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  1. lol @ yr lyfeSafe AirMax*lyflmfao @ yr splln lst in lyf tbh. absltly WAIS.its tru its tru bt im a bdmna wd a bndna i wz rzed wid bdman in a bdmanor dts y i bhve in a such bdmanorgt me?
  2. lol @ yr lyfeSafe AirMax
  3. Thats limiting the time limit is there a crack for it or suttin AirMax
  4. Cheers just found it now bruv yeah this is a good one think I used to use it for my PSP.This can be locked now.
  5. Anyone know a video converter I can use that can convert MP4 to AVI not leave a watermark on the converted vid and let the duration be around 4mins?All these trials leave watermarks and have 2min limits and sh*t
  6. Just to clear this upDo we all agree that Wolverine is the biggest goon ever to touch Marvel.
  7. The General


    Why should I turn it off?If everyone abides by the rules everything can run smoothly.That is why I have been brought into the viper equation to get rid of some of the vermin that think they can disobey and test the clear rules and law of this forum.2200 hours
  8. The General


    Init at them guys not using adblock in 08.
  9. The General


    Certain guys are takin the piss again with their sigs alie?I'm gonna start ghosting people if this carries on.Offenders you know who you are, djbmc etc..Reduce by 2200 hours tonight otherwise you will feel the duppy.That is all.
  10. Sounds like the type of thing certain man on this forum would do.
  11. brapbubbly scar them all dayDn knw fm chk da flyspce.
  12. Last night when I got stabbed in the leg.. hmm I haven't cried in about 5 years but im pretty sure I can be excused for that? What do you guys think the shank went in at an estimated 3-4 inches thats what the doctor said anyway. I hope it doesn't get infected or the scar turns bubbly who knows 'them scars there' that look like a line of sh*t.
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