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  1. Here it is guys and girls... Vol 7 of my Expert Tetris series! Thanks for all the comments and great feedback you've given me so far. Tracklisting for this got lost while uploading this but hope you enjoy :-) http://soundcloud.com/deejay_deja_vu/experttetris7 DOWNLOAD LINK FOR SPLIT TRACK CD: http://www.sendspace.com/file/l6gcnc For bookings and info: Email: info@djdejavu.co.uk
  2. http://soundcloud.com/deejay_deja_vu/traumatik Traumatik launches its first of many underground house music events at the infamous Shoreditch venue, *East Village, on Thursday 5th July 2012 9pm - 3am. With a quality line up, expect nothing but the dirtiest sounds to leave you absolutely traumatized! GAVIN PETERS (Aphrodisiax) TIM ROSS (Creche) DEJA VU (House is House) ADAM COTIER (MDMA) Ladies free & Gents £5 before 11pm on guestlist - more thereafter To add your name to the list, please send full names to traumatiklondon@gmail.com For more information please call: 07507 057 957 or add BB Pin: 23192488. See you in the basement! *East Village - 89 Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch, EC2A 3HX
  3. Here's Vol 6 of my Expert Tetris series with a twist!!! I've entered this CD into the Groovefest competition so would appreciate all the shares, retweets, blogging etc as you've done for the last 2 CDs even more please boys and girls :-) Thanks for all the comments and great feedback you gave me on Vol 5... it reached over 5000 listens/downloads which is amazing in JUST 2 months!! Hope you enjoy this one just as much, been overwhelmed with the love :-) http://soundcloud.com/deejay_deja_vu/expert-tetris-6
  4. Here it is people... the sought after Vol 5 of my Expert Tetris series! Thanks for all the comments and great feedback you gave me on Vol 4... I reached over 4000 listens which is fantastic over a couple of months!! Tracklisting for this got lost in space... but if you've been on this planet for the last 3 months you'll know this well worth downloading :-) http://soundcloud.com/deejay_deja_vu/expert-tetris-vol-5 DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.sendspace.com/file/qicklg
  5. This is my new Deep and Tech CD!! I've made 2000 completely FREE copies for all of you fans!! Thanks a lot to all the producers that have helped make this one happen!! If you'd like a free cd please shout me...or holla when you see me :-) Press PLAY http://soundcloud.com/deejay_deja_vu/expert-tetris-vol-4 Download split track CD here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/e2tdju Tracklisting: 1. Waifs & Strays - Body Shiver (Hot Natured Remix) 2. Franck Roger and Mandel Turner - Life is too short (no chorus) 3. Burnski - There's a culprit 4. Soulphiction - Freerotation I 5. Noir & Haze - Around (Solomun Vox Remix) 6. Noir & Haze - Around (Subb-An Remix) 7. APP - Smiling Faces 8. Joel Alter - Soul Clap 9. Franck Roger and Mandel Turner - Devastated 10. Eats Everything - Whatever Whatever 11. Caro Emerald - Stuck (Kraak and Smaak St Tropez remix) 12. Nil by Mouth - Capitulum (Burnski Remix) 13. Yakine - Last Harmony (Jef K & Gwen Maze remix) 14. No Regular Play - Lookin (Life and Death remix) 15. Dirtyworx - Pulsing 16. Mauro Ferno and Mestivan - I need to 17. Worthy and Eats Everything - Tric Trac
  6. DJ Deja Vu - Expert Tetris Vol 3

    haha i haven't tracklisted these ones because I've found that people will just go cop the tunes and put them in their own sets without even saying they enjoyed the mix or like a certain tune etc. It's all a bit sneaky and personally i don't think thats cool. we're all djs out there, we all love the music...swallow ur pride and just say u were feeling something lol
  7. Deep House at it's best! The train arrives at the station…hop aboard, close your eyes and let it take you on a journey ;-) PLAY http://soundcloud.com/deejay_deja_vu/expert-tetris-vol-3 DOWNLOAD SPLIT TRACK HERE: http://www.sendspace.com/file/azsla4 Tracklisting: 1-16. Got lost when I closed my eyes ;-) www.djdejavu.co.uk itunes podcast search: DJ Deja Vu mixes facebook page search: DJ Deja Vu www.twitter.com/iamdejavu www.facebook.com/ukdejavu www.soundcloud.com/deejay_deja_vu info@djdejavu.co.uk blessins & love Deja Vu
  8. This is my new CD that i'll be making copies of for any member of the DJ Deja Vu fan page on Facebook! http://soundcloud.com/deejay_deja_vu/dj-deja-vu-four-walls-summer2011 DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.sendspace.com/file/4xb4j7 TRACKLISTING CAN BE FOUND ON: www.djdejavu.co.uk itunes podcast search: DJ Deja Vu mixes Facebook page search: DJ Deja Vu www.twitter.com/iamdejavu www.facebook.com/ukdejavu info@djdejavu.co.uk Thanks a lot to all the producers that have helped make this one happen!! MASSIVE props to Callum and Jodie for the artwork as always!!If you'd like a free cd please contact me via any of the websites below or my email(remember you must be a member of the facebook fan page!) blessins & love Deja Vu
  9. Techno Heads

    http://soundcloud.com/deejay_deja_vu/dj-deja-vu-guest-mix-on-rinse deep house on this one
  10. THANKS MAN! you got a summer mix dropping soon? have got caught up but def gunna be dropped in August!!!!
  11. Funk Butcher invited me down to the Rinse HQ to throw down the Ibiza sound that I'm playing!! Massive thanks go out to him and the Rinse management for having me...so yeah click play and let me know what you think :-) http://soundcloud.com/deejay_deja_vu/dj-deja-vu-guest-mix-on-rinse
  12. Techno Heads

    Nope he means techno bro Will post 2 of my mixes tomo been meaning to get them on my soundcloud for a lil bit now!!
  13. yeah for real that tune is a madness. had to tell him that from when i first heard it
  14. lol dya know what.............i wasn't even going to but here ya go ;-) http://www.sendspace.com/file/h9s3z7