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  1. kerser

    Hot summer 2019

  2. kerser

    boxing General Boxing Thread

    At least I will get to watch this one though Should be around 1ish
  3. kerser

    afc Arsenal 2018/19

  4. kerser

    boxing General Boxing Thread

    Dead location Not that I was gonna go anyway but still All about p init
  5. kerser

    afc Arsenal 2018/19

  6. kerser

    afc Arsenal 2018/19

    149 games 23 assists 15 goals Good riddance I say, already 23 and dont look like he will get much better Too many distractions for footballers nowadays and unless you are proper dedicated you ain't levelling up Found his level... infact within 3-5 years he will probably drop down to championship or another shit league in foreign country
  7. kerser

    hiphop Young Spray

  8. kerser

    What Trainers Ya Feeling?

    M2K Tekno SP /
  9. kerser

    The Video Thread part 2

  10. kerser

    Ed Sheeran

  11. kerser


  12. kerser

    What Trainers Ya Feeling?

    The pic does them no justice at all, ugly in the pic But very nice in person Had to ask him where they were from when he finished
  13. kerser

    January Sales 2019