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  1. kerser

    What Trainers Ya Feeling?

    M2K Tekno SP /
  2. kerser

    The Video Thread part 2

  3. kerser

    Ed Sheeran

  4. kerser


  5. kerser

    What Trainers Ya Feeling?

    The pic does them no justice at all, ugly in the pic But very nice in person Had to ask him where they were from when he finished
  6. kerser

    January Sales 2019

  7. kerser

    R.Kelly - "Still Ain't Nothing But A number "

    Ur talking too much https://www.ultrawhitecollarboxing.co.uk/signup/ Or shut up p*ssy
  8. kerser

    Official Smoking/Weed Thread

    Guy that used to do it no longer works in the shop but tbh after trying the one that Agony recommended I don't see any difference
  9. kerser

    R.Kelly - "Still Ain't Nothing But A number "

    Forgot about this verse ?? There's no way I will stop bumping his music - would have to be that he done something to one of the women in my family
  10. kerser

    live Week 22 - Premier League 18/19

    p*ssy aswell, starting trouble then backing down when he realises man ain't no d*cked