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  1. Alright lads, I'm looking to get better Sat box. The main feature that I'm looking for is remote watching. Like watch what the sat box is receiving on an iPad or phone. Anyone got any suggestions? Safe
  2. Illusion

    Thug Life

    Thug's first youtube video:
  3. Oi lads Gotta say, I watched through hip hop videos on the last few pages. Fucking hell, they are all shit. They all look and sound the same. Not to say the artists don't have any skills with lyrical delivery, but the content is totally fucking indistinguishable. Nothing stuck with me after listening. The only track I found captivating was the one that dub posted by that Wilough geezer. Is it just me, or?
  4. A full 60 seconds of smack talk at the end
  5. Did you get it from lavatronics? Because they release channel and frimware updates on their website
  6. Toilet paper prices are no f*cking joke Need to buy in bulk lads. Don't buy them pathetic little 4 packs of bog roll, buy 18 at least. On the price label, they have to print a comparable price. It's in smaller print and for bog roll will be something like "price per 100 sheets". On something like rice it'll be "price per kilo" or some other weight. Buy everything in bulk that can be frozen or that doesn't go out of date
  7. Int you from Nottingham? And yeah Camberwell is a shit hole, but the Hipsters have it firmly in their targets. You watch it'll look like Brixton in a few months
  8. Wish I could go back and deal with some situations differently. Make peace with some and slap a few others
  9. How's everyone getting on? I've stuck with the sky, went through all the channels on my receiver and replaced the locked HD channels with their SD equivalent. Still get ESPN and BT Sport in HD, as well as the terrestrial channels. Yeah it's a little bit shit not getting HD everywhere else, but it only cost £50 for the year
  10. Oi oi oi Had a nose around that new Tesla motors shop in Westfield. Car is nice, if you can get down there I'd recommend you have a look. It's also a lot cheaper than I thought. Starts at 50k, but you'll want to spend about 60k in total (options and that) http://www.teslamotors.com/en_GB Sales geezer told me it was 450 bhp instant power as it's all electronic. If I was looking to spend 60k on a car I'd get one. In the meantime I'll continue driving my Kia.
  11. Can't count uni as bunking guys
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