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  1. Can't believe this topic is still going strong! I have the zips somewhere
  2. On a real, what decent mother goes to the press instead of sorting family shit like this in private? More to it. The fact she sold out to the press and he don't want anything to do with her says it all. Family shit needs to be kept private.
  3. GW Pharmaceuticals They're the only licensed UK based pharma company allowed to make canna medicines. Ironically, also the same company sponsoring recent bad press around the increases in the use of skunk. But I guess keeping weed illegal and having bad press means they'll continue to only be the sole provider eh...
  4. There's two sides to it though. The prosecution hasn't been able to prove 100% concrete evidence what they were doing was wrong. It's all based on an 'anonymous' source. But Team Sky and Wiggo haven't helped themselves by 'losing evidence' and not 'remembering' what happened. Their Doctor has kept schtum. The bigger issue is TUE's and how the doctors and exemptions in all sports allow for banned substances to be used legally.
  5. Basically this. Trump has always lied and used whatever tactic he's needed to get his way; throughout his entire business career. Anyone on the right in America who thought he'd all of a sudden represent them was utterly naive. Will be interesting to see how his businesses dictate policy and vice versa.
  6. Yeah its a shame. Same with Waffles. To be honest nothing beat OiNK after it went down. Got a Spotify account and pay for most of it now, so not bothered. It's just the rare mp3's you can't get on streaming sites that p*ss me off.
  7. Has anyone read the graphic novels (either The Pulse or Alias)? In two minds whether to read these too
  8. Usually CDKeys but this is a good deal http://www.shopto.net/video-games/ps4/PS4PL12-playstation-plus-12-month-membership
  9. What are the boxing day sales saying then? Anything good to cop?
  10. I just can't see us signing anyone big this window. The players need to sort themselves the f*ck out
  11. Had to lock this off about half way. It's pretty much just him, his mum and Jorge Mendes all sucking each other off. Thought it would be more biographical and documentary than just all of them talking about Ronaldo like the sun dont shine out his ass.
  12. Just watched this, such a great (but sad as well R.I.P. Simoncelli) doc. Narrated by Brad Pitt
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