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  1. pretty sure a normal saloon would be enough for me Im not asian so not planning on having 600 kids
  2. to learn, then teach my offspring, so they may do the same
  3. the fuck kinda faggotry is this?
  4. Kurtis


    love that lazy flow
  5. hmm, i know those aswell, but Kymani is black do they have a club or something?
  6. i hate that where its not even hot it just hurts but then again, im not hot kinda guy i prefer my shit to not burn
  7. so everything i say is trolling now yeah? kl
  8. all i said is the only judging i do of a person is their ethinicity how is that trolling?
  9. i just take ethnicity and what not but it can be abit hard sometimes differenciating between english people and decendants of slaves
  10. On her Facebook page, Berwick describes how she is 'honest as she doesn't like lying (that's probably my downfall, too honest)' see when people have these things yeah... or them pics... now you know
  11. gotta stand and salute that nigga for recording it imagine man would be doin 5 for no reason all hail Mr Asif
  12. then why is it on the Supreme Court of California's website?
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