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  1. Use Bit-Tech's PC buyer's guide, and take things out or buy alternative parts if you want to cut the price down. http://www.bit-tech.net/hardware/buyers-guide/2013/08/22/pc-hardware-buyer-s-guide-august-2013/1
  2. http://youtu.be/bBGX0dl5Ziw Looks awesome, we need more strategy games!
  3. Took the SD Card out yesterday, battery life is so much better, almost 30% was taken from the SD Card mounting and then unmounting itself all day. I also had the exact same issue with my S3. My battery was struggling for a while, couldn't figure it out then I noticed it kept showing what looked like a memory card icon in the top left whenever I unlocked my phone. And it showed media stuff draining the battery when I had wiped all media off. Bought a brand new SD card and the battery life is amazing now.
  4. Try using a different VGA/DVI cable. Or if your graphics card has different connections e.g DVI/VGA or hdmi try each connection, could be an issue with one of the connections. and make sure there isn't a setting in the BIOS to use the PCI-E slot that's disabled.
  5. jcee

    The new Megaupload

    "Mega" will be opened in 2 hours time... With full encryption, you get your own encryption key and 50GB free space. http://gizmodo.com/5977265/how-megas-encryption-will-protect-you-but-mostly-kim-dotcom
  6. jcee

    CES 2013

    **how do you get it to embed the vid? Fack, if they get this working properly! Need to make it PC compatible too, plug it in and your kinect projects the game on to the walls too. http://metro.co.uk/2013/01/10/microsoft-illumiroom-turns-your-living-room-into-a-virtual-world-3346165/
  7. Haven't got round to rooting my Android phone/tablet yet, but for those that have I just saw this today. Should really improve the performance/lagging issues. http://lifehacker.com/5973002/seeder-kills-lag-in-android-seriously-boosts-your-phones-performance?utm_campaign=socialflow_lifehacker_facebook&utm_source=lifehacker_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow Gonna try it later.
  8. Yea those large scale battles are epic, so many times I've ended up in a base being bombarded by aircraft, tanks, outnumbered and about to lose the base ..then all of a sudden 40-50 tanks, soldiers & aircraft from your team arrive to save the day. Awesome feeling when that happens. Also when you're in a massive battle with one enemy team, then the other enemy team gets involved turning into a 3 team all out war. Nuts. There's this base in the middle of Indar called The Crown, I've never seen my team capture it yet. I've been in battles lasting hours trying to capture the damn plac
  9. Best multiplayer game at the mo, and it's FREE.
  10. Are you going from iPhone to Android? If so basically every app you have on the iPhone you can really get on Android now, the screen and colours on the S3 blow the iPhone away. large screen, great shape and fits in the hand nicely swipe your hand across the screen to take screenshots chrome on android chrome to mobile - send web pages on your computer to your phone, just press the button in chrome and the page immediately loads on your phone apps can update by themselves no need to "jailbreak", things can be customized easily the notification bar has settings that you can quickly ch
  11. If anyone wants an app that's easier to use than Tasker for automating tasks, try Llama Basically it learns where your home/work is by mobile phone masts, instead of gps/wifi so it won't waste battery. Then when you leave work it can do actions you set e.g turn on mobile data and turn off wifi, you can get it to do all kinds of actions. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kebab.Llama&hl=en Had the S3 for a month or two now, just an amazing phone.
  12. Galaxy Note 2 multi window is available on the next Samsung Galaxy S3 Android update 4.1.2 Perfect! Haven't checked if it's already available but apparently it should be available over the next days/weeks.
  13. I need to get back into Skyrim.. Check this guys Skyrim game with 100 mods running, looks absolutely Amazing. http://www.asot.es/2001/09/skyrim-mods.html
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