I.D. - Tell Ya Tuff feat. Kinetical - Outlaw Music Hollie Cook - That Very Night (Prince Fatty Dub Version) Also have a label dedicated to delivering the best in House and Bass Music. First release is next week with an E.P. by Alex Agore. Follow us here: https://www.facebook.com/GuangzhouUnderground
  24. Morrt - Want U (Original Mix) is available now Beatport : http://www.beatport.com/release/want-u/1369505 Juno Download: http://www.junodownload.com/products/morrt-want-u/2564120-02/ #NuWaveRecords #DeepHouse
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