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  1. Modern Warfare 3

    the maps are such a let down atm with this game, that and the spawns which no doubt will be fixed, but C/S when you think of maps such as WMD, Summit, Firing Range, Launch and even Nuketown(although its a clusterfuck in most game modes) Terminal, Highrise etc i cant think of any maps from this game that are on any sort of level with the ones that have been mentioned. None of the maps feel like COD maps?
  2. Modern Warfare 3

    4 anybody else find that the other players blend in too much with the maps? driving me mad
  3. Modern Warfare 3

    any OP perk set ups so far?
  4. Modern Warfare 3

    for those that really take this shit serious, check this out ive just found on MP1st Gun stats atm for this game
  5. Modern Warfare 3

    always liked the ACR, suits my playstyle, went on a huge tear when playing at the launch with it along with SOH, QD and Stalker, cant wait to unlock it. @ Warren Fox, will give that a try once i level up this bitch!
  6. Modern Warfare 3

    actually that brings me onto a good question Best guns in your opinion? I've been using the Scar L, UMP, MP5 and now the Type 95 Dont like this CM901 but might just need to adjust to it, anybody having any success with it?
  7. Modern Warfare 3

    it appears the Type 95 is a beast gun, but silenced its a pile of shit, as i have found out!
  8. Modern Warfare 3

    the maps are not good at all, too many buildings, more places to camp. cant see any stand out ones.
  9. Modern Warfare 3

    how many times have you got into a lobby where its 4v4 or even 2v2 last night, straight leave game in an instant graphics are great but not sure about these maps atm, only played on about 8-9 of them to my knowledge but that village is a pile of shit, still havent played on hard hat, i like the london tube level though
  10. Modern Warfare 3

    single player seemed abit short, completed it in under 5 hours, but none the less it was bloody epic. loads of nice tie in's with previous MW's (especially liked it whe Price talked to Baseplate and called him "Mac" ) but we all know we don't buy COD for the singleplayer.. multiplayer is solid imo but only played 1.5 hours so far what perk set ups are you lot using atm? what do you think are the best Smgs and Assault rifels? P.S the launch party last night was sick
  11. Modern Warfare 3

    thanks for co signing the deal Kaws. pos'd anybody work for tesco? cant seem to find their price for in store
  12. Modern Warfare 3

    i think your right you know, that seems to be the way they do these things now isnt it, spending £30 in their stores before you get the game at a discounted rate, even though you end up spending over the odds for the damn thing
  13. Modern Warfare 3

    boys, dont quite know what the deal is here as both photos are for sainsburys, but one offer shows MW3 for £26 (same price it was day of release for MW2) and another shows £28.99 if you spend £30 in store. These have been taken from hotdealsuk, but thought it would be worth a share for those who are doing a midnight release?
  14. Daaammmnnn aint heard this in YEARS

    all i can say is Boltblue, who remembers that site? nokia ring tones...damn bringing it back!
  15. Modern Warfare 3

    thanks jeffa, we will do