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  1. kahuna

    What Trainers Ya Feeling?

    Fggvdedffccccvrdwwddffgvvvbbnkoppyreedfvcdwwdxccfdsxcfdsffs picked these up today
  2. kahuna

    The Gym Topic

    Hitting all kinds of PBs this week.
  3. Split decision against Paulie, Khan took him to pieces. And for the record this fight will never happen. Khan has his own TV dates and doesnt want to deal with Floyd after being Jilted
  4. If he gets his head right, He could be a force. I still think that he should not have left Roach. Khan was always at his best coming forward, letting his hands go. Yes he was exposed at times, but most fighters will do at somepoint Hunter has taken his best asset away, and tried to teach him defense and ring intelligence. This kind of things needs to be ingrained right at the begging of someones boxing career (Ward and Mayweather are perfect examples.) All we are left with is a fighter with a poor defense who is scared to come forward
  5. I think Khan is done, based on recent showings, he has looked awful. I think that one punch from Danny Garcia has effectively ended his career. But before that punch he was out classing Garcia and was on course for a comfortable points win
  6. Garcia would be a good fight, but he is not making any noise about floyd what so ever
  7. boring fight, maidana is made to order for mayweather, Look at it like this, Maidana is smaller, weaker, does not hit as hard or is not as skilled as Canello and floyd put on an boxing masterclass. Only thing Maidana has got is tenacity. But so did Hatton. I dont like Khan, and he should have fought Alexander as planned, and if he came through that he would have been 100% on for Floyd. Khan (at his best) would have caused floyd problems, Would never beat him, but give him problems. Floyds next fight, got to be GGG moving down or Danny Garcia moving up
  8. kahuna

    The Gym Topic

    520kg https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=743975455613022&set=vb.252800854730487&type=2&theater i bet the bastard left all the weight on too!! i always see some meat head leaving over 200kg on the bar for deadlifts. its a session removing them
  9. kahuna


    does anyone box then? im looking to get some new gloves. I have a punch bag at home, then tried a set of 10oz gloves in the gym today and now i want some. whats good around £40?
  10. kahuna

    Strength/Endurance training

    yeh i agree about the kipping, but if its about getting the reps, its the way to do it. it does help with muscle ups
  11. kahuna

    Strength/Endurance training

    you want to look into cross fit style work outs. Do big fully body movements with a lower weight, higher rep and right into the next exercise. ie 10 pull ups, 10 deadlifts, 10 box jumps. do at least 3 set of this with no break. Things like box jumps, jumping set of hurdles, and sprinting are all great for strength and power, becuase they are explosive movements, and you can not really do them slowly. There is a myth that doing a movment fast is a bad thing. If your want explosive power, you have to do movments fast. Clean and press is one of the best movements to do, its full body and gassy. even a low weight will get you blowing hard after a couple sets. Endurance training is all about getting your body to deal with lactic acid. The thing is most advise on the internet seems to be for bodybuilding. I dont want to be a body builder all slow and muscle bound
  12. ive said it before, But I dont think Vergil Hunter is the right trainer for khan. Before he was one of the most exciting offensive fighters out there. Fast, threw combos and was knocking people out with sustained pressure. Now Vergil, seems to have taken away his best assets to help him with his defence. But at the end of the day he still has a shit chin and will get knocked out fast especially if he is not throwing.
  13. kahuna


    Yeah but the simple way around this is to have yourself as the first driver and have your mum as a named driver. You won't save as much but you'll still be saving a bit and will be within your terms and conditions. I've been doing it for years. Insurance is bollocks anyway. They make up the rules and move the goal posts. 4 years ago some woman crashed into my parked car in the snow. I wasn't anywhere near my car at the time. Her insurance took care of it. This lead to me unknowingly committing insurance fraud for 2 years, because I answered no to the question "Have you been involved in an accident in the last 3 years, regardless of fault". I always said no because it's such a f*cking subjective question. IMO it wasn't me being involved in an accident. It was some bint crashing her husband's car into mine when I was elsewhere. I underwrite risk at an insurance company. Its not so much they move the goal posts, its just you dont properly read and understand the policy wording. Most people dont. Until recently I never read my documents, just assumed everything would be fine, then you read them when you need them and you find your fucked. Cheaper insurance policies are cheap for a reason
  14. kahuna


    bmw all the way i have a m3 and never realised how high end bmw's are so much fun. unless its a s class or amg i wouldnt bother with e class or c class. i can confirm that amg c 63 > m3 head turner rarity noise Urrrgh I love AMG merc's. The noise of the v8 engine alone makes it better than an M3