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  1. It's Been A While

    Yeah, of course
  2. It's Been A While

  3. It's Been A While

    Lol, not at all and you must love repeating my name.
  4. It's Been A While

    Good observation, not the best choice of ice breakers though. Yeah no replies, I'd rather have no reply than that reply.
  5. It's Been A While

    Lol, please tell me how the reply of "getting negged" is sociable or friendly? I was actually being genuine.
  6. It's Been A While

    Glad you do, but after that don't see why your trying to make convo?
  7. It's Been A While

    "The urban dictionary helpfully defines negging as "the offering of low-grade insults meant to undermine the self-confidence of a woman so she might be more vulnerable to your advances." The idea is simple: women, particularly beautiful ones, are so accustomed to compliments that they've grown immune to their power." Not the best choice of words I'd say
  8. It's Been A While

    What have I missed?!
  9. All just chat sh*t, lock thread n dont even answer the question?

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. Seth Rollins
    3. Trap God

      Trap God

      I can cook it in the microwave ☔️ I got ya baby mamma with the sh*t ☔️ I got your son sittin on a brick ☔️ My teacher said I wouldn't be sh*t ☔️

    4. FemmexFatale


      Aww Please...grow up

  10. Femme Fatale - UPDATE 2016

    To start with why has Ari Gold been banned?
  11. Femme Fatale - UPDATE 2016

    Well, don't even know where to begin....
  12. Femme Fatale - UPDATE

    Stop judging me, none of you know me so just hush n leave it n and don't bitch me ya c*nt
  13. Femme Fatale - UPDATE

    Not saying anything more
  14. Femme Fatale - UPDATE

    There is clearly no fun here and as you are trying to play God with our child's life my house was not in filthy conditions to clarify I just don't live there anymore, let's get to the point you are breaching the contact order end of as for other family members seeing her that's just to spite me you clearly get a thrill out of trying to make my life harder than it is. Then you call my brother off a bus and ask him for a cig and you want to call me low, get a grip and look at yourself in the mirror you low life twat! I will be seeing you back in court it's not fair on Kiya you playing God with her life I cannot wait until she can make her own decisions and is old enough to come see herself, karma will smack you straight in your face like you deserve. As for my life it is the only problem I have is you not letting me see my own daughter. That's a the stress I have. PRICK
  15. Who is the dominant one....

    ahahaha wouldnt you like to know joker nice try Haha