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    GoInG oUt WiTh Ma MaTeS aNd HaViN a Gd tImE!
  1. if u could spend...............

    we dont no who it is!
  2. Seriously...

    here here i agree wiv ya jen! xx
  3. Vickie B

    yea it is gettin boring. i agree wiv u there!
  4. My baby! (pics)

    nice car
  5. Seriously...

    i dont find that funny! its jus childish! gettin ur thrills are ya slater!
  6. Heyyyyyy People

    hey it looks like im the youngest then lol

    and that would b? ....
  8. if u could spend...............

    later u probly fu**ed plenty more blokes than her! y start for? she werent rude to you? its pathetic! and so r u! and so wot if shes big? theres more of her to love init! no one else has a problem wiv it and no one values ur opinion so ur wastin ur breath!
  9. Vickie B

    lol bless ya!
  10. wednesday

    tell me sank i dont no nat lol
  11. mans brains

    lmao @ lisa!
  12. if u could spend...............

    later bout minger! says the one who aint got a pic!
  13. thursday

    mornin everyone! lol i have only been awake for like 20mins! :shock:
  14. heylo everyone

    lol innit!
  15. wednesday

    lol u shoulda had a sleep while callum was at skool!