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  1. Ok so what has happened between you and his new girl because by the sound of it you have a issue with her. If your daughter has lived with them for all this time she has a stable life that family for her in her eyes. Do you know what your daughter kiya wants? Has she asked to see you? Because with you saying shes nearly 11 she will have a mind of her own and be able to say yes or no. With you being out her life for so long it might be best staying that way if shes happy and has a stable family life at home with her dad and step mom instead of confusing the girl with you in and out of her life.
  2. Yes to death penalty Life for a life
  3. If you had to apply to court so many times something is wrong here. Tbh the courts would only remover a child from a parents care is if the parent isnt doing well as a parent. If the court thought you was well enough they would grant you something. Does your ex and is girlfriend live together because if they do and have done for a bit of time she has to be able to tell her off so the child knows she cant be doing wrong. To the court your ex bringing his girlfriend looks good a stable home for your child. Your child hasnt been with you for a long while by tge sounds of it so for her to be destressed by all this is not no good for the child. Do you know what the child wabts from all this?
  4. Wow this sounds very stressfull for you. If this is what happened why isnt your daughter with you though? Just beacuse youve had a break down doesnt mean she has to stay with her father. There is plenty of people who have breakdowns, mental health issues and still have children within there care, was it the social services that took her from you and gave her to dad? and you speak about your ex and his girlfriend, how is she with your daughter do you guys speak?
  5. Jayjay


    My ex girl cheated on me months back we havent been together for around 4m. Yesterday at a family party she was there, few drinks later we ended up kissing one thing led to another and we was in bed. I do not wanna get back with her but she will not leave me alone now non stop ringing and messaging. Ps im a newbie on her wanted to ahare my story Help a man out
  6. So how did he get full access of your child?
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