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  1. Karizma

    r&b Kylie minogue feat mims

    fukkouttahere maineK-dot.1
  2. Karizma

    hiphop What the heck was Snoop thinking?

    them u turns thereK-dot.1
  3. Karizma


    if that was rooney or something...the offender would hav to relocate to a new continent methinks...pissdK-dot.1
  4. Karizma

    SMH @ some White Gals

    id be pissd too lolK-dot.1
  5. Karizma

    fao: black males

  6. Karizma

    The Illuminati Thread.

    Firstly i recommend looking at some videos on youtube form an opinion then move onto the books unless your a very open minded guy otherwise i believe you may prejudge before hand.Anything by Malachi York Is worth reading he knows alot on the subject, look into david icke and his talks with Kredo Mutwa (i think thats spelt correct) on the reptilians and ancient civilisations true ancient african sprayed here.ive checked this stuff n it was crazy...was my first hearin of the reptilian theory or chitauri as some of my african bruddas wud....will check the other stuff stillK-dot.1
  7. Karizma

    bbc1 now

    who pays these people ?K-dot.1
  8. Karizma

    bbc1 now

    yo hiss hiss...rabbit rabbit......lmfaoK-dot.1
  9. Karizma

    bbc1 now

    outfit is takin the piss out of life lol....cudnt even stretch for a new era lolK-dot.1
  10. Karizma

    bbc1 now

    this is a cruel prank still lolK-dot.1
  11. Karizma

    bbc1 now

    too many reload bars in the script...u know some white intern is responsible ryt lol'from the street' u know lmfaoK-dot.1
  12. Karizma

    bbc1 now

    who is watching...makin some kid into a rap star for a prank on his cousins...skeeeenK-dot.1
  13. Karizma

    The Illuminati Thread.

    can someone reccomend some books for me on mayans and all these ancient civilisations etcK-dot.1
  14. Karizma

    fao: black males

    pure whit dudes at my barbers gettin fades and patternsK-dot.1
  15. Karizma

    Super Silver Haze - Weed Strain.

    super silver haze is more intense with a stronger taste than purple from my experiences but purple is alot no doubt.do i know u shaolin ??K-dot.1im not sure perhaps you do, go by the name of sinz really. Shaolins just my internet addition cause sinz is taken on most forumsi produce hip hop still so u might of heard of someone who knows me. Especially if your from round essex way.im from southend fam...who u produced for or worked with thats known down here ?K-dot.1