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  1. yo can i have my name changed back to Paulie Walcott, i think its unfair to have my name changed for no reason, by certain spurs supporting mods in the sports room (fa23)
  2. really dont understand why Benayon isnt getting more game time over him I still have faith in him coming good tbh not on the ox or wilsheres levels and hes just not a AM or a LW
  3. m villa is supposed to follow...
  4. its supposed to be done done 10 mil, 5 year contract, 80 k a week
  5. lol man learnt the hard way, not to get too over excited
  6. RVP did ok Verm was at fault for both goals tbh, man got caught out, like David Luiz
  7. qpr got their tactics spot on, they look ready for a real relegation fight, we will not be the only top team to drop points at loftus, can see them staying up, by the skin of their teeth
  8. 7 wins in a row, had to come to an end at some point next weekend is massive though wigan and wolves are also gonna be tough games
  9. U know we leaving with 0 points when chamack is coming off the bench
  10. mike dean, what a twat lmao, i think id still rather gibbs took it though
  11. ffs why does Verm take free kicks, every now and then
  12. bit part player for the gunners yet if he returned to you, hed be your best attacking midfielder lol
  13. qpr defending<<<<< lol Walcott pinging in goals
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