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  1. I aint been on here for about a month and there's only about 6 new topics excluding the VIP section.Obviously VIP room is boomin - but thats irrelevant! Cant have a forum with general conversation....It all went downhill when i slowed up on the posting!I'll take my credit now for keepin the (what was then Flashback) forum going! HA HA HAOnly jokin!Can't believe no-one posts any more!Oh well!
  2. DJ Rumble


    Big up all the Myspace users!Post your myspaces in here.I'll start:www.myspace.com/rumbledjFeel free to add me.
  3. A man with some sense : this is the MUCH MORE important question........ WHY?
  4. DJ Rumble

    life as a guy

    QUALITY! Gave me a laugh at work!
  5. DJ Rumble


    HA HA HA Shouldn't laugh but u creased me up!Straight to the point!Furry muff tho....
  6. DJ Rumble


    Why is natalie fulham called afro man now?I noticed it ages ago but was just wanderin why?ha ha
  7. DJ Rumble


    We was gonna go one92one but we walked past at about 11ish an it was empty and looked weak so we walked past.....
  8. And Blazey's back in town!
  9. DJ Rumble


    we was gonna go loop but fort we'd go Yate's first (was over 21's tho)
  10. DJ Rumble


    Thought I'd post a new thread cos no-one else f*ckin posts on here any more!Went Croydon last night..... wot i remember was propper funny.My mate drove us down there and of all the people to forget their ID it was him!Silly w*nker!So we blagged lloyd's and got bored in there an tried to get in walkabout an got refused cos of him and then went yate's but that was over 21's and then went ONE92ONE an that looked propper weak. an we ended up in some sh*t called Escapade (i dont go croydon very often)....... got smashed and went home.... then got hiome and took my car out for another 2 hours of so...... boght some beers and got even more caked than we already were....Got into bed just after 4 this morning! then had to get up for work at 8
  11. DJ Rumble


    Might reach this! Now my situation's changed! Who else playin?Big up Tipper gettin back on the bandwagon!f*ck knows, 3 rooms man, all massive line ups.we are in funky house roomSweet!If Im there, I'll be brockin out my deep funky house moves!HA HA!
  12. Just fort I'd Announce FRESH (Essex and Kent) 93.0 FM's LONDON sister station is on the way....So if you cant catch me on my Essex and Kent show (sunday 10AM-12PM) then look out for me soon on Fresh LONDON.I dont know tooo much about this right now so I wont post a frequency in case it's wrong, but I will update u all soon as i find out more!
  13. DJ Rumble


    Might reach this! Now my situation's changed! Who else playin?Big up Tipper gettin back on the bandwagon!
  14. DJ Rumble


    It's not me that cries around here! other members maybe - but not me! It's a forum an I've never met any of ya's so i couldnt care less wot u gotta say bout me! SO SUCK IIIIIIIIIIIITTT! :twisted: HA HA HAJokin...... before YOU start cryin!
  15. DJ Rumble


    Whos having a row?Lisa
  16. DJ Rumble


    There's no need for this row. :roll:
  17. LMFAOJoker!It's gettin the time to do the CD's mainly! An when we do we just dont seem to be in the mood for it..... an then they turn out sh*t so we wanna do another one. But then have to make time for it again!But i would probably go with us bein sh*t DJ's - :roll: ha haThey'll be done soon peeps - promise!
  18. OK, the release of the triple mix CD is gonna be delayed a week or two. So I am settin the new release date at valentine's day! So Anyone who's PM'd me for one just sit tight - it'll arrive eventually!sorry about this!Rumble
  19. I see this on another forum - was fekkin jokes how much they got cussed!
  20. DJ Rumble

    MAZE ...

    them fings are sooo old! Did make me jump a bit tho cos Im at work an i was concentratin soooo hard! 8)
  21. HA HA - that was really good ignoring terri! I'm impressed at how well you rose above it all and totally ignored betadenya's comments! :roll:
  22. DJ Rumble

    Kavos 2006

    K flex is goin Meduca's in Croydon now i fink!??He might be doin anova night in Bromley as well (maybe in BR1 club).... Dippy is playin funky house at Meduca's i fink from now on??Not too sure...Didn't go Big D's any way - ended up in Greenwich - it was weak....
  23. I was gonna say goodfella....MA1 was aiiight ....You an SK jus got on my nerves!HA HA HA - only joking mate u 2 gave me jokes - especially all the cussin' - remember mc scratchy?:"ay blud dont make mans dem bloodclart da big boys pon road to blaps u up rudebwoy u get me nang."BLAH HA HA HA HA
  24. Tipper stole my immortal powers away from me when the site changed.... :evil: otherwise i would
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