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  1. Dropped today on GRM Daily.
  2. The Music Video Thread

    New to me but the lad can spit.
  3. The Music Video Thread

    good clash by two youngsters they both good but I rate the Asher d looking don Trappz.
  4. Grime Sets (any formats)

    Ghetts is really on form during that little mix him and wretch sound like they are spitting for fun.
  5. Grime Sets (any formats)

    I'll add it to my hunt list. See if I can dig it out if google somewhere.
  6. The Music Video Thread

  7. Grime Sets (any formats)

    What about this one from 2014 spooky and 23 MCs on déjà. http://thegrimereport.blogspot.co.uk/2014/10/dj-spooky-23-mcs-deja-vu-fm-61014-w.html?m=1
  8. The Music Video Thread

  9. The Music Video Thread

    This is another good one.
  10. The Music Video Thread

    Not the biggest Bugzy Malone fan but like this tune.